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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders

Health, 2082q
Intergovernmental agreement, 3968
Ngunnawal genealogy, 5701
ACT Heritage Council, assessments, 3577q
ACT public service 20th anniversary, 3574q
Account payment arrears, 2251qn
Annual reports, 2687
Consultants, 5842qn
Disabled persons, 3151qn, 4277qn
Email accounts, 4263qn
Executive contracts, 83, 512, 1209, 1922, 2328, 3215, 3966, 4353, 5101, 5462
External facilitators, 2256qn
Invoices, 5837qn
Positions, 2257qn, 2260qn
Promotional activities, 2255qn, 2256qn
Review, 219
Travel, 1492qn, 1502qn, 1505qn, 1511qn, 1517qn, 4643qn
Actew Corporation Ltd, portfolio responsibilities, 4731q
ACTION bus service Accompanied children, 4658qn
Belconnen bus interchange, 2311q, 2971q
Benchmarking, 3515qn
Bus stop seats, 2247qn
Calwell, 5400qn
Concessions, 2870, 4659qn
Demand responsive trial, 5026qn
Drivers, 835qn
Fleet, 3961q
Marshals, 3515qn
Nightrider, 1501qn
Park and ride facilities, 5808qn
Patronage, 5806qn
Redex, 5142, 5808qn
Revenue, 3502qn
Seniors, 4659qn
Standing passengers, 4660qn
Student fares, 3501qn
Ticketing, 3516qn
Wheelchair-accessible buses, 2247qn
Advertising Government jingles, 338q
Political parties, 838qn
Albert Hall Management, 1487qn
Refurbishment, 2249qn
Alexander Maconochie Centre Commissioning, 468
Statements, 623
Animal Diseases Amendment Bill 2009, prin 1377, 2540
Appropriation Bill 2008-2009 (No 2), detail 412
Appropriation Bill 2009-2010, prin 2118, detail (Chief Minister's Department) 2765, (Department of Territory and Municipal Services) 2956, (Shared Services Centre) 2959
Arts and letters artsACT, funding, 2856q
Belconnen, 3688q
Events, 930
Finances, 1418q
Auditor-General�s Office, funding, 2670q, 2814
Aussie Junk, recycling contract, 2316q, 2577q, 5451q
Bass Gardens, conservation management plan, 2215qn
Battery cage eggs, Parkwood, 4728q
Bicycles Cycleways, 4669qn
Route monitoring, 4282qn
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, commissioning, 840qn
Black Mountain Peninsula, security, 4652qn
Budget Committee report, 2393
Debate, 2118
Infrastructure investment, 1989q
Services, 2084q
Building, universal design criteria, 5398qn
Bushfires Back-burning, 4268qn
Controlled burns, 5391qn
Victoria, 457, 915
Business Supermarkets, 2454q, 4412, 4452q, 4879, 4891
Trade mission outcomes, 5325q
Byrne, Ms B OAM, death, 3523
Calvary Public Hospital, purchase proposal, 4954q
Canberra Connect, feedback, 2240qn
Canberra international airport Master plan, 1974q, 2319q, 3347q, 3684q
Noise, 2673q
Canberra Technology Park, leases, 4264qn
Capital works Outcome report, 4356
Programs, 4454q
Projects, 980q
Cats, desexing, 1199q
Cemeteries and crematoria, 1100, 1843qn
Chief Minister's Department Advertising, 5774qn
Staff, 2217qn
Children Accompanied bus travel, 4659qn
Institutional care, 5053
Playgrounds, 1490qn, 4273qn
Civic Pot plants, 838qn
Street furniture, 5045qn
Civil Partnerships Amendment Bill 2009 (No 2), prin 5741
Clare Holland House, ownership, 4962q
Clifford, Mr J, retirement, 1858
Council of Australian Governments, meeting update, 1896q
Courts Independent legal arbiter, 2050
Legislation, 4995
Crime Bill posting, 3587
Drink driving, 3821
Outlaw motorcycle gangs, 1704
Crimes (Bill Posting) Amendment Bill 2008, prin 278, 546
Crimes (Murder) Amendment Bill 2008, detail 570
Cultural Facilities Corporation Programs, 3592
Report, 770, 2154
Dangerous Goods (Road Transport) Bill 2009, prin 3795, 4242, detail 4245
Dangerous Substances and Litter (Dumping) Legislation Amendment Bill 2008, prin 280, 551, detail 553
Deakin, stormwater network upgrade, 4675qn
Department of Territory and Municipal Services, strategic budget review, 4663qn, 4664qn, 4665qn, 4666qn, 4667qn
Development Application (Block 20 Section 23 Hume) Assessment Facilitation Bill 2008, prin 55, 382, detail 387, 390
Disabled persons Employment guidelines, 4277qn
