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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, health, 2082q
ACT Heritage Council, assessments, 3577q
ACT Legal Aid, funding, 326q
ACTION bus service, Redex trial, 5150, 5157
Albert Hall, management, 1487qn
Animal Diseases Amendment Bill 2009, prin 1888
Appropriation Bill 2008-2009 (No 2), detail 411, 419, 424
Appropriation Bill 2008-2009 (No 3), prin 1408
Appropriation Bill 2009-2010, prin 2145, detail (Auditor-General) 2639, (Chief Minister's Department) 2733, (Department of Territory and Municipal Services) 2785, (Shared Services Centre) 2958, (Superannuation Provision Account) 3054, (ACT Planning and Land Authority) 3120
Arts and letters

Community events, 699
Events, 927, 929
Finances, 1418q
Local productions, 5476
Auditor-General's Office, funding, 2809
Aussie Junk, recycling contract, 2316q, 5451q
Bicycles Cycleways, 4668qn
Route monitoring, 4282qn
Brindabella Christian College, car park, 4674qn
Budget Committee report, 2366
Debate, 2145
Building (Energy Efficient Hot Water Systems) Legislation Amendment Bill 2009, prin 1614
Bushfires, Victoria, 465
Business Small, 3395
Supermarkets, 4409, 4888
Calvary Public Hospital, sale, proposed, 4438
Canberra Connect, feedback, 2239qn
Canberra Symphony Orchestra, appreciation, 5384
Cats, desexing, 1199q
Cemeteries Burial alternatives, 1104
Environmental consultations, 1843qn
Children Abuse, 4747
Adoption, 5684q
Institutional care, 5061
Civic, street furniture, 5045qn
Clare Holland House, sale, proposed, 4438
Cotter Dam Advertising campaign, 5082q
Call-in powers, 4205
Crawford, Mr K, death, 4251
Crime Bill posting, 3169, 3591
Child abuse, 4747
Crimes (Bill Posting) Amendment Bill 2008, prin 544
Dangerous Substances and Litter (Dumping) Legislation Amendment Bill 2008, prin 550, detail 553
Deakin pool, lease, 1569q, 4442q, 4460q
Economy, stimulus package, 858q
Education Schools Campbell primary school, 5019qn
Enrolments, 198q
Planning regulations, 989q
Telopea Park, 474q, 643q
Teachers, professional development, 5536q
Eggs, battery cage farming, 3662, 3697q
Eggs (Cage Systems) Legislation Amendment Bill 2009, prin 1994, 3662, 4095, detail 4098, 4102, 4107
Electoral, campaign finance, 5346, 5351
Energy Feed-in tariff, 4736q
Heating efficiency, 2852q
Solar, 5558q
Environment Air pollution, 2589, 4667qn, 5090q
Building temperature settings, 5827qn, 5827qn, 5828qn
Carbon sequestration, 3943
Cemeteries and crematoria, 1843qn
Cigarette littering, 1845qn
Conservation management agreements, 2241qn
Ecosystem connectivity map, 2242qn
Energy efficiency, 840qn, 1276, 1285, 1614, 1718, 1833qn, 2186qn, 2187qn, 2400, 3313, 3465, 3647, 3730, 3734, 3737, 4570q, 4574q, 4612, 5019qn, 5020qn, 5049qn, 5050qn
Greening the local economy, 5044qn
Hot-water systems, 1614, 2400
National Recycling Week, 4773
Rangers, 2242qn
Sustainable House Day, 3901
Travelling to work options, 2243qn
Trees, 1658q, 2185qn, 4448q, 4852, 4868, 4872, 4873, 5402qn
Waste management, 3263
Erindale, planning, 5516
Finance City centre marketing and improvements levy, 2614qn
Government expenditure, 411, 419, 424, 1151, 1234, 1408
Fire, regulations and emergency plans, 5775qn
Government Community consultation, 3617
Minister for Planning, admonishment 2472, 2493
Gungahlin Government shopfront, 2240qn
Planning, 4523
Hawker, planning, 1009
Health Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, 2082q
Animal diseases, 1888
Asbestos, 4734q, 5048qn
Home-based palliative care, 4969q
Heritage, historic places and objects, 4281qn
