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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2009 Week 2 Hansard (12 February) . . Page.. 747..

MR COE (continuing):

We have had a few third ways. We have had a few third ways in the territory. Let us look at the business and economic development policy of the Labor Party. It is a ripper:

ACT Labor will continue to build a strong economy, maintain budget surpluses and provide Canberra businesses with assistance to make the most of our present opportunities ...

Think about opportunities and look at their infrastructure spend. I read it out yesterday, but it is worth reading out again. What sort of underspend did they have on what they promised? In 2001-02, they did not end up delivering 33 per cent of what they promised; in 2002-03, it was 37 per cent; in 2003-04, 36 per cent; in 2004-05, 48 per cent—48 per cent of what they promised they did not deliver. In 2005-06, it was 48 per cent again; and in 2006-07, 38 per cent. The average is about 40 per cent. About 40 per cent of what they promise they do not deliver.

The ACT is going to get $350 million if this package is passed by the Senate. Are we going to get the full $350 million? Or, like ACT Labor, are they going to deliver only about 60 per cent? Or maybe only 52 per cent? Who knows? Maybe that was a low water mark. It could be only 20 or 30 per cent that we actually deliver. You have to ask about the competency of this Labor government; you have to ask about the competencies of the Treasurer; you have to ask about the competencies of the Chief Minister.

We have heard members opposite talk about how great the package will be for the territory, yet it seems that little or no advice has been given to the government about the impacts on the territory. In fact, it seems that the whole premise of this motion, which is very particular, is based on a few media releases. That is what the Treasurer said. The Treasurer said that all she could do was table a few media releases, because they had not done the modelling. They had not done the modelling and she did not have any advice; it was all about media releases. Yet today we have a policy, a motion, which has much detail in it that I did not think was included in the media releases put out by the Rudd government. I do not know where it has all come from.

Given that those opposite are so confident, I ask this. If $42 billion will build the nation and secure jobs, why do we not have an $84 billion plan? That would be better if you go by this argument. Why not $126 billion? That would be better too. If you disregard the debt and the interest payments, why not just keep sending it upwards? They cannot table the modelling or cannot table the advice, but they can table the media releases from Kevin Rudd's website. That is pretty handy stuff! Perhaps she is up in her office now, looking at the website, trying to find more media releases, trying to find more facts for the next motion—rather than debate in this chamber the very important motion which she moved.

The ACT government needs to take a long, hard look at itself before challenging the opposition—

Mr Stanhope: Point of order, Madam Deputy Speaker? I am loath to interrupt, but the motion was not moved by the Treasurer; it was moved by me. And at this moment,

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