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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2009 Week 7 Hansard (16 June) . . Page.. 2384..

MR SPEAKER (continuing):

whether they are appropriate members and, if you want to do that, I think you should move the motion and then we can have a debate in response to the motion. But I am not aware of a standing order that can enable me to preclude these members from the committee which is, I think, what you are seeking. If you have got a contrary view, I would be happy to hear it.

Mr Stanhope: I thank you for giving consideration to this issue. I believe it is a serious issue that a senior and highly respected public servant —

MR SPEAKER: Mr Stanhope, what we will do is move the motion and then, if you want to debate it, we can.

MR STANHOPE (Ginninderra—Chief Minister, Minister for Transport, Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Minister for Business and Economic Development, Minister for Indigenous Affairs and Minister for the Arts and Heritage) (5.55): Thank you, Mr Speaker. I move:

That the members so nominated be appointed as members of the Select Committee on Privileges.

I think I have said all I need to say in relation to this. This is, I believe, a very sorry moment. I have grave concerns that a recommendation, based on falsehoods, that there be a privileges committee has found its way into an estimates report.

Mrs Dunne: On a point of order, Mr Speaker: I think the comments being made by Mr Stanhope now are a clear breach of standing order 52 and a reflection on the previous vote that the committee be established. The Chief Minister may be unhappy about the vote this morning that established the privileges committee. What we are doing here is appointing three members of the Assembly to that.

MR STANHOPE: Yes, and I am moving that the members so nominated be appointed. I take your point. I would like to take the point of order and I will not reflect upon decisions of the Assembly. I will simply say that a decision has been made. The Assembly has decided. The Assembly has decided, on the basis of this statement in a letter from Mr Cormack "In the light of the above I believe—

Mrs Dunne: Mr Speaker, this is a reflection on—

MR STANHOPE: No, we are debating the motion to establish this committee.

Mrs Dunne: No. There is a point of order.

MR STANHOPE: "In the light of the above"—this is what Mr Cormack said; this is the effect—

Mrs Dunne: On a point of order, Mr Speaker.

MR STANHOPE: "In the light of the above I believe that it is appropriate that you withdraw this allegation"—that is an expression of an opinion.

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