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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Criminal justice system, 2657q
Reconciliation, 4370
Youth, 5819q
ACT Health Council, reports, 3486
ACT Policing, lasers, 3362q
ACT public service, workplace bullying, 5759, 5886, 6124q
ACTION bus service
Adshel bus shelters, 372qn
Cancellations, 374qn, 495q, 503q, 2023q
Data, 290q, 1277q
MyWay card, 4446qn
Wheelchair accessible buses, 437q
Alexander Maconochie Centre
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander detainees, 3765q, 3915q
Capacity, 5278q, 5442q
Crisis support unit, 439q
Drugs, 2662, 4228
Governance, 1335, 2365
Management, 1408
Needle and syringe program, 2653q, 4695
Review, 1292, 2676
Animal Welfare Legislation Amendment Bill 2011, prin 1763
Appropriation Bill 2011-2012, prin 1944, detail (Chief Minister�s Directorate) 2723, (Territory and Municipal Services Directorate) 2744, (Economic Development Directorate) 2925, (Health Directorate) 3058, (Sustainable Development Directorate) 3097, (Community Services Directorate) 3144, (Housing ACT) 3153
Art, community arts officers, 6090qn
Arthritis ACT, activities, 3311
Fitters Workshop, 4191q
Funding, 4658q
Mix it Up exhibition, 3311
Management strategy, 722
Removal, 6050qn
Appointment, 3905q, 5511
Tu Pham, Ms, retirement, 898
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre
Assaults, 35q
Education services, 5385q
Human rights, 165q
Review, 3231q, 4734q
Strip searches, 3508q, 5266q
Clean economy strategy, 1907q
Debate, 1944
Calvary Public Hospital
Options, 1147
Ward 2N, 3576qn
Calwell, planning, 4983
Canberra Hospital
Amputee and prosthetic services, 1271qn
Outdoor spaces, 3569qn
Canberra Tamil Association, activities, 5338
Cerebral Palsy Alliance, launch, 107
Abuse, 3750q
Care and protection, 5950q
LYNX program, 739q
Official Visitor, 6102qn
Transport services, 4517q
Civic, graffiti, 5804q
Coroners Amendment Bill 2011, prin 4111
Corrections and Sentencing Legislation Amendment Bill 2011, prin 6003
Corrective Services, Official Visitors, 6101qn
Coroner�s Court, 378qn
Self-incrimination, 4093, 4097
Sentencing, 6003
Domestic violence, 2988q, 3623q
Graffiti, 5804q
Cycling, Molonglo Valley, 3619qn
Dangerous Substances Amendment Bill 2010, prin 722
Deane�s Buslines, patrons, 373qn
Disability services
Children, 381qn
Insurance, 3832, 3836
National strategy, 1313
Provision, 380qn
Sailability ACT, 995
Disabled persons, housing, 5960q
Alexander Maconochie Centre, 4695
Cannabis, 1645qn
Legislation, 5903
Remembrance ceremony, 4723
Education, schools
Catholic, 4318q
Lanyon high school, 4121
Counsellors, 2253q
Tharwa preschool, 2636q, 2641q
Science, 1426, 2024q
Students, expulsions, 5005q
University of Canberra, 4770
Election Commitments Costing Bill 2011, exposure draft, refcom 5587
Elmir, Ms B, congratulations, 796
Employment, social procurement, 2880
Efficiency, 288q, 1440q
Energy, costs, 1699q
Feed-in tariff, 1336q, 1441q
Low income households, 2257q
Policy, 597q, 1052q
Solar, 5014q
Asian honey bee, 1560q
Climate change, 933q, 1185q, 5162q, 5955q
Commissioner, 3905q, 4880q
Ecological footprint, 4075
E-waste, 4527q, 5035q
Genetically engineered crops, 3617qn
Greenhouse gas emissions, 1060q, 1432q, 1657q, 2024q
Indoor air quality, 5157q, 6120q
Mitchell chemical fire, 4045q, 4055q, 4060q, 4173q
Sustainability, 2406q, 3900q
Families, services, 286q, 1332q
Finance, ethical investment, 2812q, 5691q
Fitters Workshop, music venue, 2998q
Floriade, update, 4737q
Food, production, 4566
Food (Nutritional Information) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 1380, 3736, detail 3739, 3742
Attorney-General, mc 580, 1408
Minister for Health, 49q, mc 126
Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, mc 5432
Office building, 170q, 5813q
Amendment Bill 2011, prin 981, detail 990
Asbestos, 6050qn
Asthma, 1867
Breastfeeding, 376qn
Cancer, breast, 4968
Carers, 375qn
Electroconvulsive therapy, 1983qn, 3187qn
Home and community care program, 1999qn
Kava, 1989qn
Life expectancy, 1563q
Mental health, 1983qn, 2996q, 3577qn, 5482, 6099qn
Midwives, 1556q
Nurse-led walk-in centre, 3515q
Nutritional information, 1380
Organ and tissue donations, 633, 3310
Palliative care, 5036, 5046
Performance reports, 1087
Post-traumatic stress disorder, 4723
Respecting patient choices, 437q
Smoking, 4777
Social determinants, 3298
Spinal cord injuries, 3575qn
Suicides, 378qn
Work safety, 5714q, 5759
Calvary Public Hospital, agreement, 5808q
Elective surgery, 2087q
Junior doctors, 606q
Waiting lists, 33q, 42q, 166q
Affordability, 938q, 1796q, 2085q, 2262q, 2277q, 3524q, 4066q, 4181q
