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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2009 Week 7 Hansard (18 June) . . Page.. 2624..

(17) Does the current accreditation system include an accuracy test.

(18) On what ranges or locations has accreditation, including accuracy tests, taken place.

(19) How often are these tests conducted.

(20) Are the targets of people seeking accreditation kept and made available for inspection.

(21) Does the ACT Government maintain a firearms registry of qualified shooters; if so, can this register be accessed by leaseholders who have culling permits who wish to utilise a licensed shooter; if not, why not.

(22) Is it necessary for licensed shooters to be sponsored by leaseholders to take the accreditation test; if so, what is the purpose of this requirement and has this always been the case.

(23) Is it possible for potential cullers to take (a) an accuracy test on the range of their own choice and have the targets witnessed by a Justice of the Peace and (b) a species recognition test at a Parks and Wildlife office or similar facility.

Mr Stanhope: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

1. Accreditation for kangaroo culling commenced in the ACT in 1994/95.

2. (a) The changes made to the accreditation system since it was introduced are:

    • In 2005 shooter accreditation testing changed from every 5 years to 2 years as required by the ACT Firearms Registry;

(b) In 2008 changes introduced were:

    • Only rural lessees who participated in the culling process the previous year and the secretary of the Rural Landholders Association (RLA) were provided with information associated with the proficiency test. The RLA may provide the information to rural lessees currently not involved in the cull process; and
    • Prior to 2008 proficiency tests were conducted during February/March, but conflicted with the cull season which runs from March to July. The proficiency test for the 2009 and 2010 seasons was conducted during September and November 2008 to ensure rural lessees had an up-to-date list of accredited shooters prior to the culling season. The proficiency testing was brought forward to ensure that shooters, nominated on licence applications for 2009 culling programs, would be formally accredited for the entire 2009 cull season rather than having nominated shooters whose licences may expire during the cull season if they did not successfully complete the shooter proficiency testing if otherwise held in February/March.

3. Yes. Lessees or their nominated shooters are required to undertake shooter accreditation testing every two years as required by the ACT Firearms Registry.

4. In accordance with PCL Records Disposal Schedule, licences to collect, keep, control or trade native plants and animals are destroyed seven years after the licence is issued. Details held by PCL are shown below for the years 2000-2009 only.

    • 2000 - (2000/05 season) 39 accredited shooters;
    • 2005 - (2005/06 season) 36;
    • 2007 - (2007/08 season) 32;
    • 2008 - (2009/10 season) 29.

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