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2000 Olympic Games, volunteers, 4307q
Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, education, 4497qn, 5155q, 5298q, 5363qn
ACT Planning and Land Authority, 367qn, mso 1006, 1008, 1132q, 1956
ACT Teacher Quality Institute Bill 2010, prin 5643, 6074, detail 6079
Appropriation Bill 2010-2011, detail (Chief Minister's Department) 2762, (Department of Territory and Municipal Services) 2789, (Department of Education and Training) 3160, (ACT Planning and Land Authority) 3173, (ACT Gambling and Racing Commission) 3221, (Canberra Institute of Technology) 3234
Arts, Masterpieces from Paris, 871q
Asbestos, management issues, 330q
Australian Greens, policies, 3493, 3547
Bicycles, parking facilities, 4972qn
Budget, savings, 4525qn, 4527qn, 4528qn, 4950qn

Approvals, 2409
Harmful substances, 6192qn
Legislation, 809qn
Works assessor, 733
Canberra Institute of Technology, staff, 371qn, 4496qn, 4968qn
Capital works, projects, 352
Casey, planning, 3751
Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2010, prin 4185
Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Bill 2010, prin 4584
Construction Occupations Legislation Amendment Bill 2009, prin 733, 3038, 3629, detail 3633
Construction Occupations Legislation (Exemption Assessment) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 1839, 2409
Deakin swimming pool, lease variation, 168q
Disabled persons, education, 4603q, 5028q, 5030q
Dogs, control, 307
Domestic Animals Amendment Bill 2009, prin 307
Dunlop, shopping and community facilities, 1731
Economy, policy, 3695
Education Achievement gap, 3410, 6089q
Building the Education Revolution, 2044qn, 2063qn, 4157qn
Disabled persons, 4603q, 5028q, 5030q
Efficiency dividend, 4678, 5673q
Funding, 4494qn, 4495qn, 4603q, 5028q, 5030q
Indigenous students, 4497qn, 5155q, 5298q, 5363qn
Literacy and numeracy, 49q, 5213
NAPLAN testing, 1682q, 5015q
National curriculum, 1519q
Outcomes, 3503q, 4979, 5158q
Registered training organisations, 3736qn
Bilingual, 3859
Canteen managers, 1173qn
Capital works, 4830
Catholic, 898
Class sizes, 1198qn
Classrooms, 1174qn
Closures, 1285q, 1338
Commonwealth funding, 1388q
Expenditure, 1172qn
Information and communications technology, 3386q, 3517q
Investments, 1002q
League tables, 47q
My School website, 3077q
Non-government, 3838
Political material, distribution, 4203q, 4460q
Revenue, 1172qn, 3251qn
Sportsgrounds, water use, 3256qn
Throsby Catholic school, 5438q, 5688q
Shaddock review, 880q
Special needs, 4240
Laptops, 1174qn
Suspensions, 273, 370qn, 3318qn
Truancy, 4196q, 4273
Assistants, 5765qn
Languages, 1169qn
Number, 1197qn, 5289q, 5310, 5357qn
Quality, 5529q, 5643, 6074, 6079
Recruitment, 1173qn
Relief teachers, 4046q, 4543q
Education Amendment Bill 2008, prin 1338, 2249, detail 2295, 2299, 2303
Education Amendment Bill 2010, mso 31, prin 273, 528, detail 533
Energy, efficiency ratings, 377qn, 809qn, 1189qn, 1190qn, 3629, 3633
Environment Building materials, 5027q, 5297q
Building temperature settings, 384qn
Conservation measures, 1974qn, 1979qn, 1980qn, 1981qn
Disused service station sites, 4946qn
Greenhouse gas, 4584
Home insulation program, 315q
Impact statements, 6080, 6151
Water catchment areas, 382qn
Exhibition Park, recycling, 4871q, 6226q
Finance, departmental Bank accounts, 4523qn, 4524qn
Costs, 4157qn
Expenditure, 3744qn, 3748qn
Loans, 4529-31qn, 4955qn
Floriade and Balloon Spectacular, funding, 2619qn
Gambling, gaming machines, 2891q
Gambling and Racing Commission, report, 5851
Gaming, Labor clubs, sale, 493q, 1282q, 1375q
Gaming Machine (Problem Gambling Assistance) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 5523, detail 5974, 5979
Government Advertising, 1999qn
Advisory bodies, statutory authorities and business enterprises, 2041qn
Appointments, 2607qn
Assets and liabilities, 4536qn, 4538qn, 4967qn
