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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2010 Week 4 Hansard (24 March) . . Page.. 1391..

MR CORBELL: I hope there is, because the monergy awareness campaign is designed to reach out to those Canberrans who have not yet considered tackling the issue of inefficient use of energy in their homes and to provide them with information and rebates to make the transition to a more energy efficient home. Monergy, of course, is a combination of the words "money"and "energy"and is designed—

Opposition members interjecting—

MR CORBELL: Just in case those across the way have not worked it out yet, which is highly likely, the monergy campaign is designed to convince people like Mr Smyth, Mr Hanson and Mr Coe that they too can save energy in their home and save money at the same time. The immediate focus of this campaign is to establish the grant and to raise community awareness of the availability of over $19 million in rebates, assistance and education for Canberrans to improve energy efficiency and, indeed, water efficiency.

It is designed to get people thinking about the fact that these rebates and programs that I mentioned in my answer to Mr Hargreaves's previous question are available. We believe we have achieved a certain level of penetration into Canberra homes and businesses about energy efficiency but there are many Canberrans in their homes and businesses who are not yet thinking about it or perhaps do not know where to go and find out what they can do. And that is what the monergy campaign is all about.

I would note that the Assembly asked for such a program in a resolution only in the last couple of weeks. The government is acting in a very proactive way in relation to this measure. The Assembly has asked for greater promotion of energy efficiency, and we are delivering.

MR SPEAKER: Mr Hanson, a supplementary question?

MR HANSON: Minister, can you advise the Assembly how you are endeavouring to become more like your idol, Peter Garrett, in delivering energy efficiency programs in the ACT?

MR CORBELL: Mr Speaker, I have outlined what the government is doing in relation to energy efficiency. I think questions that have irony in it are out of order, Mr Speaker, but it is a pity, of course, that we do not hear the Liberal Party talking about energy efficiency in Canberra. It is a pity that we do not hear them talking about and supporting measures to improve energy efficiency in Canberra homes or in Canberra businesses, because this government has a comprehensive program in place. Whether it is for commercial building tenants, whether it is for Canberra householders, whether it is for non-government and community not-for-profit groups, whether it is for schools, we are delivering a broad range of programs.

It is pity those opposite treat energy efficiency as a joke, because it is a very important issue. It is one of the most obvious areas to reduce energy consumption and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and all they are prepared to do opposite is make a joke of it.

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