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ACT Health

Bullying, alleged, 1689q, 2260q, 2714q
Clinical risk management, 3514q
Contracts, 3085q
Employee separation rates, 3294qn
Industrial relations, 2623qn
Litigation costs, 2069qn
ACTEW Corporation Ltd Briefing, 4493qn
Profit, 5535q
Advertising, government, independent reviewer, 5259
Alexander Maconochie Centre Drugs, 5146q
Needle and syringe program, 2065qn
Appropriation Bill 2010-2011, refcom 1943, detail (Department of Treasury) 2998, (ACT Health) 3071
Arts, funding, 5365qn
Asbestos, management, 330q, 6047
Ben Donohoe run and walk, event, 5484
Bicycles, Civic cycle loop, 5384q
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, reoffenders, 5035q
Budget Community reaction, 1754q
Deficit, 169q
Expenditure blow-outs, 3635q
Goods and services tax, 1759q
Presentation, 1690
Review, 335
Savings, 61q, 69q, 167q, 4526qn, 4527qn, 4949qn
Taxation, 1872q, 2701q
Business Corporate intent, 4466
Decline, 5150q
Sensis business index, 986q
Statistics, 2014qn
Territory-owned corporations, 2692
Calvary Public Hospital Financial analysis, 58q, 161q
Mental health unit, 1385q
Resignations, 3296qn
Sale, proposed, 43q, 52q, 575, 1123q, 1348, 1360, 1537q, 2051qn, 3370q, 3666, 3865q, 3960, 3964, 4399, 4414
Canberra BusinessPoint, services, 5014q, 5036q
Canberra Hospital Bullying, alleged, 590q, 606q, 1287q, 2256q, 3375q, 3382q, 3389q, 3509q, 3591, 3791q
Computer terminals, 3296qn
Emergency department, 6095q, 6101q, 6108q
Health system, 775
Inquiry, 628, 645
Neurosurgery suite, 4198q, 4316q
Nurse-led walk-in centre, 2065qn
Obstetricians, 742q, 745q, 746q, 754q, 757q, 760q
Obstetrics unit, 991q, 994q, 1121q, 3795q, 3797q, 3877q, 4458q, 4977q, 5918, 5967, 6111q
Parking, 3649q, 4068q
Patients, 2066qn
Radiation therapy, 881q
Resignations, 475q
Staff rotations, 2623qn
Surgery cancellations, 3501q, 3798q
Visiting medical officers, 3515q
Capital works Expenditure, 2034qn
Program, 3878q
Projects, 343, 1289q, 1296q, 1372q, 1392q, 1525q, 1613qn, 1683q, 2007qn, 2148q
Caravans and campers, registration, 1835
Chief Minister's Department, contracts and sponsorships, 378qn
Children, childcare costs, 5286q
Clare Holland House, transfer, mnrs 813
Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Bill 2010, prin, 4655
Commonwealth government, employees, 2033qn
Compensation, workers compensation, 709, 1084
Crime Child sex offenders, 5400
Prohibited materials, 5390
Crimes (Child Sex Offenders) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 5400
Criminal Code Amendment Bill 2010, prin 5390
Dangerous Substances Amendment Bill 2010, prin 6047
Defence, veterans, 5040
Duties Amendment Bill 2010, prin 1835
Economy Commonwealth public service, 3418
Conditions, 317q
Cost of living, 5505
Diversification, 1116q
Outlook, 2275q, 5538q
Performance, 5018q
Education, Building the Education Revolution, 4147qn
Employment Labour market, 5829q
Local jobs, 4648
Environment Conservation measures, 1977qn, 2491qn
Fuel storage facilities remediation, 4973qn
Greenhouse gas, 4655
Environment, Climate Change, Energy and Water, Department, budget scrutiny, 2719q
Finance Bank accounts, 4523qn, 4946qn, 4947qn
Budget, 1410
Departmental assets and liabilities, 807qn, 4156qn, 4537qn, 4963qn, 4965qn
Forecasts, 3743qn
Government expenditure, 81, 337, 497, 1298, 1948, 2156, 2158, 2440, 2441, 2443, 2682, 2726, 3398, 3400, 3401, 3745qn, 3746qn, 4212, 5301, 5302, 5303, 5450, 5451, 5452, 5454, 6121
Loans, 4529qn, 4951qn, 4953qn, 4954qn
Mortgage relief fund, 4590q, 4593q, 4886q
Programs, 4533qn
Treasurer's advance, 3398, 6120
Financial Management (Ethical Investment) Legislation Amendment Bill 2010, refcom 4252
First Home Owner Grant Amendment Bill 2010, prin 5241, 5408, detail 5409
Floriade, traffic lights, 6188qn
Gaming, Labor clubs, sale, 1521q
Government Advertising, 2570qn, 2638qn, 5259
Agency costs, 2558qn, 2561qn, 2569qn
Appointments, 2555qn, 2625qn
Committees and working groups, 2565qn
Costs, 2077qn, 2078qn
Election commitments, 874q, 982q, 1277q, 4889
Grants, 2078qn, 2567qn
Information technology services, 2566qn, 3308qn
Investments, 4149qn
Invoices, payments, 1112q, 1620qn, 1621qn
Media and communications advisers, 6218qn
Minister for Health, mc, 2660, 3328, 3358
Ministerial arrangements, 313, 1277, 4588
Ministerial staff, 6214qn
Motor vehicles, 2076qn
Programs, 4956qn, 4957qn, 4959qn, 4960qn
Training programs, 2562qn
Websites, 2046qn, 2583qn, 2585qn
