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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2010 Week 6 Hansard (24 June) . . Page.. 2641..

The information is included in the response to QON 950

Public service-staffing

(Question No 950)

Mr Coe asked the Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, upon notice, on 25 March 2010:

(1) In relation to staffing, for the department and each agency within the Minister's portfolio, what is the average oncost for each officer and what is included in the oncosts.

(2) What is the marginal oncost of an additional worker at the current staffing levels.

(3) What (a) specialist qualifications are required by staff to undertake their roles and responsibilities and (b) skills are currently lacking in the staffing base.

(4) How many employees are currently employed and at what level is each.

(5) What is the average salary for employees with a specialist skill that is required for the department or agencies to undertake their roles and responsibilities.

(6) What training must employees undertake on a regular basis to maintain their specialist skills and what is the cost of this training.

(7) What specialist equipment is required for officers to undertake their work.

(8) For each piece of equipment referred to in part (7), (a) how many are required, (b) what is the capital cost of each, (c) what is the running cost and (d) over what period is each piece of equipment depreciated.

(10) How many graduates are currently employed in the department and each agency.

(11) What is the average cost of employing graduates for the department and each agency.

(12) How many graduates, on average, have been employed each year since 2001.

(13) How (a) many staff have been recruited and (b) much has been spent on recruitment, in 2009-10 to date.

(14) In relation to staff who leave, (a) how many staff have left in 2009-10 to date.

(15) What is the average amount of recreation leave and long service leave held by staff.

Mr Stanhope: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) The Department uses the Department of Treasury Salary and Administrative On-Cost Model (October 2008) to determine salary on-costs estimates for each generic classification based on an average salary cost for each classification, and a standard figure for administrative on-costs. The Salary and Administrative On-Cost Model is updated annually to assist with budget preparation.

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