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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2010 Week 1 Hansard (9 February) . . Page.. 74..

Question No 404

MR SESELJA: I seek an explanation under 118A from the Minister for Health in relation to unanswered question 404.

MS GALLAGHER: Again, I will get some advice from my office. I have only been back in the door a day from leave, but I will check where that question is up to and provide the Assembly with an explanation if I am unable to provide it today.

Question No 411

MR SESELJA: I seek an explanation under 118A from the Minister for Planning in relation to unanswered question 411.

MR BARR: I understand Mr Seselja asked this as a generic question of all ministers. I certainly recall signing a response on at least three occasions in my other portfolios. I will double-check. I am pretty sure I have signed off the planning one as well. It may be that there was some delay within ACTPLA in collating all of that information. It was quite a detailed question on electricity consumption going back over four years, greenhouse gas emissions, estimated costs for the department over a four-year period, spending on communication services and fixed-line phones and mobile phones. I imagine it would take some time to collate that data.

But I am certainly aware that Mr Seselja asked this of all ministers in all portfolios and I know I have signed off at least three responses to him with my various other ministerial hats on. So I will check as to why the planning authority's response has not been provided, although I have a feeling I have signed it off. It may have been lost in the system. I will double-check.

Question No 495

MR SESELJA: I ask for an explanation from the Minister for Health in relation to 495.

MS GALLAGHER: I will check today on outstanding questions that I have. I do apologise to the Assembly for them.

Question No 513

MR SESELJA: I ask the Chief Minister for an explanation in relation to question 513.

MR STANHOPE: I will have to make inquiries. I must say I am not aware but I do know that some of the questions that have been asked are taking days, lots of time, to answer, costing tens of thousands of dollars. An explanation might be that there are higher and more important priorities being pursued by hard-worked officers within the public service.

MR SPEAKER: My advice from the Clerk, Mr Seselja, is that question 513 is actually directed to the Treasurer, according to the notice paper.

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