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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2009 Week 11 Hansard (17 September) . . Page.. 4264..

(5) What rent has been paid in terms of the (a) annual rent per-metre and (b) total annual cost for each financial year, or part thereof, of the lease period for the leases.

(6) What lease arrangements are intended after the leases, or any extension thereof, finishes.

(7) What is required of the lessees, under the terms of the leases, for (a) maintenance of and (b) improvements to the property grounds, buildings, services and other facilities.

(8) Have those requirements outlined in part (7) been met; if not, what has not been met and what remedial action has been taken.

(9) In relation to sub-leases (a) what are the head lessees allowed to do, (b) what is the head lessee required to do, including in relation to the provision of services to sub-lessees, and (c) are the head lessees meeting the requirements; if not, what requirements are not being met, and what remedial action is being taken in relation to those unmet requirements.

(10) What lettable areas are available for sub-lease purposes.

(11) Are the properties fully let; if not, what proportion of the sub-lettable area is vacant.

(12) What is being done to maximise occupancy of the sub-lettable area.

(13) Under what circumstances may the Government cancel the lease and resume the property.

(14) Has the Government exercised that right at any time; if so, (a) when, (b) under what circumstances, (c) under what terms and (d) for what financial consideration.

(15) Is the Government engaged at any level in (a) the governance of the head lessees or (b) in the operations of the centre; if so, in what way or to what extent is the Government engaged; if not, why not.

Mr Stanhope: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) (a) The Canberra Technology Park is managed by the Canberra Institute of Technology and as such information on sub-tenancies is not available to the Department of Territory and Municipal Services.

The Downer, Narrabundah and Erindale properties are managed by ACT Property Group (ACTPG), a business unit within the Department of Territory and Municipal Services. There is no 'head lessee' for these properties.

(2) There is no 'head lease' over the facilities that ACT Property Group manage. Individual leases terminate at various times during 2009; and started during 2008 and 2009.

(3) A licence extension is not provided other than a month to month holdover provision upon expiry of the licence period.

(4) Narrabundah includes leased space of 14826sqm. Downer includes leased space of 1286sqm, Erindale includes leased space of 397sqm.

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