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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body, report, 6034qn
Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, reconciliation, 4366
ACT Chinese Australian Association, funding, 4674q

Child sexualisation, 274
Government, 390qn
Live in Canberra campaign, 4674q
Appropriation Bill 2011-2012, detail (Community Services Directorate) 3148, (Housing ACT) 3155
Ainslie Arts Centre, 5244qn
Community arts officers, 6091qn
Fitters Workshop, 4191q, 5136
Funding, 4245, 4658q
Live community events, 5243qn
Loxton review, 4189q, 4190q, 4191q
Megalo Print Studio, 5136
Programs, 5646qn
Public database, 2559qn
Public works, 6042qn
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre
Assaults, 33q, 286q, 436q, 607q, 889q, 906, 943q, 1232qn, 1633qn, 1655q
Bullying, alleged, 3903q
Closed-circuit television, 2577qn
Complaints, 1183q, 1342q, 1567q, 3837
Detainees, 742q, 1655q
Education services, 5384q
Human rights, 164q, 304q, 4553
Inquiry, 931q, 1050q, 1053q, 1186q, 1201q, 1339q, 3250q, 3372q, 3385q
Lockdowns, 1059q, 1656q
Oakton report, 3512q
Operations, 3289
Personal duress alarms, 1055q, 1806q
Restraints, use, 3377q
Reviews, mnst 2677, 5247q, 5248q, 3230q, 3666q, 3751q, 3758q, 3994q
Safety, 177q, 284q, 889q
Security protocols, 737q, 739q, 2025q
Staff, 289q, 293q, 504q, 888q, 889q, 941q, 3240q, 3246q, 3385q
Strip searches, 3508q, 5265q, 5441q, 6122q
Vocational and educational programs, 1466, 1640qn
Youth workers, 178q, 934q, 939q, 1657q
Energy concessions, 4467qn
Program management and funding, 858qn
Rental rebate, 4471qn
Sewerage rebate, 4468qn
Taxi subsidy, 4470qn
Water rebate, 4469qn
Canberra Hospital, obstetrics unit, 5438q
Chifley wellness centre, landscaping, 5953q, 5970q
Abuse, 3750q, 3996q
Adoption, 6092qn
After-school and vacation care, 3916
Care and protection, 4042q, 4046q, 4053q, 4056q, 4162, 4180q, 4184q, 4326q, 4365q, 4516q, 4519q, 4521q, 4527q, 4649q, 4657q, 4677q, 4871q, 4878q, 4884q, 4886q, 4894q, 5018q, 5020q, 5025q, 5247q, 5248q, 5250, 5382q, 5385q, 5393q, 5543q, 5545q, 5548q, 5805q, 5949q, 6053qn, 6124q
Centres, 1632qn, 2998q
Costs, 1802q
Flynn, 2998q
Generally, 294q, 307, 5712q, 5783
Rebate, 3905q, 3910q, 4473q
Regulations, 1554q, 1557q
Staff, 1436q, 1560q
Workers, 1236qn
Kinship carers, 1231qn, 1232qn, 2572qn
LYNX program, 738q
Official Visitor, 6102qn
Programs, 6091qn
Protection, 3918
Sexualisation in advertising, 274
Therapeutic protection facility, 1994qn
Transport services, 4517q
West Belconnen childcare services, 1116
Children and Young People (Death Review) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 230, detail 547
Children and Young People (Education and Care Services National Law) Consequential Amendment Bill 2011, prin 4274, 4862
Children and Young People (Transition from Out-of-Home Care) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 5921
Community Services Directorate
Accounts, 4530q, 4535q
Advertising, 4814qn
Annual report, 5305
Consultants, 4814qn
Funding, 4442qn, 4443qn
Staff, 6054qn
Travel, 4813qn
Community services, volunteers, 2647q
Diversionary framework, 80, mnst 2435
Youth justice, 80, 201, 1010, 5769, 5814q
Disability services
Children, 382qn
Independent living, mnst 507
Insurance, 3835
Intentional communities, 677
National strategy, 1311
Provision, 380qn
Respite homes, 2013qn
Services, 3496
Disability, Housing and Community Services, Department, activities, 349qn
Disabled persons, housing, 5960q
Economy, cost of living, 2295
Playschools, 2827q
Schools, therapy assistance program, 3374q
Disabled, 1453
National concession card, 1486, 3253q
Education and Care Services National Law (ACT) Bill 2011, prin 1521, 4847, detail 4855
Mature age, 771
Women, 428qn
Concession rebate, 422qn
Efficiency, 1438q
Clean Up Australia Day, 677
Management plans, 2582qn
Recycling batteries and light bulbs, 2
Families, services, 285q, 1331q
Families ACT, funding, 1238qn
