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ACT Ambulance Service

Concessions, 2900q
Recruitment, 4594q, 4738q
ACT Health, contracts, 3085q
ACT Planning and Land Authority, workplace injury, 1133q
ACT Policing Purchase agreements, 4737q
Recruitment, 4593q, 4738q
ACT Public Cemeteries Authority, southern cemetery site, proposed, 5532q, 6224q
ACT (Self-Government) Act 1988, review, 4441q
ACTION bus service Nightrider service, 488q
Timetable, 5542q, 6227q
Wheelchair access, 5838q
Akron, company collapse, 878q
Alexander Maconochie Centre Community concerns, 4061q
Crisis support unit, 5683q
Women and children, 3790q, 3888q
Animal Welfare Amendment Bill 2010, prin 1221
Animals Cats, containment areas, 1186qn, 1188qn
Pets, 980, 1011, 1617qn
Welfare, 5381qn, 5746
Appropriation Bill 2010-2011, prin 1929, detail (Auditor-General) 2735, (Chief Minister's Department) 2741, (Department of Territory and Municipal Services) 2797, (Shared Services Centre) 2819, (Department of Land and Property Services) 2828, (Department of the Environment, Climate Change, Energy and Water) 3151, (ACT Planning and Land Authority) 3164
Arts, live community events, 4017
Asbestos, management issues, 331q
Aussie Junk, assets and waste, 3717qn
Bicycles Cycle path safety, 4522qn
Helmets, 4498qn
Parking facilities, 4972qn
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre Drugs, 3370q
Re-offenders, 4718q
Building Harmful substances, 6192qn
Legislation, 808qn
Works assessor, 730
Building (Energy Efficient Hot Water Systems) Legislation Amendment Bill 2009, prin 1338
Building and construction, structure approvals, 2407
Calvary Hospital, mental health unit, 1386q
Canberra, quality of life, 4443q
Canberra centenary, 765q
Canberra Hospital, pay parking, 3652q
Capital works Infrastructure, 1383q
Program, 1373q, 3880q
Public areas, maintenance, 1462
Cats, containment, 4151qn
Cemeteries, spaces, 1187qn, 5532q, 6224q
Children Deaths, 593q
Employment, 317q
Foster care, 3638q, 4159q, 5425q, 5549q
Neighbourhood playgrounds, 3780q
Public consultation, 4219
Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Bill 2010, prin 4651, 4923, detail 5057
Construction Occupations Legislation Amendment Bill 2009, prin 730
Construction Occupations Legislation Amendment Bill 2010, prin 3624, detail 3632, 3634
Construction Occupations Legislation (Exemption Assessment) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 2407
Courts, Supreme Court, costs, 1609qn
Deakin swimming pool, lease variation, 168q
Defence, veterans, 5043
Disability services, support packages, 1000q, 1131q
Dogs Control, 300
Parvovirus, 4055q, 4194q, 4545q, 5382qn, 6189qn
Domestic Animal Services, 4194q, 5382qn, 6189qn
Domestic Animals Amendment Bill 2009, prin 300
Drugs, Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, 3370q
Dunlop, shopping and community facilities, 1732
Education Building the Education Revolution, 2063qn, 4147qn
National curriculum, 1520q
Schools Catholic, 902
Commonwealth funding, 1389q
League tables, 48q
My School website, 3078q
Relief teachers, 4046q
Emergency services, ambulances, 4042
Employment, children in care, 316q
Energy Efficiency, 1392q, 1550q, 4317q
Feed-in tariff, 2705q
Policy, 4289q
Ratings, 377qn, 809qn, 1189qn, 1190qn, 1192qn, 3624, 3632, 3634
Solar power, 2154q
Environment Abandoned shopping trolleys, 1965qn, 2886
Building materials, 5026q, 5297q
Cat containment areas, 1186qn, 1188qn
Community gardens, 5347
Disused service station sites, 4945qn
Earth Hour, 496q
Green buildings, 2905q
Greenhouse gas, 4651, 4823, 4923
Heritage, legislation, 4217
Impact statements, 6083, 6147
Jerrabomberra wetlands, 749q
Kingston, Green Square, 56q
Noise pollution, 323q, 334q, 2062qn, 4017
Plastic shopping bags, 5802, 5820
Recycling, batteries and light bulbs, 5789
Service stations, disused, 811qn
Shopping trolleys, dumping, 559, 3926, 3931
Temperature settings, 384qn
Trees, 1189qn, 2913, 4299q, 4976q, 5149q, 5298q
Waste strategy, 1283q
Exhibition Park, recycling, 4871q, 6226q
Families, services, 477q, 5827q, 5938q
Financial Management (Ethical Investment) Legislation Amendment Bill 2010, refcom 4253
Gambling, gaming machines, 2892q
Government Accountability, 1578
Contracts, regulation, 878q
Infrastructure plan, 2175
Invoice payments, 1113q
Regional issues, 2057qn
Gungahlin, swimming pool, 5198
Health Mental health, 4879q
Mental health crisis assessment and treatment team, 4203q, 4458q
Promotion grants, 1878q