Allawah, Bega and Currong flats, 743q, 769q
Demand, 2095q
Disabled persons, 5960q
Emergency accommodation, 44q, 439q
Energy and water efficiency, 1440q, 2277q, 4532q, 4645q, 5021q, 5396q
Homelessness, 598q, 1196q, 2826q
Investment, 2081q
Low income households, 4370
Narrabundah long-stay caravan park, 299q
Nation building stimulus, 4671q
Northbourne flats, 5554q
Public, 5279q, 5563
Public, 604q
Residential tenancy disputes, 3570qn
Social plan, 2077q
Supported accommodation, 5549q, 6123q
Waiting list, 3007q, 3373q, 3623q
Youth, 3643q
Housing ACT
Asbestos, 6103qn
Causeway tenants, 3188qn
Energy efficiency program 2000qn
Lease transfers, 5440q
Properties, 1643qn
Human rights
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, 165q
Iran, 107
Legislation, 176q
Sri Lanka, 5755
Vulnerable people, 927
Workplace surveillance, 214, 218
Asylum seekers, 2336
Refugees and asylum seekers, 5170q
SIEV X, anniversary, 4723
Industrial relations
Bullying, 4887q
Security industry, 4749q
Workplace bullying, 5759, 5886, 6124q
International affairs, Sri Lanka, 542, 2336
Lake Burley Griffin, heritage issues, 2398q
Land, rent scheme review, 3578qn
Lanyon Valley, library, 2056
Legislative Assembly
Business, 210
Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 715, 1887, 4515, 4770, 5603
Estimates 2011-2012, 705, 710, 714
Health, Community and Social Services, 1147
Justice and Community Safety, 1543, 2365
Privileges, 2011, 5511
Public Accounts, 898, 1180
Testimony, public interest immunity, 2961
Dissent from ruling, 758
Documents, tabling, 5708
Matters of public importance, International Women�s Day, 789
Points of order, 472, 623, 2085, 3008, 3201, 3203, 3344, 3510, 4183, 4533, 4659, 4881, 5397, 5398, 5549, 5701, 5714
Question time, rostered ministers question time, 3862
Questions on notice, 5723
Rulings, dissent, 1622
Sitting pattern, 5943
Speaker, mwc 3209
Standing and temporary orders, 2963, 4755, 5932
Libraries, Lanyon Valley, 2056
Lockyer, Mr D, retirement, 996
Motor vehicles
Electric, 6035qn
Registration, 6079qn, 6088qn
Activities, 151, 159
Advisory body, 5535q
Narrabundah long-stay caravan park, options, 299q
National Multicultural Festival, 877qn
Block 20 section 23, Hume, 379qn
Calwell, 4983
Draft strategy, 4652q
Draft variation 306, 4739q
Eastern broadacre zone, 3621qn
Glebe Park, 2259q
Griffith, 3509q, 3528q, 3758q
Guidelines, 1789q
Hawke review, 1055q
Infrastructure, 3616qn
Kingston foreshore, 5701q
Master plans, 436q
Molonglo, 54q
Northbourne Avenue, trees, 1429
Rural leases, 942q, 1572q
Territory plan, 741q
Variations, 5392q
Woden Valley, 2644q
Prisons, prisoners, mental health, 5482
Public service
Governance, 3452
Staffing, 3401
Road Transport (Alcohol and Drugs) Legislation Amendment Bill 2011, prin 1686, detail 1693
Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2011, prin 1681
Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 3960, detail 4314, 4387
Drivers licences, 6071qn
Driving fines, 6080qn
Gungahlin Drive extension, 6072qn
Isabella Drive, 226, 229
Majura Parkway, 2219, 2245, 2820q, 5637qn, 6037qn
Parking strategy, 3427
Parking, 6089qn
Safety, 1180, 5634qn
T2 lanes, 5442
Vulnerable users, 602q
RSPCA, funding, 5432
Older Persons Assembly, 4538q
Support services, 1097, 1106
Sharp, Dr P AM, death, 4120, 4484
Smoking in Cars with Children (Prohibition) Bill 2011, prin 4777
Boxing, 796
Canberra Raiders, 797
Grants, 1653qn
Policy, 1701q
Rugby league, 797
Sullivan, Mr J, death, 4325q
Carbon tax, 3378q
Quinlan review, 4892q
Carbon tax, 3378q
City cycle loop, 5272q
Eastern regional task force, 3896q, 4473q
Freight, 3242q
Greenhouse gas emissions, 1432q, 1657q, 2024q
Infrastructure, 3653q
Kingston rail station relocation, 4446qn
Oil price projections, 374qn
Planning, 6047qn
Public, 4188q, 4828q, 5184
Rail services, 4200, 4217, 6105qn
Services, 1784q, 4525q
Sustainability, 3900q
Taxis, wheelchair accessibility, 1041, 1071, 5822q, 6125q
Tu Pham, Ms, retirement, 898
Tuggeranong 55 Plus Club, support, 542
Volunteers, participation rates, 1862
Women, Tuggeranong Evening VIEW Club, 5337
Work Health and Safety Bill 2011, prin 3890, 4093, 4097
Work Health and Safety (Bullying) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 5759
Work Health and Safety (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2011, prin 5987
Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Bill 2010, prin 927, detail 4918, 4927
Workplace Privacy Bill 2010, prin 214, detail 218
Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, 5819q
Homelessness, 3643q
LYNX program, 739q
Services, 286q, 1332q

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