Parking permits, 1852qn
Public service, 3151qn
Dogs, control, 5635
Domestic Animals Amendment Bill 2009, prin 5635
Economy Non-profit sector, 2505
Poverty proofing, 4280qn
Recession, 1252
Stimulus package, 538, 628q, 727, 752, 789, 811, mnst 2340, 5471
Stimulus task force, 5039qn
Sustainability, 120, 2580q
Education, schools, closures, 4830q
Eggs, battery cage farming, 3697q
Eggs (Cage System) Legislation Amendment Bill 2009, prin 4081, detail 4098, 4100, 4107
Electoral Campaign advertising, 5526, 5562, 5564, 5569, 5575, 5587
Losses, 1309
Employment Jobs plan, 5471
Occupational licences, 1093
Environment Air pollution, Tuggeranong Valley, 2595
Cemeteries and crematoria, 1100, 1843qn
Cigarette littering, 1845qn
Conservation management agreements, 2241qn
Emissions trading scheme, 336q
Googong foreshores, 2221qn
Green economy, 120, 2580q, 5024qn
Rangers, 2242qn
Travelling to work options, 2243qn
Trees, 1658q, 1850qn, 2185qn, 2218qn, 4449q, 4857, 4870, 5402qn
Vegetation, 1529qn
Waste management, 3266, 4196q, 4186q
Weed control, 1482qn
Facebook, fraudulent site, 2077
Finance Departmental assets and liabilities, 5777qn, 5783qn
Departmental energy and communication costs, 5786qn, 5792qn
Global crisis, 1080q
Government expenditure, 412, 4649qn
Government revenue collection, 3339q
Investment facilitation program, 5037qn
Strategic budget review, 4281qn, 4663qn, 4664qn, 4665qn, 4666qn, 4667qn
First Home Owners Grant Amendment Bill 2009, prin 1191
Freedom of Information Amendment Bill 2008, detail 672
Gaming, sale of Labor clubs, 3205q, 3336q, 3337q, 3445q, 3462q, 3686q
Garema Place, outside goods displays, 3823q
Gas-fired power station Proposal, 55, 322q, 324q, 330q, 331q, 334q, 382, 387, 390
Task force, 818qn
Gold Creek Homestead, maintenance and repair, 839qn
Government Accountability, 219, 2352
Activities, 764q, mnst 4708
Advertising, 338q, 4259qn, 4280qn, 5038qn
Attorney-General, motion of serious concern, 487, 502
Chief Minister, 4
Community consultations, 3606, 5395qn
Intergovernmental agreements, 3222
Minister for Education and Training, mc 3709
Minister for Planning, admonishment 2475
Ministry Appointments, 87, 972, 1285, 1411, 1787, 2564, 3948
Arrangements, 4954
Briefings, 5776qn
Performance, 3831q, 3834q
Responsibilities, mnst 96, 4731q
Policies, 194q, 1525qn
Rental properties, 4259qn
Shopfronts, 5399qn
Territory and Municipal Services portfolio, performance, 1507qn
Website design, 819qn
Government Agencies (Campaign Advertising) Bill 2008, prin 1637, detail 5526, 5562, 5564, 5569, 5575, 5587,
Gungahlin, government shopfront, 2240qn
Gutteridge Haskins Davey, Canberra Technology Centre project, 817qn
Hawker, planning, 1005
Health Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, 2082q
Animal diseases, 1377, 2540
Home-based palliative care, 4968q
Heritage, historic places and objects, 4281qn
Horse paddocks Maintenance, 3518qn
Management, 5805qn
Housing Affordability, 1290q, 1308q, 3212q, 5459q
Cotter Road caretaker's cottage, security, 3519qn
First-home owners, 1191, 3683q
Land rent scheme, 2582, 2674q, 2683q, 2844q, 2847q, 2852q, 2854q, 2964q
Social, 1775
Human rights, universal declaration, 183
Immigration, refugees, 5115
Industrial relations, long service leave, 3533
Information technology, open source software, 5401qn
Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2009 (No 3), prin 4995
Kangaroos, cull, 1195q, 2624qn
Lake Ginninderra, foreshore project, 3503qn
Land Real estate policy, 2248qn
Rent scheme, 850q, 864q, 878q, 884q, 870, 876, 941, 2004
Land Development Agency, marketing, 2232qn
Legislative Assembly ACT Labor-Greens parliamentary agreement, 80
Anniversary, ceremonial sitting, 2167, 2178
Committees Campaign Advertising, 1649
Estimates 2009-2010, 2393
Planning, Public Works and TAMS, 3587
Privileges 2009, 2291, 2295, 2300
Reports, government responses, 1578
Legislation program, 515, 3218
Library, 1526qn
Meetings, 15
