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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2009 Week 13 Hansard (12 November) . . Page.. 4995..

MS BURCH (continuing):

In closing, I would like to explain why the amendments to the Consumer Credit Act 1995, the Court Procedures Act 2004, the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission Act 1997 and the Guardianship and Management of Property Act 1991 are appropriate for inclusion in this bill.

The amendments to the Consumer Credit Act, and corresponding changes to the regulation, and the Fair Trading Act 1992 will have the effect of keeping an existing territory law in place regarding interest rates for consumer credit contracts. This amendment is appropriate for the JACS bill because it will not result in a change but, instead, will only preserve the existing law.

The Court Procedures Act and Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission Act amendments do not result in substantive changes. Rather. these amendments are for clarification purposes. The government's existing practices with respect to court security and the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission reflect the original intention of these acts. Together, these amendments resolve areas where there could have been some dispute about how to interpret the legislation. The government's original policy continues to have effect.

This is also the case for the amendment to the Guardianship and Management of Property Act, which will ensure that sufficient powers are given to the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal to deal with matters under the act.

All of the amendments in this bill are of appropriate character for inclusion in omnibus legislation. Because there are no radical policy changes or complete procedural overhauls in this bill, a separate legislative debate for each amendment is unnecessary. Considered together, all of these amendments will result in a general improvement in the territory's legislation without significantly altering any rights, responsibilities or government policies. These amendments are, however, important because they maintain existing policies and streamline the administration of the territory's legislation. I commend the bill to the Assembly.

MR STANHOPE (Ginninderra-Chief Minister, Minister for Transport, Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Minister for Business and Economic Development, Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs and Minister for the Arts and Heritage) (4.21): I am representing the Attorney-General, Mr Corbell, who has had to leave the Assembly this afternoon to attend to ministerial council business. I am closing the debate on his behalf.

The Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2009 (No 3) is the product of detailed consultation and review within the department. The bill amends legislation in the Justice and Community Safety portfolio. As with other bills in this series, this JACS bill will provide timely improvements to the territory's legislation. The administration of the territory's laws will be more efficient and transparent because of this ongoing process of reform.

Experience in dealing with legislation naturally gives rise to opportunities for improvement and reform. The government carefully monitors each new piece of

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