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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2009 Week 4 Hansard (26 March) . . Page.. 1482..

(1) The census will be conducted on Wednesday 18 February 2009 and the School Census publication will be made available through the Department's website. The publication will include enrolment numbers for each year level by school.

Environment—weed control

(Question No 31)

Mrs Dunne asked the Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Water, upon notice, on 10 February 2009 (redirected to the Minister for Territory and Municipal Services):

(1) Does the Government have a documented weed control program; if so, can the Minister provide a copy.

(2) What weeds does this control program target.

(3) Is the program running according to schedule; if not, why not.

(4) How many public complaints about weeds were made to the Government in the years 2006-07 and 2007-08 and can the Minister list them by type of complaint.

(5) How many of each type of complaint listed in part (4) were resolved and over what time period.

(6) What arrangements does the Government have with the NSW Government and surrounding shire councils for co-operative weed control programs in the ACT/NSW border areas.

(7) Are those co-operative weed control programs outlined in part (6) running according to schedule; if not, why not.

(8) Does the Government have public education programs that discourage residents from planting noxious weeds in gardens; if not, why not.

(9) How effective are those programs outlined in part (8).

(10) Does the Government have education programs that discourage nurseries and other gardening retailers from selling noxious weeds; if not, why not.

(11) How effective are those programs outlined in part (10).

Mr Stanhope: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

1. Yes there is an overarching weed control program based on the ACT Weeds Strategy. A detailed implementation program based on this program is developed annually. A copy is provided at Attachment A.

The highest priority is given to the most invasive weeds, weed control that protects high conservation value areas and follow-up weed control.

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