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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2010 Week 3 Hansard (18 March) . . Page.. 1196..

Land—lease variations

(Question No 605)

Mr Seselja asked the Minister for Planning, upon notice, on 11 February 2010:

(1) How many applications to rectify a breach of a crown lease did the ACT Planning and Land Authority (ACTPLA) receive in (a) July (b) August, (c) September (d) October, (e) November and (f) December 2009.

(2) For each month referred to in part (1), (a) what was the average length of time taken to process each application, (b) how many applications were not approved, (c) how many applications related to dwellings not being commenced on time and (d) how many applications related to dwellings not being completed on time.

(3) How many staff within ACTPLA work to assess these applications.

Mr Barr: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) The following numbers relate to breaches of Crown leases that relate specifically to non-compliance with building and development provisions:

a) July - 29

b) August - 78

c) September - 37

d) October - 39

e) November - 47

f) December - 44

(2) a) Cases logged for the processing of applications for extension of time to building and development provisions are not closed until applicants have paid the required fees or are informed that due to non-payment of the required fee, that the case will be closed. The case remains closed pending the submission of a new application for reassessment of the fees payable.

No times are recorded for assessment of the actual application itself. It should be noted that there are no statutory timeframes that apply to the processing of extension of time applications.

b) All applications for extensions of time to building and development provisions received in the periods identified above have been approved.

c) & d) The majority of applications for an extension to the building and development provisions of a Crown lease relate to extensions for both commencement and completion covenants as well as other related covenants that also require extensions.

(3) 1 x Senior Officer Grade C

1 x Administrative Service Officer Class 5

1 x Administrative Service Officer Class 4

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