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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2010 Week 11 Hansard (19 October) . . Page.. 4623..

approach to biodiversity offsets will also form part of the preliminary documentation submitted to the commonwealth for approval under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation, or EPBC, Act for development of Lawson South. Land development will be required to comply with any approval requirements, including biodiversity offsets.

The committee's ninth recommendation is that existing native grasslands, including stipa species in the area near the electricity substation, should primarily be maintained as native grassland. This recommendation is agreed in principle, noting that existing grasslands ecological communities are subject to consideration under commonwealth legislation. Retention of any areas of native grasslands forms part of the approval under the EPBC Act. This is the appropriate process to establish any requirement to retain threatened ecological communities and species habitat. Detailed design and development at Lawson South will be required to comply with the EPBC Act.

The committee's 10th recommendation is that further threatened species surveys be conducted prior to finalising planning of the new suburb and development of an estate development plan. Further ecological surveys were undertaken during the 2009-10 summer season within Lawson South to provide further data for the planning process. Additionally, the Land Development Agency is preparing to undertake further surveys during the coming summer. Any further surveys or requirements for land development will be undertaken in accordance with advice and approvals under the EPBC Act.

The committee's 11th recommendation is that the design of the lineal open space network in Lawson South should take into consideration the need for connectivity between wildlife corridors. This recommendation is agreed. The lineal open space network reflected in the concept plan considers the connectivity between wildlife corridors around Lawson South. This will be a further consideration in the detailed landscape design.

The committee made two recommendations relating to cat containment at Lawson. Recommendation No 12 recommends that the Minister for Territory and Municipal Services declare Lawson South to be an area where cats must be confined to their keepers' premises at all times under the Domestic Animals Act. Recommendation 13 is that the same provisions apply for Lawson North should that ever come under the management of the Department of Territory and Municipal Services. Both of these recommendations are agreed. The precinct code for Lawson South reflects this intention. The issue has been referred to TAMS for further consideration.

The government agrees with recommendation 14 which relates to the provision of playgrounds in Lawson South. The Lawson South area will require a number of playgrounds to be provided within public open space. The safe design of these facilities is controlled by existing territory standards, including separation from potential hazards such as waterways and roads.

The committee's final recommendation is that ACTPLA make greater use of onsite signage for new suburbs at the initial stages of planning to increase community awareness. This recommendation is agreed. ACTPLA will seek to inform the

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