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Abengoa Solar, company presence, 2032qn
Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders

Education, 1630qn
Elected body, 767, 3659
ACT (Self-Government) Act 1988, review, 4440q
ACT Public Cemeteries Authority, southern cemetery site, proposed, 5532q, 6224q
ACTION bus service Belconnen interchange, 3497q
Bicycle racks, 4158qn
Breaches, 4293q, 4305q
Buses, 996q, 2022qn
Complaints, 2274q
Dead running costs, 1163qn
Disability access, 4296q
Effectiveness, 3874q, 4285q
Fares, 2639qn
Management, 4290q, 4439q, 5780q
Network, 2451
Nightrider service, 486q
Online trip planner, 4304q, 5780q, 5781q, 6222q
Parking facilities, 6196qn
Redex service, 1533q
Schools, 5385
Staff agreements, 3785q
Ticketing system, 4442q, 5763qn, 5780q
Timetable, 5541q, 6227q
Wheelchair access, 5836q
Advertising, independent reviewer, 2125, 2187
Akron, company collapse, 876q, 2011qn
Alcohol Drink driving, 2371
Driving offences, 5722
Alexander Maconochie Centre Drugs, 4349, 4544q
Management, 1657
Animal Welfare Amendment Bill 2010, prin 700, 1230
Animals, pets, 1617qn
Appropriation Bill 2010-2011, detail (Department of Territory and Municipal Service) 2788, 2809, 2815
Art, public installations, 6197qn
Aussie Junk, assets and waste, 3717qn
Australian Capital Territory (Self-Government) Act 1988, review, 5442q, 5626, 5890
Bicycles, helmets and cycle path safety, 4498qn, 4523qn
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, inquiry, proposed, 5903
Budget Allocations, 4150qn
Savings, 4525qn, 4526qn, 4528qn
Transport, 1764q
Bushfires, controlled burns, 3710qn
Business, grants, 2053qn
Calvary Public Hospital, purchase, proposed, 588, 1357, 3673, 3939, 3944
Canberra, quality of life, 4444q
Canberra centenary, 762q
Canberra Hospital, health system, 783
Canberra International Arboretum and gardens, expenditure, 1633qn
Capital works Budget, 2266q
Infrastructure, 1382q
Program, 3884q
Public areas, maintenance, 1467
Cats, containment, 1186qn, 1188qn, 4151qn
Cemeteries, spaces, 1187qn
Children, neighbourhood playgrounds, 3779q
Commonwealth public service, reductions, 3642q
Crime, victims, 3033
Cuppacumbalong Heritage management, 6184qn
Opening hours, 6185qn
Cycling, safety, 602q, 3319qn
Disabled persons, employment, 1198qn, 4371
Dogs, parvovirus, 4055q, 4195q, 4543q, 4545q
Domestic Animal Services, dogs, 6190qn
Drugs Driving offences, 5722
Random testing, 1713, 2706q
Economy Commonwealth public sector, 3378q, 3425, 3461
Cost of living, 5491
Education, Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, 1630qn
Emergencies Amendment Bill 2010, prin 1073
Emergency Services Agency, leases, 2618qn
Employment, disabled persons, 1198qn
Environment Abandoned shopping trolleys, 1965qn, 2882
Cat containment areas, 1186qn, 1188qn
Conservation measures, 1975qn, 1976qn, 1980qn, 1982qn, 2490qn
Heritage, legislation, 4212
Jerrabomberra wetlands, 749q
Kingston, Green Square, 56q
Namadgi national park, 1945
Park care groups, 386qn
Service stations, disused, 811qn
Shopping trolleys, dumping, 3923, 3932
Street trees, 2027qn, 2917
Tree felling, 4299q, 4976q
