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ACT public service

Account payment arrears, 2251qn, 2252qn
External facilitators, 2256qn
Promotional activities, 2252qn, 2254qn, 2255qn
Travel, 1502qn, 1505qn, 1508qn
ACTION bus service Belconnen bus interchange, 2971q, 3146
Benchmarking, 3515qn
Bus stop seats, 2247qn
Concession fares, 2530, 2874
Drivers, 834qn
Fleet, 3963q
Marshals, 3515qn
Nightrider, 1500qn
Occupational health and safety, 4189q
Park and ride facilities, 5808qn
Patronage, 5806qn
Redex, 5138, 5152, 5157, 5161, 5808qn
Revenue, 3502qn
Student fares, 3501qn
Subsidies, 4345q
Ticketing, 3516qn
Wheelchair-accessible buses, 2247qn
Advertising, political parties, 837qn
AFS Australia, 50th anniversary, 3903
Albert Hall, refurbishment, 2249qn
Alexander Maconochie Centre, delays, 5549q
Anglicare, winter pantry appeal, 2533
Animal Diseases Amendment Bill 2009, prin 1887
Appropriation Bill 2008-2009 (No 2), detail 420, 440
Appropriation Bill 2009-2010, prin 2136, detail (Auditor-General) 2661, (Chief Minister�s Department) 2761, (Department of Territory and Municipal Services) 2766, (Shared Services Centre) 2960, (Department of Treasury) 3036, (Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services) 3069, (Housing ACT) 3079, (Department of Education and Training) 3112
Arts and letters Community events, 928
Theatre awards, 922, 5128
Aussie Junk, recycling contract, 5451q
Australian Historical Railway Society, museum, 2794
Australian Hotels Association, awards, 2917
Bass Gardens, conservation management plan, 2215qn
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre Commissioning, 200q, 840qn, 1481qn
Incidents, 3520qn
Black Mountain Peninsula, security, 4652qn
Bubble Day, activities, 2605
Budget Committee report, 2390
Consultations, 2679q
Debate, 2136
Revenue, 1980q
Business, supermarkets, competition, 4451q, 4884
Calvary Public Hospital, sale, proposed, 2318q, 2442, 3960q, 4470, 4577q, 4726q
Canberra Hospital Endoscopes, 1904q
Waiting times, 77q
Canberra Services Club, Lady Gowrie hall, 2032
Capital works, projects, 596
Cemeteries, burial alternatives, 1103
Charnwood, carnival, 1239
Children Childcare fees, 5192q, 5459q
Kinship carers, 4958q
Playground upgrades, 4273qn
Civic, pot plants, 838qn
Clare Holland House, sale, proposed, 2442, 4470
Cotter Dam, cost, 3956q, 4056q, 4732q
Crime Bill posting, 3172, 3590
Neighbourhood Watch, 5622
Youth justice, 4192q
Crimes (Bill Posting) Amendment Bill 2008, prin 543, 548
Dangerous Goods (Road Transport) Bill 2009, prin 4240, detail 4245
Dangerous Substances and Litter (Dumping) Legislation Amendment Bill 2008, prin 549, detail 554
Dangerous Substances (Explosives) Amendment Regulation 2009 (No 2), prin 5301
Deakin, stormwater network upgrade, 4675qn
Department of Territory and Municipal Services, strategic budget review, 4663qn, 4664qn, 4665qn, 4666qn, 4667qn
Disabled persons, accessibility issues, 5453q, 5561q
Disasters, Typhoon Ondoy, 4775
Economy Outlook, 268
Recession, 1198q, 1268
Stimulus package, 478q, 541, 636q, 746, 987q
Education Galilee day program, 4966q
Investment, 1968
Schools Bullying, 2458q
Closures, 4830q
Student union fees, 808, 3285
Electoral, campaign advertising, 3894
Employment Forecasts, 1802q
Levels, 1573q
Environment Urban street trees, 4862
Vegetation, 1529qn
Waste management, 549, 554, 3261
Finance Government expenditure, 420, 440, 4648qn
Strategic budget review, 4281qn, 4663qn, 4664qn, 4665qn, 4666qn, 4667qn
Fireworks, ban, 5191q, 5301
Gaming, sale of Labor clubs, 3208q, 3345q, 3354, 3876
Gas-fired power station, proposal, 330q
Girls Brigade, national conference, 4386
Gold Creek Homestead, maintenance and repair, 839qn
Government Advertising, 4280qn
Minister for Planning, admonishment 2492
Ministerial performance, 3834q
Griffith, Throsby Court, 1510qn
