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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, education, 488q
ACT Teacher Quality Institute Amendment Bill 2011, prin 2943, 3951, detail 3953
Actew Corporation Ltd

Investments, 3568qn
New dwelling connections, 4426qn
Water, 3895q
Advertising, government, 388qn, 395qn, 397qn, 398qn
Appropriation Bill 2011-2012, detail (Economic Development Directorate) 2901, 2917, 2929, (Training and Education Directorate) 3125, (Canberra Institute of Technology) 3161
Arts, festival funding, 5284q
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre
Disabled students, 1435q
Educational services, 1478
Youth workers, 939q
Program management and funding, 837qn, 847qn, 868qn, 1260qn
Secondary bursary scheme, 4464qn
Special needs transport program, 4465qn
Action plan, 4068q
Export market, 5173q
Calwell, planning, 4980
Canberra Convention Bureau, funding, 1249qn
Canberra festival, event scheduling, 488q
Canberra Institute of Technology
Restructure, 2009qn
Teaching qualification requirements, 2011qn
Chief Minister and Cabinet Directorate, invoices, 6042qn, 6043qn
Childcare, 317
Protection, 1338q, 1441q
Children and Young People (Education and Care Services National Law) Consequential Amendments Bill 2011, prin 4841
Civic, development, 3760q
Commonwealth public service, cuts, proposed, 5872
Convention centre, evaluation, 5283q
Corrections and Sentencing Legislation Amendment Bill 2011, prin 5526
Penalties, 5526
Youth justice system, 1033
Cycling, electric bikes, 6109qn
Design and Review Panel, 1276qn
Diplomatic service, land tax and rates, 5229qn
Disasters, recovery, 4893q
Economic Development Directorate
Advertising, 5234qn
Consultants, 5234qn, 5644qn
Programs, 6057qn
Staff, 6056qn
Travel, 5233qn
Business failures, 4067q
Businesses and families, 5538q
Conditions, 5007q
Cost of living, 3676
Exports, 3381q
Global situation, 3488
Policy, 5815q
Administrative on-costs, 5640qn
Canberra Institute of Technology, 4063q, 4321q, 4449qn, 4451qn
Course statistics, 3597qn
Funding, 4439qn
Indigenous, 488q
Knight report, 4529q
NAPLAN testing, 4717
Preschools, 4824qn, 5124, 5607
Arawang primary school, mnrs 4599
Behaviour management programs, 2007qn
Capital funding, 3991qn
Catholic, 1742, 4317q, 4319q, 4828q
Chaplaincy program, 2008qn, 3993qn
Child protection policy, 1338q, 1441q
Community halls, 3604qn
Counsellors, 2252q, 2278q
Farrer primary, 3006q
Information technology software, 1274qn
Infrastructure, 4439qn
Investment, 3003q
Libraries, 5641qn
Non-government, 4438qn
Staff cutbacks, 5169q
Suspensions, 2646q
Tharwa preschool, 2635q, 2641q, 2833q
Waramanga preschool, mnrs 4599
Science, 1424q, 2024q
Disabled, 1542, 5239qn, 5640qn
Expulsions, 5005q
Needs, 2092q
Suspensions, 372qn, 5645qn
Teachers, 490q, 503q, 2943, 3600qn, 3951, 3953, 4438qn, 4448qn, 5639qn , 5837
Tertiary, 3518q, 3664q
Education Amendment Bill 2011, prin 5124, 5607
Education and Care Services National Law (ACT) Bill 2011, prin 4841
Education and Training Directorate
Advertising, 4816qn
Consultants, 5235qn
Record keeping, 2324, 2329
Travel, 4815qn
Election Commitments Costing Bill 2011, exposure draft, refcom 5590
Electricity, maintenance outages, 3983qn
Electricity Feed-in (Large-scale Renewable Energy Generation) Bill 2011, prin 5531
Employment, underemployment, 4067q
Efficiency, 287q, 2020qn
Feed-in tariff, 4423qn, 5531
Environment, carbon strategy, 4067q
Audits, mnst 4933
Capital funding, 4420qn
Credit card fees, 4796qn
Ethical investments, 5690q
Government expenditure, 3270, 3271, 4072, 4545, 5290, 5294
Government investments, 6081qn
Government revenue, 5626qn, 5627qn
Home buyer concessions, 4421qn, 4801qn
Lease variation revenue, 4418qn
Online transactions, 5228qn
Pensioner rebates, 4800qn
Treasurer's advance, 4436qn
Floriade, update, 4736q
Freedom of Information Amendment Bill 2011, prin 5528
Gaming machines, 493q, 5520, 5557
Sports Alive, liquidation, 4751q
Gaming Machine (Club Governance) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 1883, 2621, detail 2623, 2627
Gaming Machine Amendment Bill 2011, prin 5520