Fenner, Professor Frank AC, CMG, MBE, death, 5783
Finance Bank accounts, 4524qn, 4947qn
Commonwealth public sector, 3378q, 3425, 3461
Departmental expenditure, 3744qn, 3748qn
Government assets and liabilities, 4537qn, 4964qn, 4965qn
Intergovernmental agreements, 4465
Loans, 4952qn
Floriade, traffic lights, 6189qn
Government Accountability, 1567
Achievements, 6133
Advertising, 2001qn, 2085qn, 2523qn, 2552qn, 2638qn, 2652qn
Agency costs, 2547qn, 2552qn, 2627qn, 2628qn, 2640qn
Appointments, 2546qn, 2590qn, 2611qn, 2624qn, 2644qn, 2645qn, 2647qn, 3313qn
Attorney-General, mc, 847, 1657
Building leases, 2636qn
Committees and working groups, 2505qn, 2507qn, 2550qn
Contracts, regulation, 876q
Costs, 2083qn, 2084qn
Grants, 2083qn, 2518qn, 2551qn, 2637qn, 2648qn
Information technology services, 2514qn, 2517qn, 2550qn, 2636qn, 2647qn
Infrastructure plan, 2170
Invoices, payments, 1194qn, 1195qn, 1624qn
Minister for Ageing, mc, 4003
Minister for Health, mc, 2671, mnc 3347
Ministerial arrangements, 742, 1073, 1111, 1749
Ministerial briefings, 365qn
Motor vehicles, 2519qn, 2521qn, 2551qn, 2625qn, 2649qn
Office leases, 2549qn, 2563qn, 2571qn, 2643qn
Programs, 4534qn, 4958qn
Records management, 6117
Regional issues, 2057qn
Regulatory impact statements, 1998qn, 2085qn, 2522qn, 2650qn, 2651qn
Services, 128
Training programs, 2525qn, 2529qn
Travel, 1193qn
Websites, 2045qn, 2046qn, 2049qn, 2051qn, 2578qn, 2582qn, 3284qn
Gungahlin Drive extension, bridge collapse, 3799, 4542qn
Health Funding, 3285qn
Organ donors, 752q
Hospitals Clare Holland House, 10
Funding, 1686q
Services, 588
Waiting lists, 860q, 2360
Housing Affordability, 172q, 1133q, 4941qn, 5955q
Home insulation scheme, 847
OwnPlace, 2140q, 2654q
Weston Creek cottage, 743q
Industrial relations, enterprise bargaining, 3785q
Information technology Human resources information management, 810qn
Policy, 4258
Strategic plan, 2622qn
Jerrabomberra wetlands, interim board, 4521qn
Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2010, prin 1093, detail 1098, 1103
Kangaroos, cull, 2312, 2324, 5794
Kingston, Green Square, 56q, 3719qn
Land Management costs, 1185qn
Molonglo, 984q
Releases, 1789
Rent scheme, 1177qn, 2012qn
Sales, 2712q
Yarralumla brickworks, 3646q
Land Development Agency, environmental initiatives, 5679q, 6222q
Legislative Assembly Committees Administration and Procedure, 1551
Planning, Public Works and Territory and Municipal Services, 1209
Planning and Environment, 1944
Privileges 2010, 442, 550
Public Accounts, 2155, 4210, 5794
Reports, government responses, 3798
Labor-Greens agreement, party positions, 1544
Language, "jellyback, oh, jellyback", 5507
Legislation program, 78, 3394, 3397
Members, Corbell, Mr S, leave of absence, 1749
Omnibus bills, 1108
Papers, 77, 769, 888, 1218, 1554, 2439, 2726, 3100, 3393, 4068, 4466, 5850
Personal explanations, 886
Points of order, 435, 460, 551, 609, 616, 618, 759, 864, 865, 869, 1247, 1644, 1875, 2161, 2817, 3081, 3343, 4067, 5583, 5970
Questions Labor-Greens agreement, 1256
On notice, 74, 3391
Supplementaries, 4067
Rulings, dissent, 1256
Standing and temporary orders, suspension, 2977
Valedictory, 6154
