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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2010 Week 10 Hansard (22 September) . . Page.. 4313..

Personal explanations

MR COE (Ginninderra): Mr Speaker, on your ruling?

MR SPEAKER: Yes, Mr Coe. We are not going to have a major debate in here on this now.

MR COE: Yes, I understand that. But I do think, if you are going to name me in the ruling, I should be given the opportunity to respond.

MR SPEAKER: So you would like to make a personal explanation under standing order 46?

MR COE: No. I would like to simply respond to your statement.

MR SPEAKER: I am offering you the opportunity under standing order 46.

MR COE: I understand that. I will take the opportunity under standing order 46 then.

Mrs Dunne: You need leave of the Speaker.

MR COE: And I do seek leave.

MR SPEAKER: Yes. Before you start, I have indicated it was simply a trigger.

MR COE: Firstly, it does seem quite unorthodox for a Speaker to randomly pluck out a few comments such as mine and to cite those as being examples of poor behaviour. I would think that you should be more considered in your accusations in this place and perhaps listen to the audio or read the Hansard and come back to this place in the future so that you can actually give more considered comments.

But on the actual comment "phone a friend"or "ask the audience", that was in response to Mr Stanhope standing up and receiving advice from several of his colleagues. At the time it appeared he did not know the information and that sort of comment is holding the minister to account. He is expected to be across his portfolios. To that end, I think I was doing my job as a member of this place, holding the minister to account.

MR SPEAKER: Thank you for your feedback, Mr Coe. I feel I heard it clearly. I will not be reviewing Hansard. But I hear what you have to say.

MS HUNTER (Ginninderra—Parliamentary Convenor, ACT Greens): Mr Speaker, I seek leave to make a personal explanation under standing order 46.

MR SPEAKER: Yes, Ms Hunter.

MS HUNTER: Yesterday during question time, Minister Barr said that Mr Coe, Ms Burch and I were in breach of the protocol for visiting schools because we failed

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