Accommodation, 3273
Advertising, 388qn, 395qn, 397qn, 398qn
Competence and leadership, 2457
Employee car parking, 366qn
Invoices, 5051, 5066, 5556, 5727, 6042qn, 6043qn
Legal advice, 408qn, 410qn, 411qn
Media and communications advisers, 415qn, 416qn, 417qn
Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, mc 5433
Ministerial staff, 357qn, 359qn, 360qn
Office building, 3360q, 3363q, 3368q, 3769, 3784, 3987qn, 4604, 5663, 5813q
Publication costs, 4437qn
Regulatory impact statements, 3582qn, 3583qn, 3984qn
Shareholdings, 4894q
Government Procurement Amendment Bill 2011, prin 5910
Gungahlin, leisure centre, 4441qn
Affordability, 2021qn, 2262q, 2277q, 3243q, 3524q, 4066q, 4182q
Ceiling insulation, 1652qn
Display villages, 3190qn, 3579qn
Downlights, 6110qn
First home buyers, 4421qn, 4799qn
Home buyer concessions, 6044qn
Home insulation program, 421qn
Lighting regulations, 1653qn
Low income households, 4373
Residential property transactions, 5633qn
Industrial relations
Australian Education Union, 5546q
Enterprise bargaining, 5837
Insurance, community organisations, 4892q
Labor Party, election commitments, 835qn, 843qn, 848qn, 862qn-870qn, 1245qn, 1257qn, 1258qn
Lakes, recreational activities, 6121q
Land, rent scheme review, 3578qn
Land Tax Amendment Bill 2011, prin 3948
Legislative Assembly
Committees, Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 75, 1542, 3871, 3880
Committees, Public Accounts, 2658, 5523
Documents, tabling, 5211
Members, Smyth, Mr B, mc 4330, 4363
Ministerial statements, Auditor-General's report No 10, 4933
Papers, 304, 953, 1344, 1972, 3267, 3272, 3278, 4072, 4365, 4546, 4895, 5175, 5295, 5727, 5968
Points of order, 1619, 5418
Questions on notice, 53q, 4069, 4193q, 4895q, 5286q
Rulings, dissent, 1621, 1623
Sitting, commencement, 4721
"Live in Canberra", campaign, 5240qn
Marriage, equality, 5455
Molonglo, waste depot, 3190qn, 3601qn
Murphy, Mr J, death, 2046
National Arboretum Canberra, 5224qn
Opposition, policy costs, 5404q
Calwell, 4980
Change of use, 433qn
Community gardens, 2016qn
Coombs, 3602qn
Crace, supermarket site, 5245qn
Development applications, 420qn, 886qn, 887qn
Downer shopping centre, 886qn
Dwelling numbers, 885qn
Griffith, block 15 section 42, 6112qn
Guidelines, 1788q
Hawke review, 1055q
Interference, alleged, 3229q, 3232q, 3238q, 3255q, 3384q, 3641q, 3643q, 3895q
Jacka, 6085qn
Jamison Group Centre, 1492, 1503
Kambah Village, 1617
Leases, 77, 1973
Mingle, 3191qn, 3603qn
Molonglo, 54q
Rural leases, 942q, 1572q
Sun shadow diagrams, 2019qn
Supermarket sites, 4287, 4797qn
Territory plan, 78, 741q
Throsby, 3340
Urban form analysis, 434qn
Planning and Building Legislation Amendment Bill 2011, prin 1164, 1899
Planning and Building Legislation Amendment Bill 2011 (No 2), prin 5569
Planning and Development (Lease Variation Charges) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 2491
Public service
Annual leave, 846qn, 877qn, 1243qn, 1249qn, 1259qn, 1261qn
Freedom of information requests, 5528
Job cuts, proposed, 3800, 3808
Positive culture, 3937
Roads, Hibberson Street, Gungahlin Town Centre, 6115qn
RSPCA, funding, 5433
Australian Football League, 1974
Facilities, 5621qn
Football, 4269
Funding, 2012qn
Grants, 1653qn
Policy, 1699q, 2799, 2804
Recreational activities, 5285q, 6121q
Sportsgrounds and ovals, 5284q, 6039qn
Support, 4905
St Patrick's Catholic Church, Braddon, heritage listing, 6084qn
Superannuation, territory liability, 3914
Swimming pools, fencing, 828qn
Families, 5974
GST, 5534q, 5555q, 5802q
Land, 3948
Payments, 5624qn, 5632qn
Payroll tax, 5219qn
Property rates, 4419qn
Quinlan review, 4892q
Revenue, 4422qn, 6094qn
Utilities, 3567qn
Events, 4178q
Policy and funding, 6046qn
Trade, United States, 5274q
Transport, rail freight services, 6106qn
Treasury Directorate
Advertising, 5631qn
Annual report, 5295
Consultants, 6032qn
Travel, 6032qn
Waste, Molonglo depot, 3601qn
Water, Productivity Commission report, 4893q
Weston Creek, community festival, 5470, 5478, 5666
World Plumbing Day, celebration, 795
You Are Here festival 2012, 5622qn

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