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2000 Olympic Games, volunteers, 4307q, 4382
Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, education, 5154q
ACT Planning and Land Authority, workplace injury, 1132q
ACT Teacher Quality Institute Bill 2010, prin 6071, detail 6078
Alexander Maconochie Centre

Capacity, 5842q
Security, 175q, 185q
Appropriation Bill 2010-2011, prin 1933, detail (Department of Territory and Municipal Services) 2785
Arts Canberra area theatre awards, 697
Litlinks, student writer awards, 1475
ArtSound FM, open day, 5746
Australian Greens, policies, 3545
Australian Information Industry Association, awards, 4133
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, self-harm incidents, 5944q
Budget Deficit, 171q
Goods and services tax, 1761q
Savings, 61q
Canberra Institute of Technology Executive positions, 4968qn
Teachers, 370qn
Canberra Refugee Support Inc, dinner, 1071
Capital works Projects, 1525q
Public areas, maintenance, 1464
Children Childcare, 1767q
Consultations, 2278q
Disabled, 5481
Education disability services, 5780q
Kinship carers, 4053q, 4543q
Sport, 5481
Chinese new year, celebrations, 358
Disability, Housing and Community Services, Department, social workers, stress leave, 1388q
Disabled persons Care, 5357qn
Children, 5481
Education, 4603q, 4829
Employment, 1198qn, 4376
International Disability Day, 5481
Respite care services, 5790
Sailability Australia, 4820
Support, 5359qn, 5361qn
Youth services, 4880q
Economy, policy, 3692
Education Achievement gap, 6089q
Building the Education Revolution, projects, 2043qn, 4157qn
Efficiency dividend, 4673, 4699, 4703, 5674q
Events, 6038
Funding, 4493qn, 4495qn, 5028q, 5030q
Literacy and numeracy, 5206
Music programs, 5744
National curriculum, 1521q
Outcomes, 5160q
Bilingual, 3855
Black Mountain special school, 4453q
Canteen managers, 1173qn
Catholic, 905, 1071
Class sizes, 1198qn
Classrooms, 1174qn
Closures, 100, 1285q, 2252, 2300
Commonwealth funding, 1388q
Expenditure, 1172qn
Lyneham high school, 1829
Merici college, 1157
Non-government, 3834, 3851
Political material, distribution, 4201q, 4203q
Revenue, 1172qn, 3251qn
Safety levels, 2417q
St Mary MacKillop college, 535
St Thomas the Apostle school, 5745
Throsby Catholic school, 5438q, 5688q
Truancy, 4197q, 4267, 4281
Vandalism, 2534qn
Visits, 926
Volunteers, 5886
Shaddock review, 880q
Disabled, 4603q, 4829
Indigenous, 5154q
Laptops, 1174qn
Special needs, 1157
Suspensions, 121
Assistants, 5764qn
Number, 1197qn, 5289q, 5320, 5357qn
Quality, 6071, 6078
Recruitment, 1172qn
Education Amendment Bill 2008, prin 2252, detail 2300
Education Amendment Bill 2010, mso 32, prin 520, detail 531
Education (Suspensions) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 121
Eid-ul-Fitr festival, celebration, 4236
Environment Home insulation program, 329q
Water catchment areas, 381qn
Wood smoke, 1038, 1041
Environment, Climate Change, Energy and Water, Department, budget scrutiny, 2718q
Gillett, Ms A, death, 535
Gordon, Mr J, figure skating, 2206
Government Accountability, 1575
Advisory bodies, statutory authorities and business enterprises, 2040qn
Attorney-General, mc, 844
Services, 154
Health Autism spectrum disorder, 2902q, 3097q
Bulk-billing, 484q
Diabetes, 5542q
National agreement, 2269q
Services, 461, 469
Hospitals Canberra Hospital Bullying, alleged, 3382q, 3509q, 3595, 3791q
Health system, 785
Obstetrics, 994q, 760q, 3658q
Waiting times, 2137q, 2427q
Housing, home insulation scheme, 844
Immigration Citizenship ceremonies, 1627qn
Migrant and Refugee Settlement Service, 4819
International affairs, Hungary, 4933
Legislative Assembly Committees Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 4829
Estimates 2010-2011, 2115
Health, Community and Social Services, 19, 461, 469, 1076, 5790
Points of order, 3523, 4053, 4054
Valedictory, 6164
Libraries, Islamic texts, 239
Lions Club, changeover dinner, 2480
Multiculturalism Bilingual schools and multicultural programs, 5767qn
National Multicultural Festival, 327q, 2021qn
Programs, 2535qn
Strategy, 1127q
Neighbourhood Watch, support, 1793, 1811
Noah's Ark, support, 2227, 2247
Our Wellness Foundation, volunteers, 697
Planning Kambah Village, 3902
South Tralee, 6021
Roads, Gungahlin Drive extension, bridge collapse, 5683q
Shepherd Centre, support, 2227, 2247
Slavich, Mr I, farewell, 1070
Social welfare, carers, 503
Sport Brindabella Blues football club, 4487
Football, 1962, 3698, 4892
Golf courses, 2898q
Government support, 2019qn, 2020qn, 3254qn
Hockey, 4487
Junior sports, 3815
Motorsport, 381qn
Programs, 2021qn
Softball, 697
Sportsgrounds, electricity use, 3255qn
St Mary MacKillop, feast day, 4235
Superannuation, liabilities, 5282q
Taglietti, Dr E, achievements, 264
Taxation Congestion, 4722q
Goods and services, 1761q
Tourism Asian market, 5427q
Events and festivals, 4753, 5955q
Treasury, Department, government briefs, 3882q
Turbayne AO, MBE, Mrs M, death, 9
Water, Murrumbidgee to Googong pipeline, 608q
Westende, Mr L, career, 797
Youth Consultations, 2278q
Disabled, 4880q

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