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ACT Muscular Dystrophy Association, fundraising dinner, 5383
ACT Planning and Land Authority, funding, 1986q
ACT public service

Disabled persons, 3151qn
Recruitment, 1574q
Travel, 1521qn, 1522qn
ACTION bus service Concession fares, 2867
Redex trial, 5155
Appropriation Bill 2008-2009 (No 2), detail 435
Appropriation Bill 2009-2010, prin 2129, detail (Department of Territory and Municipal Services) 2783, (Department of Treasury) 3027, (Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services) 3067, (Department of Education and Training) 3109, (Canberra Institute of Technology) 3135
Arts and letters Tackling Peace, film, 5621
Theatre awards, 923
Australian Hungarian Cultural Convention, celebration, 5484
Belconnen Remand Centre, conditions, 766q
Budget Debate, 2129
Indicators, 2681q, 2981q
Business Small, 3401
Supermarkets, competition policy, 4887
Calvary Public Hospital, purchase proposal, 4834q
Canberra Hospital, disabled patients, 5534q, 5697q
Capital works, projects, 980q, 1083q
Children Care and protection, 1796q
Childcare fees, 4727q, 5084q, 5542q
Children and Young People Equipment Loan Service, 5803qn
Clare Holland House, sale, proposed, 4472
Cotter Dam Briefings, 4181q
Water security, 4074
Crime School assaults, 3508qn
Vandalism, 2210qn
Development Application (Block 20 Section 23 Hume) Assessment Facilitation Bill 2008, prin 378
Disabled persons Accessibility issues, 5453q, 5561q
Employment, 244, 248
Hospital care, 2029
Parking permits, 1852qn
Public service, 3151qn
Economy Growth forecast, 4583q
Non-profit sector, 2503
Policy, 4621
Recession, 1265
Revenue base, 1586
Stimulus package, 475q, 635q
Youth poverty, 4002
Education Catholic Schools Week, 1237
Counsellors and psychologists, 1486qn
Early childhood, 4186q
Erindale College, academy awards, 4773
Funding, 1485qn, 1486qn
Galilee day program, 4967q
Investment, 1963
Language, 681, 809
Schools Assaults, 3508qn
Bullying, 2969q, 2989q, 3510qn, 4576q
Class sizes, 1837qn
Closures, 4338q, 4397
Enrolments, 72q, 207q, 341q, 3506qn
Fetes, 5131
Kingsford Smith, 4672qn
Non-government, 3240
Performance monitoring, 2839
Procurement and purchasing policies, 5595
Removal of children, 5187q
Sizes, 4191q
Urambi primary, 5802qn
Vandalism, 2210qn
Village Creek, 337q
Special needs, 1200q, 2451q
Students Behaviour, 4310, 4327, 4375, 4379, 5803qn
Suspension, 4777
Teachers, 1523qn, 4016, 5802qn
Training organisations, 1486qn
Education Amendment Bill 2009, prin 4310, detail 4327, 4375, 4379
Education Amendment Bill 2009 (No 2), prin 4777
Education (Participation) Amendment Bill 2009, prin 4690
Elmir, Ms B, kickboxing success, 3493
Emergency services, warnings, 4062q
Employment, disabled persons, 244, 248
Engineers Australia, excellence awards, 5003
Environment, air pollution, Tuggeranong Valley, 2597
Erindale, planning, 5518, 5621
Finance, government expenditure, 435
Galilee day program, funding, 5082q
Gaming, sale of Labor clubs, 3208q, 3346q
Gas-fired power station, proposal, 378
Government Minister for Education and Training, mc 3639, 3722, 3965q
Ministerial code of conduct, 3467
Ministerial performance, 3831q
Greek Independence Day, celebration, 1739
Health General practitioners, 1319
Kippax family practice, closure, 1625
Mental health, 3508qn
Rett syndrome, 4002
Services, 4246
Hospitals Calvary Public Hospital, 2321q, 2578q, 4472
Canberra Hospital, length of stay, 3505qn
Disability care, 2029
Housing Land rent scheme, 2854q
Public, 5088q, 5198q
Human rights, universal declaration, 215
Immigration Korea, 4390
Refugees, 5118
International affairs, Cyprus, 3493
Land, rent scheme, 861q, 883q
Legislative Assembly Committees Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 2926, 2931, 3015
Health, Community and Social Services, 1861
Members, Doszpot, Mr S, inaugural speech, 30
Questions on notice, unanswered, 2327q
Valedictory, 453, 5763
McIntyre, Mr L Snr, death, 1143
Meloto, Mr T, Gawad Kalinga program, 2161
Moulis, Mr T, death, 1605
Multiculturalism Ministerial decisions, 5456q
National Multicultural Festival, 809, 1014, 3450q, 4965q, 5100, 5315q, 5318q
Neighbourhood Watch, Theodore, 2604
Pattugalan, Ms L A, death, 3282
Planning Deakin swimming pool, 1288q, 1662q
Outer suburbs, facilities, 2707
Swimming pools, 1416q
Tuggeranong and Erindale, 5518, 5621
Radio, 1RPH, print handicapped radio, 4247
Reid, Hon Margaret, AO, activities, 2913
Religion, prayers for peace, 3414
Roads, disabled parking permits, 1852qn
Social welfare, community services, 788
Spalding, Ms M, death, 1605
Spastic Centre, support, 2913
Sport Canberra United Football Club, 5131
Facilities, 1441
Football, 4247
Taxation, utilities, 4458q
Territory and Municipal Services, Department, budget review, 3698q
Territory-owned corporations, operations, 3978
Transport, wheelchair accessible vehicles, 1848qn
Tuggeranong Hyperdome, nativity story, 5484
Planning, 5518, 5621
World Refugee Day Commemoration, 2392
Functions, 3145
World Teacher's Day 2009, 5802qn
Youth Poverty, 4002
Yogie awards, 5483

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