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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders

Bimberi, liaison officer, 1373q, 1546q
Education, 1630qn, 4497qn, 5363qn
Research, 4738q
Services, 5355qn
Youth, 1279q, 3315qn
ACT (Self-Government) Act 1988, review, 4440q
ACT Ambulance Service Concessions, 2901q
Recruitment, 4596q
ACT Health, contracts, 3086q
ACT Policing Recruitment, 4591q, 4738q
Tasers, 4602q
ACT Public Cemeteries Authority, southern cemetery site, proposed, 5534q
ACT Teacher Quality Institute Bill 2010, prin 6073, detail 6078
ACTION bus service Belconnen interchange, 3497q
Complaints, 2274q
Network, 2463
Nightrider service, 487q
Online trip planner, 4305q, 5780q
Timetable, 5542q, 6227q
Wheelchair access, 5837q
Advertising Children and young people, 3972
Government, independent reviewer, 2129, 5264
Aid/Watch Incorporated, activities, 6036
Alexander Maconochie Centre Community concerns, 4061q
Crisis support unit, 5683q
Management, 263, 1668
Official Visitor, 756q
Transitional release, 1292q
Women and children, 3791q
Appropriation Bill 2010-2011, prin1892, detail 2695 (ACT Executive) 2735, (Chief Minister's Department) 2753, (Department of Treasury) 2984, (Home Loan Portfolio) 3004, (Superannuation Provision Account) 3005, (Territory Banking Account) 3008, (Department of Education and Training) 3152, (Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services) 3179, (ACT Gambling and Racing Commission) 3218, (ACT Insurance Authority) 3226, (Canberra Institute of Technology) 3230, (Treasurer's advance) 3244
Asbestos, management issues, 330q
Australian Capital Territory (Self-Government) Act 1988, proposed review, 5444q, 5621, 5892
Australian Greens, policies, 3487, 3556
Bicycles, Civic cycle loop, 5384q
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre Aboriginal liaison officer, 1373q
Drugs, 3369q
Incidents, 1629qn, 5688q
Indigenous youth, 3315qn
Inquiry, proposed, 5985, 5992
Re-offenders, 4717q, 4888q
Business, territory-owned corporations, 2689
Canberra, quality of life, 4445q
Canberra Hospital, bullying, alleged, 3587
Children Abuse, 2481
Adoption, 5110, 5121, 5747
Advertising, 3972
Care and protection, 3712qn, 3713qn, 3715qn
Childcare, 218,
Deaths, 592q
Employment, 316q
Foster care, 3637q, 4159q, 5423q
Multiculturalism, 1609qn
Neighbourhood playgrounds, 3779q
Public consultation, 4226
Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2009 (No 2), prin 736
Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2010, prin 4182
Children and Young People (Death Review) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 3825
Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Bill 2010, prin 4658
Commonwealth public service, value, 3464
Deakin swimming pool, lease variation, 169q
Disability services, providers, 5437q
Dogs, parvovirus, 4056q, 4195q, 4544q
Drugs, Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, 3369q
Dunlop, shopping and community facilities, 1736
Duties Amendment Bill 2010, prin 2190
Economy Commonwealth public sector, 3414
Cost of living, 5498
Policy, 3690
Education Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, 1630qn
Efficiency dividend, 4689, 5673q
Indigenous students, 4497qn, 5363qn
Literacy and numeracy, 52q, 5209
NAPLAN testing, 1681q, 5015q
National curriculum, 1519q
Schools Bilingual, 3856
Closures, 1339, 2287, 2292, 2298, 2303
Health reactions, 2135q
League tables, 46q
My School website, 3076q
Non-government, 3842
Safety levels, 2414q
Truancy, 4270
Students, suspensions, 369qn, 3317qn
Teachers Availability, 5315
Languages, 1169qn
Relief teachers, 4046q, 4543q
Quality, 5529q, 6073, 6078
Education Amendment Bill 2008, prin 1339, 2287, detail 2292, 2298, 2303
Education Amendment Bill 2010, mso 35, prin 521, detail 531
Electricity Cost, 5549q
Electricity, feed-in tariff, 5144q
Emergencies Amendment Bill 2010, prin 1679
Emergency services, waste management, 6225q
Employment Children in care, 316q
Gender analysis report, 4471
Local jobs, 4645
Women, 652, 664
Energy Costs, low income households, 1455
Efficiency, 2147q, 2429q
Feed-in tariff, 2705q, 4452q
Policy, 4288q
Environment Building materials, 5027q, 5297q
Climate change, 4051q, 4611q
Greenhouse gas, 3753, 3758, 4658
Kingston, Green Square, 58q