Health Abortion, 477q, 593q
Breast cancer, 4771
Bulk-billing, 484q
Canberra midwifery program, 1180qn
Cancer treatment, 946, 3031
Chief Health Officer's report, 4213
Chiropractors, 6187qn
Diabetes, 5542q, 5545q
Elective surgery, 867q
Expenditure, 2710q
General practice superclinic, 3511q
Medical records, 1080
Mental health, 1118q, 4513qn, 4514qn, 4515qn, 4877q, 4972qn
Mental health crisis assessment and treatment team, 4202q, 4316q, 4457q, 4978q
National agreement, 2264q, 2269q, 2272q
Palliative care, 610q
Primary care, 2159, 4516qn
Programs, 6186qn
Promotion grants, 1878q
Prostate cancer, 5473
Public benefit institution concession, 4510qn
Rehabilitation services, 4512qn
Respecting patient choices program, 5292q
Services, 4596q
Smoking reform, 6098q
System, 488q, 595q
Tanning units, 1725
West Belconnen Health Co-operative Ltd, 5224
Young persons mental health facility, 5367qn
Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2009, prin 40, detail 42
Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2009 (No 2), prin 1080
Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (ACT) Bill 2009, prin 914, detail 918, 921, 923
Hennessy, Dr B, death, 3447
Hospitals Ambulance bypasses, 3654q, 3798q
Birthing centres, 67q, 185q, 1182qn
Emergency departments, 5484
Funding, 4731q
North Canberra, 5024q
Obstetrics wards, 3639q, 3653q, 3658q
Operating theatres, 159q
Services, 575
Staffing, 3384q
Treatment interstate, 2067qn
Waiting times, 70q, 860q, 865q, 2132q, 2136q, 2137q, 2144q, 2147q, 2337, 2351, 2413q, 2417q, 2419q, 2427q, 2430q, 2433q, 2438q, 3297qn
Housing Affordability, 4805, 4815
Costs, 4729q
First homeowner grant, 5241, 5408, 5409
OwnPlace, 5280q, 5299q, 5778q
Utility connections, 424qn
Human rights, privacy, 1080
Industrial relations, work safety, 4879q, 4886q, 5021q
Insurance Common law damages claims, 4717q
Third-party, 3603, 4168
Lambert, Ms S, retirement, 3448
Land Grants, 5279q
Molonglo Valley, 4974qn
Land Development Agency, promotional binoculars, 3734qn
Legislative Assembly Committees Estimates 2010-2011, 2682, 3247
Health, Community and Social Services, 2159, 4399, 4414
Public Accounts, 1943, 1955, 4614, 5851
Matters of public importance, men�s health, 5473
Members Gallagher, Ms K, leave of absence, 1319
Personal remarks, 4064
Papers, 83, 116, 888, 1950, 3100, 3404, 3665, 4613, 4617, 5690, 5851
Points of order, 33, 3958
Questions, Labor-Greens agreement, 1272
Questions on notice, 73, 185, 3392, 4208, 4461
Rulings, dissent, 1272
Standing and temporary orders, suspension, 2687, 5259
National Arboretum Canberra, plantings, 4937qn
Parking, fees, 2717q
Payroll Tax Amendment Bill 2010, prin 5631, 6062
Planning Canberra growth, 4608q
Civic cycle loop, 5384q
Gas-fired power station, 1943
Supermarkets, 426qn
Public service Commonwealth liaison staff, 3283qn
Consultants, 422qn, 423qn
Corporate credit cards, 394qn, 402qn, 1965qn
Departmental reviews, 412qn, 414qn
Executive contracts, 1296, 1297, 4612
Invoices, 410qn, 411qn
Overtime and flex leave, 2556qn
Performance statements, 1178qn
Staff, 879q, 988q, 1378q, 1380q, 1516q, 1529q, 2053qn, 2498qn, 3251qn, 3286qn, 3303qn, 4147, 4154qn
Radiation Protection (Tanning Units) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 1725
Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2009, prin 37
Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2010, prin 1835
Rhodium Asset Solutions Ltd, losses, 4719q
Road Transport (Third-Party Insurance) (Governance) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 3603, 4168
Roads Traffic lights, 6188qn
Works and traffic management, 3568, 3574
Superannuation Ethical investments, 4252
Liabilities, 5023q, 5281q, 5300q
Taxation Change of use, 1750q, 1758q, 1868q, 2951, 3777q, 4193q, 4729q, 5294q
Congestion, 4723q
Goods and services, 1759q
Housing, 4863q
Increases, 2889q
Land tax, concessions, 363qn
Legislation, 37
Levels, 1872q
Payroll, 4253qn, 5631, 6062
Revenue, 3496q, 3499q
Review, 3781q, 3789q, 3870q
Stamp duty, 2013qn
Territory-owned Corporations Amendment Bill 2010, prin 2124, 2692
Totalcare Industries Ltd, liabilities, 5796
Tourism, events and festivals, 4742
Treasury, Department Government briefs, 3882q
Staff, 810qn
Utilities, connection delays, 3706qn
Workers Compensation (Default Insurance Fund) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 709, 1084
Youth, mental health, 5367qn

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