Libraries Book return chutes, 4509qn
Staff, 5773qn
Story time sessions, 5773qn
Litter (Shopping Trolleys) Amendment Bill 2010, detail 3923, 3932, prin 2882
Motorcycles, parking, 4500qn
Mulligans Flat nature reserve, interim board, 4521qn
Namadgi national park Management, 3661
Orienteering, 177q
National Arboretum Canberra, thefts, 4937qn
Nicholls, mosque, 1540q
Oaks Estate, heritage study, 4150qn
Our City, Our Community brochure, 2079qn
Pace Farm, battery hens, 4501qn
Pierces Creek, rehabilitation management, 4519qn
Planning Ainslie, 2614qn
Braddon, 2087
Deakin, 2009qn
Hawker, 1479, 4161
Kambah Village, 3893
Kingston, 1616qn
McGregor Hall, 2421q, 4944qn
Molonglo, 2008qn, 2061qn, 5832q, 6200qn
Nicholls, 2027qn
Skate park, 2256q
South Tralee, 6011, 6027
Supermarkets, 379qn
Territory plan, 2725, 2839, 5578
Prices, Martin review, 1177qn
Public Sector Management Amendment Bill 2010, prin 6043
Public service Commonwealth liaison staff, 2578qn
Corporate credit cards, 389qn, 393qn, 404qn
Departmental reviews, 414qn, 418qn
Executive contracts, 75, 1705, 2154, 3392, 4208, 5445, 5849
Flex leave, 2546qn
Staffing, 1984qn, 2052qn, 2493qn, 2496qn, 2497qn, 2504qn, 2539qn, 2548qn, 2632qn, 2640qn, 2641qn, 3250qn, 3708qn
Training programs, 2548qn, 2628qn, 3310qn
Public toilets, locations, 3738qn
Road Transport (Alcohol and Drugs) Legislation Amendment Bill 2010, detail 5722
Road Transport (Alcohol and Drugs) (Random Drug Testing) Amendment Bill 2009, prin 1713, detail 2845, 2858, 2874
Road Transport (Drink Driving) Legislation Amendment Bill 2010, prin 2371, 3431
Road Transport (General) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 4024, 4428
Roads Accidents, 3731qn
Ainslie and Hackett, 1114q
Belconnen Way bus lane, 4507qn
Civic, 3372q
Cycling safety, 602q, 3319qn
Drink driving, 612q, 3431
Drivers licences, 4024
Driving simulations, 1197qn
Footpaths, 2060qn, 3318qn
Gungahlin Drive extension, bridge collapse, 3367q, 5684q
Hawdon Street, Dickson, 2089
John Gorton Drive, 2016qn
Limestone Avenue and London Circuit, 2059qn
Loading bays, 2536qn
Parking, 478q, 2087, 2718q
Parliamentary triangle, 4191q
Recycled materials, 6181qn
Speed cameras and safety, 374qn, 4210, 4308q, 4507qn
Speed limits, 291
Streetlights, 6182qn
Traffic fines, 3733qn, 3734qn
Traffic lights, 6189qn
Urban infrastructure, 6191qn
Sport, orienteering, 177q
Telecommunications, national broadband network, 4325
Territory and Municipal Services, Department Accounts, 2082qn
Chemical use, 3740qn
Expenditure, 3733qn
Territory Records Amendment Bill 2010, prin 4387, 5737, detail 5739
Tidbinbilla nature reserve, Nil Desperandum, camping, 3866q, 3882q
Transport Active plan, 1817
Car pooling, 1187qn
Government expenditure, 1764q
Infrastructure, 1614qn, 3716qn
Planning, 6118
Taxis, 6105q
Turbayne AO, MBE, Mrs M, death, 1
Victims of Crime Amendment Bill 2010, prin 3033
Waste Building waste, 4502qn
Illegal dumping, 4508qn
Recycling centres, 4508qn
Water, Murrumbidgee to Googong pipeline, 442
Yarralumla brickworks Heritage site, 4945qn
Planning, 3646q
Redevelopment, 6219qn

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