Members Hargreaves, Mr J, leave of absence, 2564
Interests, declarations, 5660
Porter, Ms M, leave of absence, 4999
Ministerial statements, 94
Papers, 11, 86, 87, 341, 514, 519, 1210, 2687, 2980, 3218, 4354, 4972, 5464, 5701
Points of order, 337, 510, 672, 732, 747, 849, 1797, 2085, 2265, 2298, 2299, 2355, 2382, 2489, 2490, 2493, 2579, 2580, 2822, 3426, 3713, 3726, 3959, 3960, 4348, 4350, 4352, 4730, 4820, 4896, 4960, 5091, 5181, 5555, 5562
Questions on notice, unanswered, 2327q
Standing and temporary orders, suspension, 865, 870
Valedictory, 446, 5757
Libraries Griffith and Kingston, 5025qn
Service, 836qn
Long Service Leave (Portable Schemes) Bill 2009, prin 3533
Marriage, civil partnerships, 5741
Motor vehicles Abandoned, 1375, 1881, 1885
Driver demerit points, 281
Mt Ainslie nature reserve, signage, 5023qn
Multicultural affairs, Fringe Festival, 3450q
Municipal services Funding, 3519qn
Questions, 2576q
National Folk Festival, 4060q
Neighbourhood Watch, community information, 5044qn
Nicholls Car park, 838qn
Shopping centre car park, 1339, 1349, 1352, 1355
Nolan gallery, future, 2973q
Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, funding, 826qn
Pace Farm, battery hens, 1089q, 3954q, 4198q, 4674qn
Parkwood farm, cage doors, 5804qn
Payroll Tax Amendment Bill 2009, prin 4989
Pead, Mr J MBE, death, 5267
Petrol, prices, 5692q
Planning Bunda Street, 1981q
Canberra international airport, 1974q, 2319q, 2673q, 3347q, 3684q
Canberra plan, 2688
Crace, 4958q
Data centres, 5395qn
Hawker, 1005
Local shops, 2021
National Circuit, Forrest, 2566q
Parliamentary triangle, 4984
Service stations, 5540q
Shopping centres, 5809qn
Villages, 1816
Political parties, campaign advertising, 1637
Prisons, Alexander Maconochie Centre, 204q
Publishing, government costs, 5038qn
Recycling Aussie Junk, 2316q, 3207q
Batteries and light bulbs, 2967q
Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2008 (No 2), prin 281
Road Transport (Mass, Dimensions and Loading) Bill 2009, prin 2035, 3274, detail 3430, 3431
Roads Belconnen Way, 837qn
Bunda Street, 5046qn
Bus transit lanes, 4270qn
Car parks, 5045qn
Coulter Drive, 1529qn
Cycling infrastructure, 4669qn, 5028qn
Fairbairn Avenue, 1086q
Footpaths, 3501qn, 4133, 5184q
Funding, 2574q
Griffith, Throsby Lane, 1503qn, 1504qn
Gungahlin Drive extension, 2184qn, 5817qn
Kelleway Avenue, 2249qn
Lanyon Drive, 5084q
Macfarland Crescent, Pearce, 1929, mnrs 2264
Motorcycle safety, 5829qn
Nature strips, 3502qn
Oaks Estate bridge, 2857q
Resealing costs, 1835qn
Safety, 1665q
Signs, 1295q
Speed cameras, 835qn, 3516qn
Speed limits, 1172, 1185, 5396qn
Traffic calming, 3514qn
Traffic lights, 5023qn
Truck parking, 1854qn
Tuggeranong Parkway, 836qn
Users, protection, 5334
William Hovell Drive, 2248qn
Roads ACT, services, 2250qn
Roads and Public Places Amendment Bill 2009, prin 1375, 1881, detail 1885
Social welfare, community services, 780
Spalding, Ms M, death, 1531
Summernats, behaviour, 65q
Supermarkets, competition policy, 2454q, 4334q
Taxation, payroll, 4989
Territory and Municipal Services, Department Budget, 3459q, 3564q, 3569q, 3578q, 3673, 3690q, 3698q, 3728, 3826q, 3830q
Public assets, repairs, 5394qn
School sites, security, 5393qn
Services, 3461q
Tidbinbilla, community workshop, 1853qn
Transport Charter services, 2250qn
Dangerous goods, 3795, 4242, 4245
Environmentally sustainable targets, 5690q
Heavy vehicles, 3274, 3430, 3431
Legislation, 2035
Light rail, 75q, 1799, 2329, mnrs 2263
Sustainable options, 3857
Taxis, 1299q, mnrs 2397, 5545q
Wheelchair accessible vehicles, 1848qn
Trees, seedlings, 2613qn
Waramanga, shopping centre, 5053
Waste Glebe Park recycling bins, 1527qn
Illegal dumping, 280, 551, 553
Landfills, 1527qn, 3829q
Management, 626q, 632q, 641q, 760q, 3266, 4196q, 4186q
Parks and reserves, 1508qn
Water Irrigated sites, 3517qn
Queanbeyan supply, 1093
World Refugee Day, commemoration, 2395

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