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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, Bimberi, liaison officer, 1374q, 1546q
ACT Eden Monaro Cancer Support Group, Canberra bachelor of the year, 4669
ACT Policing, trail bikes, 3734qn
ACTION bus service

Belconnen interchange, 3498q
Breaches, 4295q, 4307q
Buses, 999q, 2022qn
Complaints, 2275q
Dead running costs, 1163qn
Disability access, 4298q
Effectiveness, 4286q
Fares, 2638qn
Management, 4289q, 4440q
Network, 2458
Online trip planner, 4305q, 6222q
Parking facilities, 6196qn
Redex service, 1536q
Staff agreements, 3788q
Ticketing system, 4442q, 5763qn
Alexander Maconochie Centre, capacity, 5838q
Animals, pets, 976, 1015
Appropriation Bill 2010-2011, prin 1939, detail (Department of Territory and Municipal Services) 2771, 2881, (Shared Services Centre) 2823, (Department of Education and Training) 3157, (Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services) 3207, (Housing ACT) 3213, (Canberra Institute of Technology) 3232
Arts Highland dancing, 2477
Live community events, 4022
Public installations, 6197qn
Australia's Helping Hand, Vietnam aid, 6037
Australian Football League, activities, 3823
Australian Greens, policies, 3549
Australian Hotels Association, awards, 3446
Belconnen, community council, 4489
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre Aboriginal liaison officer, 1374q
Inquiry, proposed, 5901
Safety, 5828q
Staff, 5943q, 6228q
Budget, savings, 166q, 4949qn
Canberra and Region Heritage Festival, program, 1831
Canberra bachelor of the year, fundraising event, 4384
Canberra Christian Life Centre, support, 5081
Capital works Budget, 2269q
Infrastructure, 1384q
Program, 3881q, 3884q
Projects, 1289q
Children, childcare Costs, 5284q
Places, 2721q, 2901q
Services, 222
Staff-to-child ratios, 3090q
Citizens Advice Bureau, support services, 5478
Courts, jury duty, 3737qn
Defence Reserve Forces Day, 3020
Veterans, 5037
Disabled persons, education, 4608q, 5030q
Dogs Control, 299
National sheepdog trials, 931, 1159
Domestic Animals Amendment Bill 2009, prin 299
Drugs, Koolamon Restoration, rehabilitation programs, 4934
Dunlop, shopping and community facilities, 1726, 1741
Economy, diversification, 1117q
Education Disability funding, 4608q, 5030q
Schools Catholic, 1067
Cranleigh school, 4821
Political material, 4200q, 4204q, 5672q, 5677q, 5680q
Shaddock review, 881q
Students, community service, 5628
Training organisations, 3735qn
Energy, costs, 4869q, 5535q
Environment Home insulation program, 322q, 324q
Noise pollution, 4022
Shopping trolleys, 2885, 3929
Street trees, 2027qn
Finance Budget expenditure, 1418
Mortgage relief fund, 4593q, 4886q
Foreshore Summer Music Festival, event, 5741
Government Accountability, 1562
Advertising, 2085qn, 2652qn
Appointments, 2643qn, 2644qn, 2646qn, 3312qn
Attorney-General, mc, 842
Costs, 2083qn, 2084qn, 2639qn
Grants, 2083qn, 2648qn
Information technology services, 2647qn
Infrastructure plan, 2168
Minister for Ageing, mc, 3999, 4013
Motor vehicles, 2648qn, 2649qn
Office leases, 2643qn
Regulatory impact statements, 2084qn, 2650qn, 2651qn
Services, 152
Gungahlin, swimming pool, 5201
Gungahlin Drive extension, bridge collapse, 4539qn
Health Arthritis, 1321
Autism spectrum disorder, 3098q
Cancer, 4384
Mental health facilities, 1118q
National agreement, 2272q
System, performance, 488q
West Belconnen Health Co-operative Ltd, 5226
