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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, Bimberi, liaison officer, 1374q, 1546q
ACT (Self-Government) Act 1988, review, 4441q
ACT Ambulance Service, concessions, 2900q, 2907q
ACT Health

Bullying, alleged, 1689q
Contracts, 3085q
ACT Housing, foster carers, 1628qn
ACT Policing, tasers, 4601q
ACT Public Cemeteries Authority, southern cemetery site, proposed, 5534q
ACTION bus service Bicycle racks, 4158qn
Complaints, 2273q
Disability access, 4297q
Network, 2455
Nightrider service, 486q
Online trip planner, 4304q, 5781q
Redex service, 1536q
Timetable, 5540q, 6227q
Wheelchair access, 5836q
Akron, company collapse, 876q
Alcohol, driving offences, 5623, 5719
Alexander Maconochie Centre Capacity, 5834q, 5839q, 5842q, 5958q
Community concerns, 4061q
Crisis support unit, 5682q
Drugs, 4206q, 4317, 4356
Management, 255, 258, 1650, 1670
Needle and syringe program, 4317, 4356
Official Visitor, 756q
Transitional release, 1292q, 1392q
Visitors, 363qn
Women and children, 3790q
Appropriation Bill 2010-2011, prin 1907, detail (Chief Minister's Department) 2759, (Department of Territory and Municipal Services) 2776, (ACT Health) 3014, (Department of Justice and Community Safety) 3116, (Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services) 3190, (Housing ACT) 3211
Asbestos, management issues, 330q
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre Aboriginal liaison officer, 1374q
Inquiry, proposed, 5908
Reoffenders, 4719q, 5035q
Budget, transport, 1766q
Bushfires, controlled burns, 3710qn
Canberra Institute of Technology, staff, 4495qn
Children Employment, 316q
Foster and kinship carers, 5425q, 5549q
Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Bill 2010, prin 4846
Compensation, workers compensation, 1083
Cuppacumbalong Heritage management, 6184qn
Opening hours, 6185qn
Deakin swimming pool, lease variation, 169q
Defence, veterans, 5049
Disability services Providers, 4727q, 5436q
Support packages, 999q, 1129q, 1138q, 2037qn
Unmet need, 2039qn
Disabled persons Education, 4825
Employment, 4366, 4376, 4379
Respite care services, 5792
Students, 2574qn
Dogs, parvovirus outbreak, 4056q, 4543q
Domestic Animal Services, 4056q, 4543q
Drugs Alexander Maconochie Centre, 4206q, 4317, 4356
Driving offences, 5719, 5723
Random roadside testing, 1718, 2708q
Victims, 4668
Education Disabled students, 4825
Efficiency dividend, 4701, 5674q
NAPLAN testing, 1683q, 5017q
Schools Black Mountain special school, 4454q
Closures, 2296
Health reactions, 2136q
My School website, 3079q
Sportsgrounds, water use, 3256qn
Teachers, 5323, 5530q
Education Amendment Bill 2008, detail 2296
Eid-ul-Fitr festival, celebration, 4386
Emergency services, waste management, 6224q
Employment, children in care, 316q
Energy Feed-in tariff, 2705q
Policy, 4289q
Environment Building materials, 5027q, 5297q
Data centre, proposed, 6198qn
Firewood, 2028qn
Greenhouse gas, 4846
Home insulation program, 330q
Jerrabomberra wetlands, 751q
Noise pollution, 324q
Tree felling, 4301q, 4976q
Waste strategy, 1285q
Wood smoke, 1030, 1042
Exhibition Park, recycling, 4873q
Families Services, 5826q, 5939q, 6088q
Support, 6225q
Firestone, Mr M, death, 118
First Home Owner Grant Amendment Bill 2010, detail 5412
Gambling, gaming machines, 2892q
Government Attorney-General, mc, 1650, 1670, 5844
Contracts, regulation, 876q
Election promises, 1278q
Minister for Ageing, mc, 4005
Minister for Health, mc, 2665
Services, 144
Health Autism, 2038qn
Breast cancer, 4767
Canberra midwifery program, 1180qn
Cancer treatment, 950, 961
Chiropractors, 6187qn
Healthy Weight Week, 796
Medical records, 1079
Mental health, 1119q, 4514qn, 4515qn, 4667, 4876q, 4972qn
Mental health crisis assessment and treatment team, 4202q, 4316q, 4456q, 4513qn
National agreement, 2273q
Palliative care, 610q
Primary care infrastructure grants, 4516qn
Programs, 6186qn
Promotion grants, 1879q
Prostate cancer, 5467
Rehabilitation services, 4512qn
Respecting patient choices program, 5292q
Services, 463
Solaria, regulations, 940
Young persons mental health facility, 5366qn
Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2009, prin 39
Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2009 (No 2), prin 1079
Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (ACT) Bill 2009, prin 912, detail 919, 921, 925
Hospitals Birthing centres, 67q, 1182qn
Calvary Public Hospital Financial analysis, 60q
Mental health unit, 1385q
Proposed purchase, 572, 1124q, 1346, 1360, 3949, 4398, 4414
Canberra Hospital Emergency department, 6110q
Health system, 780
Inquiry, 632
Obstetrics unit, 5922, 5931, 5968
Radiation therapy, 884q
Funding, 1689q
North Canberra, 5026q
Services, 572
Waiting lists, 2344, 2346, 2361
Housing Affordability, 4801, 4816, 4941qn, 5957q
Allawah, Bega and Currong flats, 1763q
Causeway residents, 1184qn
Community, 1768q, 4517qn
Energy efficiency, 2145q, 2428q
First homeowner grant, 5412
Homelessness, 1142
OwnPlace, 2143q, 2654q, 5281q, 5778q
Public, 4726q
Released female prisoners, 2716q
Weston Creek cottage, 745q
Housing ACT Dwellings, 2029qn
Tenants, 5367qn
Human rights Compliance, 1529q
Iran, 5884
Privacy, 1079
Immigration, Canberra Refugee Support group, 2207
Industrial relations Work safety reform, 5021q
Workplace surveillance, 5097
International affairs Iran, 1068, 4385
Sri Lanka, 4489
Tamil referendum, 1960
Land, Molonglo Valley, 985q
Land Development Agency, environmental initiatives, 5679q, 6222q
Landon, Ms A, retirement, 1960
Legislative Assembly Committees Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 1847, 1853, 4825
Health, Community and Social Services, 463, 4398, 4414, 5792
Privileges 2010, 440, 459, 1847, 2117
Processes, 284, 287
Public Accounts, 1495
Conflicts of interest, 1495
Estimates 2010-2011, 2103
Language, rulings, 6086
Matters of public importance, men's health, 5467
Members Bresnan, Ms A, leave of absence, 3753
Hunter, Ms M, leave of absence, 813, 937
Papers, 1709, 5550
Points of order, 456, 826, 2428, 4464, 4877, 5846, 6088
Questions, Labor-Greens agreement, 1249
Rulings, dissent, 1249
Sitting pattern 2011, 6060
Standing and temporary orders, suspension, 4836
Standing order 156, 1495
Valedictory, 6163
Libraries, Islamic texts, 231, 242
McGorry, Professor P, activities, 118
Multiculturalism, strategy, 1129q
Namadgi national park, orienteering, 177q
Neighbourhood Watch, support, 1806
Nicholls, mosque, 1540q
Planning Building certificates, 1377q, 1551q
Civic cycle loop, 4721q
Cuppacumbalong, 5774qn
Currong site, 1183qn
Development applications, 2139q
Hot-water heaters, 2264q
Kambah Village, 3914
Latham, 866q
Master plans, 5943q, 5952q
McGregor Hall, 2423q
Molonglo land release, 5833q
Parking spaces, 3784q
Service stations, 166q
Small dwellings, 3873q
Prostitution, legislation, 5255
Radiation Protection (Tanning Units) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 937
Road Transport (Alcohol and Drugs) Legislation Amendment Bill 2010, prin 5719, detail 5723
Road Transport (Alcohol and Drugs) (Random Drug Testing) Amendment Bill 2009, prin 1019, 1718, detail 2852, 2854
Road Transport (General) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 4428
Roads Ainslie and Hackett, 1115q
Drink driving, 614q
Driving simulations, 1197qn
Security, workplace surveillance, 1334
Security Industry Amendment Bill 2010, prin 3759
Seniors Concessions, 2538qn
Older persons assembly, 5592, 5604
Volunteers, 1399
Social welfare, carers, 511, 4517qn
Sport Community facilities, 5289q
Orienteering, 177q
Tuggeranong Valley amateur rugby union, 540
Sullivan, Mr M, evidence, 2117
Summernats, noise control, 324q
Tidbinbilla nature reserve, Nil Desperandum, camping, 3882q
Transport Active plan, 1823
Government expenditure, 1766q
Taxis, 6105q
Waste Belconnen landfill site, 4866q
Management, 5430q
Water Murrumbidgee to Googong pipeline, 440, 459
Ovals and school grounds, 3256qn
Women, released female prisoners, 2716q
Workers Compensation (Default Insurance Fund) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 1083
Workplace Privacy Bill 2010, prin 5097
Workplace Surveillance Bill 2010, exposure draft, 1334
Youth Mental health, 5366qn
Services, 1754q, 2653q

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