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ACT Ambulance Service

Achievements, 183q
Recruitment, 2723q
ACTION bus service Buses, 998q
Effectiveness, 3874q
Staff agreements, 3785q
Alexander Maconochie Centre, drugs, 5146q
Animal Welfare Amendment Bill 2010, prin 1225
Animals, pets, 972, 1015, 2327
Appropriation Bill 2010-2011, prin 1937
Arts Canberra area theatre awards, 791
Honey and pepper exhibition, 360
Lights! Canberra! Action! films, 929
Live community events, 4016
Masterpieces from Paris, 871q
Australian Capital Territory (Self-Government) Act 1988, 5442q, 5618, 5889
Budget Community reaction, 1754q
Taxation, 1760q, 2703q
Transport, 1767q
Bushfires, preparation, 5034q
Calvary Public Hospital, acquisition, 45q, 55q, 563, 581
Canberra Hospital Bullying, alleged, 3510q
Emergency department, 6097q
Neurosurgery suite, 4198q
Canberra Raiders, results, 3821
Canberra Versailles Association, activities, 3821
Capital works Budget, 2268q
Infrastructure, 1295q, 1381q
Projects, 1685q, 2151q
Children Childcare, 227, 4082
Children's Week, 5295q
Consultations, 2276q
Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2010, prin 4183
Commonwealth public service Reductions, 3644q
Value, 3453, 3479
Community services Facilities, 5839q
Funding, 886q
Construction Occupations Legislation Amendment Bill 2010, prin 3628
Courts, legal aid, 1469
Disability services, support packages, 1000q
Dogs, control, 304
Domestic Animals Amendment Bill 2009, prin 304
Drugs, roadside testing, 2709q
Economy Commonwealth public sector, 3381q, 3453, 3479
Conditions, 317q
Outlook, 5540q
Performance, 5018q
Policy, 3681
Education Literacy and numeracy, 49q
Outcomes, 3503q, 5160q
Schools Bilingual, 3851, 3864
Catholic, 907, 910
Information and communications technology, 3386q
Investments, 1002q
Merici college, 1157
Safety levels, 2416q
St Michael's primary school, 1160
Emergency services, flooding, 6115q
Employment, labour market, 5831q
Electricity Cost, 5546q
Feed-in tariff, 4449q
Environment Building energy ratings, 3628
Climate change, 4050q
Earth Hour, 494q
Noise pollution, 4016
Water efficiency, 4476
Finance, mortgage relief fund, 4591q
Government, election promises, 1278q
Hall village, pavilion, 3821
Health Breast cancer, 4758, 4773
General practice superclinic, 3514q
Organ donors, 752q
Services, 465, 4596q
Smoking reform, 6098q
Hospitals Funding, 1686q
Services, 563, 581, 620
Housing Affordability, 172q, 1133q, 5955q
Homelessness, 1138
Mortgage relief fund, 4591q
Older persons, 3655q
OwnPlace, 2140q
Public, 483q
Shared equity scheme, 5435q
Stimulus funding, 2423q
Industrial relations, enterprise bargaining, 3785q
Insurance, third-party, 4166
Land, releases, 1742, 1791
Legislative Assembly Committees Health, Community and Social Services, 465
Planning, Public Works and Territory and Municipal Services, 19, 1200, 2123, 3359, 4016, 5419
Privileges 2010, 557
Papers, 1709
Points of order, 45
Valedictory, 6165
Multiculturalism National Multicultural Festival, 328q
Programs, 2437q
Planning Hawker, 3323
Lawson South, 3359
Young people, 4873q, 4884q
Road Transport (Third-Party Insurance) (Governance) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 4166
Roads Civic, 3374q
Drink driving, 612q
Speed cameras, 4311q
Security, Mercury 10, counter-terrorism exercise, 3794q
Seniors Older persons assembly, 5602
Retirement villages, 1709
Volunteers, 1393, 1403
Social welfare Carers, 501
Community services, 601q
Sport Canberra Raiders, results, 3821
Commonwealth Games, 4736q
Greater Western Sydney Football Club, 5441q
Junior sports, 3817
Taxation, goods and services, 1760q
Telecommunications, national broadband network, 4318, 4343
Tourism, local events, 871q
Transport, government expenditure, 1767q
Volunteering ACT, anniversary, 361
Waste, management, 5948q
Water Cotter Dam, 4301q, 4460q
Efficiency, 4476
Women, support, 5854
Youth Consultation, 2276q, 4884q
Planning, 4873q, 4884q

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