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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders

Liaison officers, 1374q, 1393q, 1546q
Youth, 1279q, 3316qn
ACT Housing, foster carers, 1628qn
Advertising, children and young people, 3977
Appropriation Bill 2010-2011, detail (Department of Disability, Housing and Community Serrvices) 3208, (Housing ACT) 3215
Arts Canberra area theatre awards, 544
South Asian film festival, 543
Auditor-General, report No 3 of 2009, 1216
Australian Greens, policies, 3535
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre Aboriginal liaison officer, 1374q, 1393q
Assaults, 5687q
Drugs, 3369q
Incidents, 1629qn
Indigenous youth, 3316qn
Inquiry, proposed, 5909, 5935q, 5940q, 5991
Reoffenders, 4718q, 4888q
Safety, 5827q
Self-harm incidents, 5944q
Staff, 5944q, 6228q
Budget, welfare services, 2899q, 3750
Capital works, community infrastructure, 1293q
Children ACT Children's Plan 2010-2014, 2162
Adoption, 5114
Advertising, 3977
Care and protection, 3712qn, 3714qn, 3715qn, 3720qn, 3721qn, 3723qn, 3726qn, 3727qn, 3730qn
Childcare Centres, 3094q, 3096q
Conditions, 1175qn, 1762q, 1767q, 1968qn, 4044q, 4047q, 4073
Fees, 179q, 3086q, 4446q, 4455q, 4460q, 5153q, 5283q, 5284q
Places, 2720q, 2837, 2894q, 2901q, 3076q, 3099q, 3751
Services, 212
Staff, 3090q, 4977q
Children's Week, 5295q
Consultations, 2276q
Court appearances, 3729qn
Deaths, 592q
Education disability services, 5780q
Employment, 316q
Foster care, 3638q, 4159q, 5366qn, 5424q, 5549q, 5769qn
HESTA awards, 4669
Kinship carers, 2906q, 3725qn, 3728qn, 3750, 4543q, 6209qn
Kinship carer support, 3871q, 4049q, 4053q, 4148qn
Leaving care cases, 6211qn
Multiculturalism, 1610qn
Protection, 65q, 738, 4036
Public consultation, 4222
Youth and Family Support, Office, reviews, 6213qn
Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2009 (No 2), prin 738
Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2010, prin 3045, 86
Commonwealth public service, value, 3477
Community services Facilities, 5839q
Funding, 884q
Development, Harrison, 380qn
Disability, Housing and Community Services, Department, social workers, stress leave, 1292q, 1387q
Disability services Kinship carers program, 1770q
Support, 999q, 1130q, 1138q, 2037qn
Unmet need, 2039qn
Disabled persons Care, 5358qn
Education, 4607q
Employment, 4379
Future directions: towards challenge 2014, 5456
Respite care, 1216
Services, 4727q, 4881q, 5436q
Students, 2575qn
Support, 5360qn, 5362qn
Drugs, Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, 3369q
Education Disability funding, 4607q
Early childhood, 3601
Schools Black Mountain special school, 4454q, 5384q
Political material, distribution, 4201q, 5672q, 5678q, 5680q, 5681q, 5746
Teachers, 5317
Employment Children in care, 316q
Gender analysis report, 4469
Portable long service leave, 3080q
Women, 657
Energy Costs, low income households, 1453
Efficiency ratings, 1193qn
Environment, conservation measures, 1975qn
Families Decision meetings, 6212qn
Group conferencing, 6212qn
Services, 476q, 5826q, 5938q, 6087q
Support, 6225q
Finance, departmental Bank accounts, 4948qn
Expenditure, 3749qn
Loans, 5356qn, 6181qn
Government Advertising, 2569qn
Agency costs, 2557qn, 2559qn, 2568qn
Appointments, 2553qn
Assets and liabilities, 4963qn
Committees and working groups, 2564qn
Grants programs, 2566qn
Information technology services, 2565qn
Minister for Ageing, mc, 4002
Motor vehicles, 2036qn
Payment of invoices, 1619qn
Programs, 4957qn
Regulatory impact statements, 2651qn
Services, 149
Training programs, 2561qn
Websites, 2580qn
Harrison, housing developments, 380qn
Health, autism, 2038qn, 2902q, 3097q, 3711qn
Housing Allawah, Bega and Currong flats, 1763q
Causeway residents, 1184qn
Community, 1768q, 4518qn, mnst 5413
Contractors, 5778q
Energy efficiency, 2146q, 2428q, 3321q, 4317q
Full market renters, 6217qn
Homelessness, 1154, mnst 4840
Older persons, 3655q, 3802, 4159q
Public, 481q, 853, 4724q
Released female prisoners, 2716q
Rental, 385qn, 4056q
Shared equity scheme, 5433q
Statistics, 3742qn
Stimulus funding, 2423q
Waiting lists, 6215qn
Housing ACT Complaints, 2018qn, 3736qn
Condition reports, 4063q
Contractors, 5145q
Dwellings, 2029qn
Hot-water and heating systems, 3743qn
Maintenance, 1186qn, 1952
Properties, 4939qn
Tenants, 5368qn
Immigration Citizenship ceremonies, 1627qn
World Refugee Day, 2209
International affairs, Pakistan, 4236
Legislative Assembly Committees, Public Accounts, 853, 1952
Documents, tabling, 5300, 5346
Members, role, 1321
Papers, 4624, 6128
Personal explanation, 2280
Valedictory, 6163
Multiculturalism Bangladeshi community, 544
Bilingual schools and multicultural programs, 5767qn
Children, 1610qn
Language policy, 1170qn
National Multicultural Festival, 27, 325q, 2022qn
Programs, 2436q, 2535qn
Strategy, 1125q
Women's services, 1171qn
Youth services, 2482
Neighbourhood Watch, support, 1796
Noah's Ark, support, 2241
Planning Currong site, 1183qn
Youth, 4882q
Public service Corporate credit cards, 407qn
Departmental reviews, 420qn
Overtime and flex leave, 2555qn
Pay equity, 2388
Staffing, 2494qn, 2542qn
Seniors Concessions, 2538qn
Older persons assembly, 5599
Positive ageing, 1512
Volunteers, 1401
Shepherd Centre, support, 2241
Social welfare Carers, 508, 1542q, 4517qn
CEO sleep-out, 2209
Community services, 598q
Expenditure, 2899q
International Social Work Day, 928
Low income families, 2615qn
Telecommunications, national broadband network, 4333
Tuggeranong Arts Centre, programs, 2482
Women Brindabella Women's Group, 1321
Equity of remuneration, 657, 1954, 2388
Released female prisoners, 2716q
Strategic framework, 1298
Support, 5864
Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Bill 2010, prin 4036
Youth Consultation, 2276q, 4222, 4882q
Disabled, 4881q
Indigenous, 1279q
Services, 476q, 496q, 1753q, 2482, 2653q
Transitioning out of care, mnst 4631, 4741

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