Respecting patient choices program, 5293q
Slow food movement, 2479
Housing Affordability, 175q, 1135q, 3505q, 4814
Allawah, Bega and Currong flats, 1763q
Building quality forum, 4505qn
Community, 1769q
Construction materials, 426qn
Contractors, 5778q
Homelessness, 1151
OwnPlace, 5281q, 5778q
Released female prisoners, 2717q
Rental, 385qn
Solar access and orientation, 1191qn
Statistics, 3742qn
Weston Creek cottage, 744q
Housing ACT Condition reports, 4063q
Contractors, 5145q
Hot-water and heating systems, 3743qn
Human rights, compliance, 1528q
Immigration, refugees, SIEV X, 5082
Industrial relations, work safety reform, 5022q
Information and communications technology, policy, 4253, 4264
Information technology, strategic plan, 2622qn
Kingston, Green Square, 56q, 3719qn
Land Development Agency, environmental initiatives, 5678q, 6222q
Land Concessional leases, 4176
Molonglo Valley, 984q
Releases, 1746
Sales, 2712q
Yarralumla brickworks, 3646q
Legislative Assembly Committees Estimates 2010-2011, 1846, 2112
Planning, Public Works and Territory and Municipal Services, 1203, 1212, 3050, 3360, 4017, 5420
Public Accounts, 11, 20, 851, 1199, 1503, 2387, 3364, 3605, 4042, 4090, 4419, 4424, 5257, 5704
Members Conflict of interest, 20
Staff, 3366, 3605
Papers, 5959
Points of order, 841, 1134, 4873, 5430, 5534
Questions, Labor-Greens agreement, 1270
Questions on notice, 335, 1138, 3391
Rulings, dissent, 1270
Valedictory, 6170
Libraries Book return chutes, 4942qn
Staff, 5772qn
Litter (Shopping Trolleys) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 559, 2886, detail 3926, 3931
Motorcycles, parking, 4500qn
Namadgi national park, orienteering, 179q
National Folk Festival, drinking mugs, 3319qn
Oaks Estate, heritage study, 4150qn
Pace Farm, battery hens, 4501qn
Planning Affordable housing, 3505q
Building certificates, 1376q, 1551q
Building materials, sustainable use, 1871q
Building quality, 4568
Call-in powers, block 6 section 21, City, 4217
Casey, 3088q
Civic cycle loop, 4720q
Development applications, 2138q, 2279q, 6194qn
Dunlop, 1732
Gas-fired power station, 11
Gross floor allowances, 5775qn
Gungahlin swimming pool, 4601q
Hot-water heaters, 2262q
Kambah Village, 3901, 3910
Kingston, 1615qn
Land releases, 4152qn
Latham, 866q
Lawson South, 3360
Master plans, 5940q
McGregor Hall, 2421q, 4943qn
Molonglo, 1302, 2060qn, 2064qn, 5825q, 5832q, 6200qn
New buildings, 6192qn
Parking spaces, 3783q
Passive solar design, 4703
Service stations, 166q, 333q
Skate park, 2259q
Small dwellings, 3872q
South Tralee, 6019
Statement of intent, 717
Territory plan, 5575, 5588
Weston Group Centre, 5615
YMCA Sailing Club, 6193qn
Planning and Development Amendment Bill 2009 (No 2), prin 311
Planning and Development (Concessional Leases) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 4176
Planning and Development (Environmental Impact Statements) Amendment Bill 2010, detail 6083, 6147
Planning and Development (Notifications and Review) Amendment Bill 2009, prin 2223
Planning and Development (Public Notification) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 5065
Plastic Shopping Bags Ban Bill 2010, prin 5802, detail 5820
Public toilets, locations, 3738qn
Roads Ainslie and Hackett, 1114q
Civic, 3372q
Cycling safety, 602q
Footpaths, 2060qn, 3318qn
Limestone Avenue and London Circuit, 2059qn
Parking, 478q
Parliamentary triangle, 4192q
Recycled materials, 6181qn
Safety, 539, 4424
Speed limits, 295
Streetlights, 6182qn
Urban infrastructure, 6191qn
Well Station Drive extension, 23, 109
Works and traffic management, 3562, 3575, 3579
Royal Institute of Architects, Walter Burley Griffin lecture, 5483
Sport ACT Brumbies, 4504qn
Community facilities, 5287q
Golf courses, 2896q
Orienteering, 179q
Summernats, noise control, 323q, 334q
Superannuation, ethical investments, 4253
Surveyors Amendment Bill 2009, prin 519
Telecommunications, national broadband network, 4329, 4337
Territory and Municipal Services, Department, chemical use, 3739qn
Territory Records Amendment Bill 2010, prin 5734
Tidbinbilla nature reserve, Nil Desperandum, camping, 3869q, 3883q
Tourism, Stromlo Forest Park, 4060q
Transport Active plan, 1776, 1812, 1828
Car pooling, 1187qn
Infrastructure, 3716qn
Planning, 6119
Waste Building waste, 4502qn
Management, 5429q, 6092q
Women, released female prisoners, 2717q
Yarralumla Brickworks Heritage site, 4945qn
Planning, 3646q
Youth Public consultation, 4219
Services, 477q

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