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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2010 Week 6 Hansard (24 June) . . Page.. 2631..


Program Objectives

No. of


Work safely around aircraft

Safety induction unit for staff working around aircraft


Senior First Aid

Job requirement


Australasian Inter-Service Incident Management System (AIIMS 22022VIC)

Job requirement


ACTAS Clinical Update Program

Job requirement


Senior Fire Fighter Development

Job requirement


Stage III Road Accident Rescue

Job requirement


Station Officers Development

Job requirement


Writing a Business Plan

Job requirement


AEMI, ACT Extension Design and manage activities which exercise elements of emergency management

Job requirement


(3) To facilitate the accurate compilation of this information, operational staff would need to be brought offline to assist as the requested information is not readily captured.

(4) (a) The cost of undertaking in-house training programs in the 2008-09 year was $159,635.

(b) The cost of undertaking in-house training programs during the period 1 July 2009 to 28 February 2010 was $47,251.

Public service-staff and training

(Question No 925)

Mr Hanson asked the Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, upon notice, on 25 March 2010:

(1) What is the average oncost for each officer in the Minister's department and each agency in their portfolio in 2009-10 and what is included in this oncost.

(2) What is the marginal oncost of an additional worker at the current staffing levels.

(3) What specialist qualifications are required by staff for the Minister's department and each agency in their portfolio to undertake its roles and responsibilities and what skills are currently lacking in department and each agency.

(4) How many employees are currently employed and what level is each.

(5) What is the average salary for each employee with a specialist skill that is required for the Minister's department and each agency to undertake its roles and responsibilities.

(6) What training must employees undertake on a regular basis to maintain their specialist skills and what is the cost of this training.

(7) What specialist equipment is required for officers to undertake their jobs.

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