Hawker, planning, 1010, 1135
Health Animal diseases, 1887
Autism spectrum disorders, 2605
General practitioners, 1324
Osteoporosis, 4903
Hodgman, Mr M, QC MP, tribute, 5386
Horse paddocks, maintenance, 3517qn
Housing Affordability, 1290q
Causeway, 763q
Community sector, 1368
Construction, 4196q
Cotter Road caretaker's cottage, security, 3519qn
Currong apartments, 3370
Land rent scheme, 2852q
Non-government providers, 4484
Public, 839qn, 1773, 1790q, 5087q, 5089q
Housing ACT Asbestos removal, 2215qn
Facility management, 1845qn, 3507qn
Fire extinguishers, 3160qn
Properties, 2216qn
Rental arrears, 2188qn, 2246qn
International affairs, Vietnam, 5005
Lake Ginninderra, foreshore project, 3502qn
Land Real estate policy, 2247qn
Rent scheme, 864q, 873, 884q, 949, 2009
Legislative Assembly Committees Estimates 2009-2010, 2390
Planning, Public Works and Territory and Municipal Services, 3172, 3590
Public Accounts, 3876
Members, Coe, Mr A, inaugural speech, 24
Ministerial statements, practices, 267
Points of order, 3460, 4196, 4831
Questions on notice, unanswered, 2327q
Sittings, 267
Standing order 115, 2686
Valedictory, 452, 5759
Library service, re-establishment, 836qn
Lions Club, recruitment, 1032
Marymead Child and Family Centre, new building, 5477
Meloto, Mr T, Gawad Kalinga program, 2162
Motor vehicles, abandoned, 1874, 1885
Mt Ainslie nature reserve, signage, 5023qn
Multiculturalism, National Multicultural Festival, 1025
Municipal services Funding, 3518qn
Questions, 2576q
National Multicultural Festival, stallholder costs, 5317q
Neighbourhood Watch, service, 5622
Nelson, Dr B, retirement, 3629
Nicholls, shopping centre car park, 838qn, 1337, 1355
On the Move, church services, 1831
Petrol, prices, 5692q, 5693q
Planning Hawker, 1010, 1135
Local shops, 2026
Outer suburbs, facilities, 2713
Parliamentary triangle, 4983
Service stations, 5542q
Shopping centres, 5809qn
Swimming pools, 1413q
Unit titles, 1664q
Villages, 1824
Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2008 (No 2), prin 845
Road Transport (Mass, Dimensions and Loading) Bill 2009, prin 3269, detail 3280, 3432
Roads Belconnen Way, 837qn
Coulter Drive, 1529qn
Fairbairn Avenue, 1086q
Footpaths, 3501qn
Griffith, Throsby Lane, 1503qn, 1504qn
Kelleway Avenue, 2249qn
Lanyon Drive, 5086q
Nature strips, 3501qn
Resealing costs, 1835qn
Secure truck parking, 1854qn
Speed and red light cameras, 835qn, 3516qn
Speed limits, 1180
Traffic calming, 3514qn
Traffic infringements, 4653qn
Traffic lights, 5022qn
Tuggeranong Parkway, 836qn
Users, protection, 5338
Well Station Drive extension, 4798, 4811
William Hovell Drive, 2248qn
Roads ACT, services, 2250qn
Roads and Public Places Amendment Bill 2009, prin 1874, detail 1885
Robert Gordon Menzies Walk, opening, 4126
Save the Children, Canberra Council, 4639
Seniors, empowerment and inclusion, 353
Social welfare Gawad Kalinga charity, 4775
Joint ventures, 1831
Operation Christmas Child, 3416
Sport, orienteering, 5385
Territory and Municipal Services, Department Budget, 3459q, 3578q, 3666, 3690q, 3727
Public assets, repairs, 5394qn
School sites, security, 5393qn
Territory and Municipal Services portfolio, performance, 1507qn
Transport Charter services, 2250qn
Dangerous goods, 4240, 4245
Environmentally sustainable targets, 5692q
Heavy vehicles, 3269, 3280, 3432
Nightlink taxi service, 5547q
Sustainable options, 3851
Typhoon Morakot, damage, 3491
Veterans, community life, 3759
Waste Illegal dumping, 549, 554
Management, 3261
Parks and reserves, 1508qn
Water Cotter Dam, 4732q
Irrigated sites, 3516qn
Weston, caretaker's cottage, security, 3519qn
World Osteoporosis Day, support, 4903
Youth Crime, 4192q
Girl Guides, 3998
National Youth Week, 1475, 1679, 1683
Plan, 5447q, 5450q
Youth Achievement Australia, activities, 4253

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