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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2009 Week 13 Hansard (12 November) . . Page.. 4957..

MS HUNTER (continuing):

week, you did not answer my question about how the $800,000 promised for grandparent support services, including kinship carers, in the ALP 2008 election commitments is being spent or distributed. Minister, how is this money being spent, including the group or groups receiving the funding and the services they are delivering.

MS BURCH: I thank Ms Hunter for her question in regard to funding for kinship carers. We have at October 2009 just under 500 children and young people in out-of-home care, of which 237 are in kinship care placements, 40 in residential care and nine on individual support packages. Placements of children in care are through Marymead, Barnados, Galilee and Life Without Barriers. We also operate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kinship-

Ms Hunter: I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. I do realise that Ms Burch may be giving some background, but I really want her to get to the heart of the question, which is around the $800,000 that was an ALP election commitment and how that money is being spent-the groups and the programs.

MR SPEAKER: Thank you. Ms Burch.

MS BURCH: I will go to the out-of-home care, which is probably where a significant part of that funding is going to, and at the end of this, Ms Hunter, I can provide more detail for you as well. I am quite happy for my office to give you that information.

Mr Seselja: To the Assembly, not to any individual.

MR SPEAKER: Ms Burch, continue.

MS BURCH: We provide direct out-of-home support to Indigenous fosters in kinship groups. I am struggling to read this and probably answer your question directly, Ms Hunter.

Ms Hunter: I am happy for you to take it on notice.

MS BURCH: I will take it on notice. Thank you.

MR SPEAKER: Ms Hunter, a supplementary question?

MS HUNTER: Yes, thank you. Minister, I look forward to getting those figures. In the meantime, what is being done to provide advice and information to kinship carers about their entitlements and programs that you might be aware of that are making their lives a little easier?

MS BURCH: Thank you for the question. We are committed to strengthening information on support networks for kin grandparents and kin carers. An ACT kinship representative group has recently been formed, and a kin and grandparents support group has been established in north Canberra. We will continue to work to support kinship carers. Given that 60 per cent of kinship carers are looking after children who are in care under the chief executive, it is important that we are in the loop, that we

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