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Adoption Amendment Bill 2009, prin 4303
Advertising, Live in Canberra campaign, 2387
Alexander Maconochie Centre, delays, 5357
Animal Diseases Amendment Bill 2009, prin 1891
Arts and letters

Belconnen, support, 3688q
Theatre awards, 924
Battery cage eggs, Parkwood, 4729q
Budget Health, 1977q
Services, 2084q
Bushfires Preparation, 3453q
Victoria, 913
Business Supermarkets, competition, 4336q, 4403, 4418
Trade mission outcomes, 5325q
Byrne, Ms B OAM, death, 3528
Calvary Public Hospital, purchase proposal, 4726q, 5094q, 5096q, 5181q, 5195, 5684q
Canberra Hospital, 4448q
Canberra Raiders, games, 2388
Charnwood, carnival, 1238
Children Abuse, 4758
Adoption, 4303
Childcare policy, 5539q
Institutional care, 5063
Clare Holland House, sale, proposed, 5094q, 5556q, 5684q
Cotter Dam Briefings, 4183q
Cost, 4823q
Crime Antisocial behaviour, 4443q
Bill posting, 3165
Child abuse, 4758
Disabled persons, employment, 239, 249
Economy Non-profit sector, 2496, 2509
Policy, 4614
Stimulus package, 471q, 638q
Sustainability, 126, 2580q
Education Australian early development index, 5696q
Early childhood, 4183q
Language, 675, 686
Schools Bullying, 4574q
Cooperation, 3584q
Investment, 854q, 3341q
Performance monitoring, 2841
Planning regulations, 976q
Restorative justice, 3764, 3773
Students Behaviour, 4313
Special needs, 1206q, 4837q
Teachers, professional development, 5536q
Truancy, 4179q
Education Amendment Bill 2009, prin 4313
Education (Participation) Amendment Bill 2009, prin 4696
Electoral, campaign advertising, 5585
Employment, disabled persons, 239, 249
Energy Feed-in tariff, 4734q
Solar, 78q, 5556q
Environment Climate change, 2461q
Emissions trading scheme, 5609
Green economy, 126, 2580q
Green power, 1800
Greenhouse gas, 5236
Exhibition Park Corporation Repeal Bill 2009, prin 1865
Family and Community Day, legislation, 5072
Finance, global crisis, 1080q, 4348q
Gambling, legislation, 4686
Government Activities, 764q
Policy, 194q
Government Agencies (Campaign Advertising) Bill 2008, detail 5585
Hawker, planning, 1137
Health Animal diseases, 1891
General practitioners, 1575q
Initiatives, 1425q, 1977q
Kippax family practice, closure, 1618, 1634
Mental health, 3835q, 4363
Hike4Hunger, food security, 4387
Holidays (Family and Community Day) Amendment Bill 2009, prin 5072
Hospitals Calvary Public Hospital, 4726q, 5094q, 5096q, 5181q, 5195, 5684q
Canberra Hospital, 4448q
Clare Holland House, 5094q, 5556q, 5684q
Waiting times, 4448q, 4572q
Housing Affordability, 1308q, 3212q, 5459q
Land rent scheme, 2683q
Public, 5088q, 5455q
Human rights, universal declaration, 190
Industrial relations, long service leave, 3538
Legislative Assembly Committees Justice and Community Safety, 1860, 5357
Planning, Public Works and Territory and Municipal Services, 2386, 3165, 3174, 4290, 5715
Deputy Speaker, 10
Members, Dunne, Mrs V, statements, 1477
Self-government legislation, 2323q
Valedictory, 5761
Long Service Leave (Portable Schemes) Bill 2009, prin 3538
Motor vehicles, abandoned, 1879
National Multicultural Festival, stallholder costs, 5318q
Nicholls, shopping centre car park, 1341
Planning Hawker, 1137
Multi-unit housing, 3174
Outer suburbs, facilities, 2710
Schools, 976q
Villages, 1822
Roads Footpaths, 5186q
Safety, 1665q
Users, protection, 5343
Well Station Drive extension, 4809
Roads and Public Places Amendment Bill 2009, prin 1879
Seniors, empowerment and inclusion, 343
Social welfare, carers and volunteers, 328q
Spalding, Ms M, death, 1539
Sport Community participation, 4899
Media coverage, 5479
Supermarkets, competition policy, 4336q, 4403, 4418
Transport, sustainable options, 3848
Unlawful Gambling Bill 2009, prin 4686
Waste, management, 4188q
Water, Cotter Dam, 4823q
West Belconnen Health Cooperative Ltd, establishment, 5382
WorkCover, review, 4830q

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