Noise pollution, 323q
Tree felling, 4300q, 4976q, 5150q
Waste strategy, 1285q
Water efficiency, 4472
Families, services, 476q, 5826q, 5938q, 6087q
Fenner, Professor Frank AC, CMG, MBE, death, 5787
Finance, budget expenditure, 1423
Financial Management (Ethical Investment) Legislation Amendment Bill 2010, exposure draft 4249, refcom 4253
First Home Owner Grant Amendment Bill 2010, prin 5405, detail 5409
Gambling Gaming machines, 2891q
Problem gamblers, 4243
Gaming Machine (Problem Gambling Assistance) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 4243, 5562, detail 5975, 5980
Government Accountability, 1572
Achievements, 6138
Advertising, 5264
Attorney-General, mc, 1668
Investments, 4149qn
Minister for Health, mnc 3335
Services, 132
Health Autism spectrum disorder, 3711qn
National walk safely to school day, 1959
Respecting patient choices program, 5293q
West Belconnen Health Co-operative Ltd, 5220
Hospitals, birthing centre, 68q, 185q
Housing Affordability, 3507q
Allawah, Bega and Currong flats, 1764q
Community, 1769q
Contractors, 5778q
Energy efficiency, 2147q, 2429q
First homeowner grant, 5405, 5409
OwnPlace program, 5280q, 5299q, 5778q
Released female prisoners, 2717q
Weston Creek cottage, 743q
Housing ACT, contractors, 5144q
Human rights, compliance, 1528q
Industrial relations, work safety reform, 5021q
Insurance Kingston, Green Square, 58q
Third-party, 4165
Land Development Agency, environmental initiatives, 5679q, 6222q
Land Releases, 1784
Sales, 2714q
Yarralumla brickworks, 3648q
Landon, Ms A, retirement, 1959
Legislative Assembly Committees Administration and Procedure, 3323, 5387
Climate Change, Environment and Water, 290, 3363, 3753, 3758, 4553
Estimates 2010-2011, 280, 2090
Privileges 2010, 457, 555
Public Accounts, 1498
Conflicts of interest, 1498, 1594
Members Bresnan, Ms A, leave of absence, 3323
Role, 1320
Stanhope, Mr J, leave of absence, 4551
Points of order, 226, 601, 744, 1281, 1427, 2423, 3539, 3553, 3867, 4282, 4283, 5424
Questions, Labor-Greens agreement, 1260
Questions on notice, 3391, 4208
Rulings, dissent, 1260
Standing and temporary orders, suspension, 4630, 4838, 5259
Standing order 156, 1498, 1594
Valedictory, 6156
Libraries, story time sessions, 5773qn
Multiculturalism Children, 1609qn
Language policy, 1170qn
Women's services, 1170qn
Nicholls, mosque, 1541q
Noah's Ark, support, 2235
Our Wellness Foundation, paper aeroplane competition, 537
Ovarian Cancer Australia, activities, 694
Planning Affordable housing, 3507q
Building certificates, 1377q
Building materials, sustainable use, 1871q
Casey, 3089q
Civic cycle loop, 4722q, 5384q
Development applications, 2139q
Dunlop, 1736
Hot-water heaters, 2263q
McGregor Hall, 2422q
Service stations, 165q
Skate park, 2256q
Small dwellings, 3873q
Young people, 4875q
Planning and Development (Notifications and Review) Amendment Bill 2009, prin 2219
Political parties, ACT Greens, 1476
Prostitution, legislation, 5254
Public service, pay equity, 2391
Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2009, prin 37
Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2010, prin 2192
Road Transport (Third-Party Insurance) (Governance) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 4165
Roads Civic, 3374q
Cycling safety, 605q
Parking, 481q
Parliamentary triangle, 4191q
Shepherd Centre, support, 2235
Social welfare Anti-Poverty Week, 4818
Carers, 506
Sport Community facilities, 5288q
Golf courses, 2898q
Summernats, noise control, 323q
Superannuation, ethical investments, 4249, 4253
Taxation Change of use, 2948
Duties, 2190
Legislation, 37
Territory-owned Corporations Amendment Bill 2010, prin 2689
Tidbinbilla nature reserve, Nil Desperandum, camping, 3866q, 3884q
Transport Active plan, 1826
Taxis, 6107q
Turbayne AO, MBE, Mrs M, death, 4
Waste Belconnen landfill site, 4865q
Management, 5431q, 5550q, 6094q
Water Efficiency, 4472
Murrumbidgee to Googong pipeline, 457
Women Pay equity, 652, 664, 1954, 2391
Released female prisoners, 2717q
Support, 5861
Works, projects, 347
Yarralumla brickworks, planning, 3648q
Youth Indigenous, 1279q
Planning, 4875q
Public consultation, 4226
Services, 476q, 496q, 1753q
Transitioning out of care, 4631, 4739

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