Horse paddocks, management, 5805qn
Hospitals Calvary Public Hospital, 4438
Waiting times, 4573q
Housing Affordability, 5461q
Community providers, 5190q
Construction, 4195q
Energy efficiency, 5050qn
Public, 4211, 4341q, 5089q, 5314q
Solar hot-water heaters, 5050qn
Stock, 5002
Unit titles, 1466
Housing ACT Energy efficiency ratings, 5811qn
Maintenance contracts, 5406, 5455q
Solar hot-water systems, 5810qn
Immigration, refugees, 5110
Information technology, open source software, 5400qn
International affairs, Ethiopia, 5684q
Kingston, Green Square, 93
Land Leases, 1484qn
Rent scheme, 956
Legislative Assembly Committees Campaign Finance Reform, 5346, 5351
Estimates 2009-2010, 2366
Planning, Public Works and Territory and Municipal Services, 2940, 3039, 3169, 3177, 3591, 5635
Privileges 2009, 2627
Public Accounts, 723, 1151, 1862, 2067, 2072, 2943, 3429, 3917, 3924, 4679, 5370, 5406, 5409
Members, Le Couteur, Ms C, inaugural speech, 158
Papers, 5747
Points of order, 2441, 2456, 4054
Privilege, identifying an individual, 2613qn
Question time, supplementary questions, 3811
Standing and temporary orders, 52
Valedictory, 451, 5758
Molonglo Valley, bushfire regulations, 2240qn
Motor vehicles, abandoned, 1875, 1886
Multiculturalism, National Multicultural Festival, 1026
National Folk Festival, 4062q
Neighbourhood Watch, community information, 5044qn
Nicholls, shopping centre car park, 1344
Pace Farm, battery hens, 1089q, 3954q, 4198q, 4674qn
Parkwood farm, cage doors, 5804qn
Planning Approval process, 70q
Building Code of Australia, 3452q
Bunda Street, 1981q
Commercial developments, 2244qn
Crace, 4958q
Deakin pool, lease, 1569q, 4442q, 4460q
Development applications, 841qn, 2185qn
Development applications, call-in powers, 2695
East Gungahlin, 1528qn
Federal government, 4825q
Giralang shops, 4053q
Gungahlin, 4523
Hawker, 1009
Inspection fees, 3345q, 3465q
Local shops, 2013, 2028
Multi-unit housing, 3177, 3811, 3820
Outer suburbs, facilities, 2716
Redevelopment policy, 2940
Schools, 989q
Service stations, 5539q
Subordinate legislation, 1779
Tuggeranong and Erindale, 5516
West Macgregor, 2678q, 2744q
Woden master plan, 1795q
Planning and Development (Notifications and Review) Amendment Bill 2009, prin 5495
Planning and Development Amendment Bill 2009, prin 3929
Planning and Development Amendment Regulation 2009 (No 2), motion to disallow 1388
Poultry Battery cage eggs, 3647
Cage system, 1994
Recycling Aussie Junk, 2316q, 3207q
Batteries and light bulbs, 2967q
Ride to Work Day Community breakfast, 4392
Success, 4640
Roads Bunda Street, 5046qn
Car parks, 5045qn
Cycle lanes, 4668qn
Footpaths, 5184q
Funding, 2458q, 2573q
Lanyon Drive, 5084q
Motorcycle safety, 5828qn
Speed limits, 1181
Users, protection, 5341
Well Station Drive extension, 4803
Roads and Public Places Amendment Bill 2009, prin 1875, detail 1886
Sport, swimming lessons, 1305q
Superannuation, government investments, 5047qn
Supermarkets, competition policy, 4337q
Sustainable House Day, promotion, 3901
Territory and Municipal Services, Department, budget review, 3670
Transport, environmentally sustainable targets, 5690q
Tuggeranong, planning, 5516
Unit Titles Amendment Bill 2009, prin 1466
Waste Glebe Park recycling bins, 1526qn
Illegal dumping, 550, 553
Landfills, 1527qn, 3829q
Management, 632q, 760q, 3263, 4186q, 4196q
Water and Sewerage (Energy Efficient Hot-Water Systems) Legislation Amendment Bill 2009, prin 2400, 3313, detail 3730, 3734, 3737
Water, supply, 5313q
WorkCover, review, 4830q

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