Committees and working groups, 1989qn
Information technology services, 1991qn
Invoices, payment, 1619qn, 1624qn, 1625qn
Media and communications advisers, 6218qn
Motor vehicles, 1994qn
Programs, 1992qn, 4532qn, 4533qn, 4536qn, 4962qn
Regulatory impact statements, 1998qn
Services, 137
Training programs, 2002qn
Websites, 2048qn, 2050qn, 2579qn, 2589qn
Gungahlin Leisure centre, planning, 5772qn
Swimming pool, 5195
Health, bulk-billing, 485q
Housing Affordability, 3506q
Building quality forum, 4506qn
Construction materials, 426qn
Energy efficiency, 809qn, 2017qn, 3038
Solar access and orientation, 1192qn
International affairs, China, 4488
Land, leases, 1196qn, 3414, 4177, 4619
Legislative Assembly Committees Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 1856, 3410
Legal Affairs, 1951
Planning and Environment, 338
Planning, Public Works and Territory and Municipal Services, 3053
Language, "guttersnipes", 1010
Members, leave of absence, 3059
Papers, 96, 1554, 1951, 3414, 4068, 4619, 4624, 5690, 6127
Points of order, 1489
Questions on notice, 74, 335, 1138, 4208
Valedictory, 6168
Molonglo, water supply, 5376qn
National Multicultural Festival, celebrations, 100
Noah's Ark, support, 2231, 2371
Planning Affordable housing, 3506q
Approvals, 4033
Building certificates, 1376q, 1551q
Building materials, sustainable use, 1871q
Building quality, 4564
Call-in powers, block 6 section 21, City, 4216
Casey, 3088q, 3751
Cuppacumbalong, 5774qn
Development applications, 2138q, 2279q, 6194qn
Dunlop, 1731
Environmental impact assessments, 5645
Estimates 2010-2011, answers to questions on notice, 5423q
Gross floor allowances, 5775qn
Gungahlin swimming pool, 4600q
Hot-water heaters, 2263q
Kambah Village, 3904, 3917
Land releases, 4152qn
Latham, 866q
Lawson South, 4620
Leases, 96, 1951
Marcus Clarke Street car park, 6220qn
Master plans, 5940q
Molonglo Valley, 1306, 2064qn, 5824q, 5832q
New buildings, 6192qn
Parking spaces, 3783q
Passive solar design, 4709
Questions on notice, 5527q
Service stations, 165q, 333q
Small dwellings, 3872q
South Tralee, 6022, 6028
Statements of intent, 714
Territory plan, 5571, 6128
Variation 2010-31, 5431q, 5530q
Weston Group Centre, 5610
YMCA Sailing Club, 6193qn
Young people, 4873q
Planning and Development Amendment Bill 2009 (No 2), prin 356
Planning and Development (Concessional Leases) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 3042, 4177
Planning and Development (Environmental Impact Statements) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 5645, 6080, detail 6151
Planning and Development (Notifications and Review) Amendment Bill 2009, prin 2213
Planning and Development (Public Notification) Amendment Bill 2010, prin 4033, 5069
Public service Consultants, 422qn
Corporate credit cards, 392qn, 405qn, 1164qn
Departmental reviews, 413qn, 418qn, 420qn
Invoices, 410qn
Staffing, 1982qn, 1985qn, 1987qn, 1987qn, 2621qn
Roads, Well Station Drive extension, 21, 107
Shepherd Centre, support, 2231, 2371
Sport ACT Brumbies, 4505qn
Commonwealth Games, 4736q
Community facilities, 4522qn, 5287q
Cricket, 5626
Football, ACT 4 GWS, 4895
Golf courses, 2896q
Government support, 2020qn, 2020qn, 3254qn
Greater Western Sydney Football Club, 5439q
Junior sports, 3808
Motorsport, 382qn
Programs, 2021qn
Racing industry, 1048, 1062
Sportsgrounds, electricity use, 3255qn
Surveyors Amendment Bill 2009, prin 520
Taxation, change of use, 2014qn, 2960, 4968qn, 5346, 5428q, 5764qn
Telecommunications, national broadband network, 4336, 4340
Tourism Asian market, 5425q
Autumn events, 2622qn
Ernst & Young report, 4171
Events and festivals, 871q, 4748, 5954q
Grants, 2621qn
Qantas awards, 794
Stromlo Forest Park, 4058q
Water Catchment areas, 382qn
Molonglo, 5373qn
Ovals and school grounds, 3256qn
Youth Planning, 4873q
Public consultation, 4230

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