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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2010 Week 14 Hansard (8 December) . . Page.. 5939..

MS BURCH: We are looking at it as a geographic dispersion and delivery of service but also across sectors. So that is where those local regional coordinators come into play. But it also recognises that other services are committed to providing a harmonised service across the sector, whether it be within a regional sector. A family could be accessing and coordinated through, for example, somewhere in Tuggeranong, but some of their service delivery will be accessed by services on the north side. That will be facilitated through this streamlined client-centred approach to service delivery.

MS BRESNAN: A supplementary question, Mr Speaker.

MR SPEAKER: Yes, Ms Bresnan.

MS BRESNAN: Minister, given that there are substantial cost increases to providing services after hours and on weekends, can you outline how funding arrangements and allocations have been adjusted to meet these new requirements of service providers?

MS BURCH: The purchasing framework will be different come July of this year, and services are asked to tender on provision of services. Within that, if some services indeed need to be offered over the weekend and after hours—and some of them will need to be—that will be captured in those procurement and tender processes. There is no reduction in the quantum of money that we are investing in youth and family services. It is about streamlining and enhancing service delivery to gain some efficiencies, perhaps, as we streamline that. Any efficiencies won will be put back into the sector and into the system.

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—proposed inquiry

MRS DUNNE: My question is to the Minister for Children and Young People. Minister, in your speech this morning on the motion to establish an inquiry into Bimberi under the Inquiries Act 1991 you commented that the last time an approach such as this was taken was in response to three deaths. Minister, will it take a death at Bimberi, either of a member of staff or of a resident, before you commission an inquiry under the Inquiries Act?

Mr Hargreaves: I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker.

MR SPEAKER: Yes, Mr Hargreaves.

Mr Hargreaves: In Mrs Dunne's question, she said, "Would it take a death at Bimberi?"That is a hypothetical question, Mr Speaker.

MRS DUNNE: Mr Speaker, you have given a whole range of rulings in this area and I refrained from making a point of order on this or a similar matter when Mr Hargreaves asked a question. I think this is a valid question and the minister should be given the opportunity to answer it.

MR SPEAKER: Thank you, Mrs Dunne. There is no point of order. Minister Burch, will you answer the question.

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