Hospitals Canberra Hospital Bullying, alleged, 606q, 3389q
Emergency department, 6108q
Inquiry, 646
Obstetrics unit, 754q, 3795q
Parking, 3649q, 4068q
Visiting medical officers, 3515q
Waiting times, 69q, 2147q, 2433q
Housing Affordability, 5957q
Costs, 4729q
Energy efficiency, 2430q
Full market renters, 6217qn
Home insulation program, 682, 842
Homelessness, 1145
Older persons, 3657q, 3801, 4159q
Public, 4726q
Rental, 4056q
Shared equity scheme, 5436q
Stimulus funding, 2426q
Waiting lists, 6215qn
Housing ACT Complaints, 3736qn
Condition reports, 4063q
Properties, 1186qn, 4939qn
Immigration, migrant refugee service, 1600
Industrial relations, enterprise bargaining, 3788q
Institute of Foresters of Australia, World Forestry Day, 1471
Kytherian Brotherhood of Canberra and District Inc, anniversary, 3600
Land Development Agency, promotional binoculars, 3734qn
Land Management costs, 1185qn
Yarralumla brickworks, 3648q
Legislative Assembly Committees Planning, Public Works and Territory and Municipal Services, 1206, 3362, 4022
Privileges 2010, 2119
Documents, tabling, 5301
Points of order, 436, 480, 604, 1289, 1537, 2426, 2903, 3098, 3645, 3885, 5265, 5845
Questions on notice, delays, 496
Valedictory, 6161
Libraries, book return chutes, 4509qn
Litter (Shopping Trolleys) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 2885, detail 3929
Multiculturalism, Korean community, 3247
Namadgi national park, orienteering, 178q
National Arboretum Canberra Plantings, 4937qn
Thefts, 4937qn
NationsHeart, committee, 3984
Neighbourhood Watch, support, 1804
Nicholls Mosque, 1542q
Planning, 266
Operation Christmas Child, campaign, 4134
Order of Australia Association, activities, 5229
Our City, Our Community brochure, 2079qn
Our Wellness Foundation, volunteers, 692
Palmerville Heritage Park, signage, 116
Parking, fees, 2717q
Planning Dunlop, 1726, 1741
Lawson South, 3362
Nicholls, 266, 2027qn
Skate park, 2258q
Variation 2010-31, 5431q
Prostate Cancer Foundation, support, 3699
Public service Staffing, 878q, 988q, 1378q, 1529q, 2640qn, 2641qn, 3708qn
Training programs, 3310qn
Road Transport (General) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 4427
Roads Accidents, 3731qn, 3735qn, 4510qn
Belconnen Way bus lane, 4507qn
Cycle lanes, 3319qn
Gungahlin Drive extension, bridge collapse, 3368q, 5156q, 5157q, 5299q, 5685q
Loading bays, 2535qn
Parking, 373qn, 375qn, 480q, 2080qn, 2639qn, 5776qn
Safety, 540, 4507qn
Speed cameras, 374qn, 4310q
Speed limits, 298
Traffic fines, 3733qn, 3734qn
Well Station Drive extension, 26, 112
Works and traffic management, 3570
RSPCA, activities, 795
Sport Canberra Knights, 2836
Canberra Raiders, 4134, 4234
Dragon boats, 1960
Football, 3823, 4902
Ice hockey, 2836
Motor sport, 1159, 3700
Orienteering, 178q
Racing industry, 1053
Sullivan, Mr M, evidence, 2119
Tamayo, Mr OZ, death, 692
Tandem Respite Inc, services, 3698
Tanner, Mr S, appreciation, 796
Taxation, change of use, 1758q, 4729q
Territory and Municipal Services, Department, 2082qn, 3733qn
Territory Records Amendment Bill 2010, prin 5733
Tidbinbilla nature reserve, Nil Desperandum, camping, 3868q
Transport Active plan, 1821
Infrastructure costs, 1613qn
Turbayne AO, MBE, Mrs M, death, 8
UnitingCare, Kippax, 1602
Waste Illegal dumping, 4507qn
Management, 5947q, 6093q
Recycling centres, 4508qn
Works, projects, 359
Yarralumla brickworks, planning, 3648q

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