Finance, student transport program, 4802qn
Fitters Workshop
Activities, 3316
Inquiry, 5542q, 5619
Gambling, bookmaking, 5670
Advertising, 390qn
Employee car parking, 363qn
Invoices, payments, 5165q
Legal advice, 401qn
Media and communications advisers, 413qn
Minister for Community Services, mwc 4491
Ministerial staff, 352qn
Regulatory impact statements, 3586qn
Autism, 1364
Hearing impairment, 3974
Affordability, 2082q
Allawah, Bega and Currong flats, 743q, 769q
Demand, 2095q
Disabled persons, 5960q
Emergency accommodation, 44q, 439q, 888q
Energy and water efficiency, 1438q, 2275q, 5021q, 5287q, 5396q
Homelessness, 598q, 1196q, 1343q, 2826q
Low income households, 4377
Nation building stimulus, 4669q
Northbourne flats, 5552q
Ownership, 3766q
Public, 603q, 5279q, 5566
Refugees, 1253qn
Rental, 386qn
Supported accommodation, 2012qn, 5549q, 6123q
Waiting list, 3008q, 3192q, 3373q, 3457, 3623q
Youth, 3642q
Housing ACT
Asbestos, 6103qn
Causeway tenants, 3189qn
Complaints, 1255qn
Energy efficiency program 2000qn
Lease transfers, 5440q
Properties, 387qn, 1644qn
Rents, 1256qn
Human rights
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, 164q, 304q
Vulnerable people, 976
Immigration, asylum seekers, 4321q
Industrial relations, community sector workers, 5439q
Labor Party, election commitments, 824qn, 825qn, 859qn, 870qn, 1228qn, 1261qn-1266qn
Lanyon Homestead, vandalism, 4192q
Legislative Assembly
Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 3476, 5136, 5604
Health, Community and Social Services, 1204, 1344, 4304
Matters of public importance, International Women's Day, 783
Papers, 2677, 3918, 4565
Points of order, 5793, 5795
Questions on notice, 1237qn, 2102, 2278, 5723
Valedictory, 6023
Libraries, Lanyon Valley, 3317
Master Builders Association, function, 3454
Megalo Print Studio, inquiry, 5542q, 5619
Multicultural Affairs, Office of, work experience, 5030q
Advisers, 4674q
Advisory body, 5535q, 5620
Community language grants, 4676q
Festival, 236, 5281q
National Multicultural Festival, 1340q
National Multicultural Festival, 877qn, 3884
Northern Bridging Support Services, invoices, 5165q
Flynn community centre, 4552
Live community events, 3294
Public service
Annual leave, 875qn, 1254qn
Feedback and complaints, 1630qn
Race and Sports Bookmaking (Validation of Licences) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 5670
Scouts Australia, functions, 2200
ACT Ministerial Advisory Council on Ageing, 1581
Employment, 5032q
Facilities, 5032q
Government commitments, 4463qn
Living costs, 5031q
National card, 5033q
Older Persons Assembly, 4536q
Support services, 1103
Tuggeranong centre, 5033q
Sharp, Dr P AM, death, 4482
Social welfare
Asylum seekers services card, 4672q
Carers charter, 4564
Respite care, 1204, 1344
Vulnerable people, 4272, 4863
Sport, community facilities, 3907q
Sullivan, Mr J, death, 4325q
Taxation, families, 5985
Transport, services, 4522q
Tuggeranong, seniors centre, 5033q
Volunteering ACT, support, 3009q
Volunteers, participation rates, 1864
Employment, 428qn
Funding, 500q
Remuneration equity, 716
Safety, 876qn
Status, 4881q
Violence, 3918
Women's Information and Referral Centre, services, 5436q
Women's Legal Centre, accommodation, 5438q
Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Bill 2010, prin 976, detail 4863, 4926
Working with Vulnerable People (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2011, prin 4272, 4933
Young Canberra Citizen of the Year, awards, 5387q
Care, 4042q, 4046q, 4053q, 4056q, 4162, 4180q, 4184q, 4274, 4326q
Education and accommodation program, 1977
Family services program, tender process, 890q
Homelessness, 3642q
Housing assistance, 1995qn
Implementation plan, 1579
Justice system, 80, 3476, 5769, 5814q
LYNX program, 738q
National Youth Week, 1568q
Services, 285q, 1331q, 1996qn, 1997qn
Support, 2575qn
Youth Advisory Council, 1234qn

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