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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2010 Week 13 Hansard (16 November) . . Page.. 5449..

The second recommendation is to extend the expiry clause, at section 101 of the terrorism act, to 11 November 2016. This expiry date will be 10 years after the commencement of the ACT's act.

The third recommendation is for a further review clause to be included at section 100. It is proposed that the second review be conducted before the end of the terrorism act's ninth year of operation.

Recommendation 4 proposes that an issue be referred to the ACT government's current review of police criminal investigative powers. It is recommended that the review considers whether a general warning should be included in ACT legislation to require police officers to warn that a failure to comply with an order or direction may amount to an offence.

Recommendations 5 to 8 propose minor amendments to the terrorism act to ensure that the act is consistent with other legislation in the ACT and that the act operates in the way the government intended.

I note that in 2011 the government intends to present a bill to the Assembly to give effect to the recommendations that are outlined in this review. I commend the paper to the Assembly.


Mr Corbell presented the following papers:

ACT Criminal Justice—Statistical Profile 2010—September quarter.

Subordinate legislation (including explanatory statements unless otherwise stated)

Legislation Act, pursuant to section 64—

Criminal Code—Criminal Code Amendment Regulation 2010 (No 1)—Subordinate Law SL2010-41 (LR, 25 October 2010).

Government Agencies (Campaign Advertising) Act—

Government Agencies (Campaign Advertising) Exemption 2010 (No 4)—Disallowable Instrument DI2010-272 (LR, 21 October 2010).

Government Agencies (Campaign Advertising) Exemption 2010 (No 5)—Disallowable Instrument DI2010-278 (LR, 28 October 2010).

Health Act—Health (Fees) Determination 2010 (No 4)—Disallowable Instrument DI2010-274 (LR, 25 October 2010).

Health Professionals Act—Health Professionals Amendment Regulation 2010 (No 2)—Subordinate Law SL2010-43 (LR, 1 November 2010).

Juries Act—Juries (Payment) Determination 2010—Disallowable Instrument DI2010-270 (LR, 21 October 2010).

Magistrates Court Act—Magistrates Court (Dangerous Goods Road Transport Infringement Notices) Regulation 2010—Subordinate Law SL2010-42 (LR, 28 October 2010).

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