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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2009 Week 8 Hansard (25 June) . . Page.. 3157..

Alexander Maconochie Centre

(Question No 217)

Ms Bresnan asked the Minister for Corrections, upon notice, on 6 May 2009:

(1) In relation to the Alexander Maconochie Centre (AMC), up to how many children can be incorporated into the women's cottages at one time.

(2) Is it correct that according to protocols, children might need to be removed if new women enter the cottages and it is deemed to then not be suitable for the child.

(3) What appeals mechanism is available to a detainee if it is decided that their child should be removed.

(4) Which community organisations have already received notification that they are approved as authorised visitors for the AMC.

(5) Does it state on page 22 of the Adult Corrections Health Services Plan 2008-2012 that a "full and comprehensive evaluation of the proposed drug policies and services, and their subsequent effects on the prisoners and staff within the Alexander Maconochie Centre, will be undertaken 18 months after the commissioning"; if so, by what date is it anticipated that the evaluation of the proposed drug policies and services will be complete, and is this working from 18 months after commissioning of the AMC or 18 months after the first detainees arrived.

(6) What protocols are currently in practice for the voluntary drug testing of detainees.

(7) What is the ACT Government's definition of the AMC being "full".

(8) What is the capacity of the AMC, without doubling up in cells, for (a) males, (b) females, (c) remandees and (d) sentenced prisoners.

(9) When does the ACT Government anticipate that "doubling up"will begin to occur for (a) males, (b) females, (c) remandees and (d) sentenced prisoners.

(10) Can the Minister provide a full list of the indicators, or data/measurements, to be collected in regard to the AMC and detainees.

(11) Of these indicators outlined in part (10), (a) which will be made available publicly, (b) how often will they be made available and (c) through what publications will they be made available.

(12) Will data sets be made available to external researchers.

Mr Hargreaves: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) The Alexander Maconochie Centre can accommodate up to two children at any one time, depending on operational requirements.

(2) A child may be removed from the AMC at any time where it is considered to be in the best interests of the child.

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