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ACT Health, agency nurses, 3964q
ACT public service

20th anniversary, 3574q
Consultants, 5843qn
Invoices, 5838qn
ACTION bus service, fleet, 3961q
Adoption Amendment Bill 2009, prin 4304
Advertising, government jingles, 338q
Alexander Maconochie Centre, update, 1564q
Animal Diseases Amendment Bill 2009, prin 1893
Auditor-General�s Office, funding, 2823
Budget Committee report, 2369
Independent analysis, 2570q
Infrastructure investment, 1989q
Prospects, 902
Bushfires Controlled burns, 4059q
Warnings, 4116
Business Small, 3386, 3402
Supermarkets, competition policy, 2454q
Calvary Public Hospital, sale, proposed, 4568q
Canberra BusinessPoint, awards, 2606
Canberra Hospital Disabled patients, 5533q, 5697q
Nurse-led walk-in centres, 1791q
Waiting times, 4582q
Capital works, programs, 4454q
Cemeteries, burial alternatives, 1105
Children Abuse, 4751
Adoption, 4304, 5683q
Childcare Centres, 5825qn
Fees, 4727q, 4970q, 5083q, 5192q, 5193q, 5198q, 5458q, 5543q, 5699q
Licences, 5655
Policy, 5537q
Workplace playschool facilities, 5397qn
Institutional care, 5059
Kinship carers, 4723q, 4957q
Protection, 5022qn
Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2009 (No 2), prin 5655
Children and Young People Equipment Loan Service, 5804qn
Compensation, workers compensation, 3436
Cotter Dam Cost, 3950q, 3954q, 3957q, 4047q, 4176q
Enlargement, 4064q
Council of Australian Governments, meeting update, 1896q
Courts and tribunals, legislation, 4993
Crime Antisocial behaviour, 4445q
Child abuse, 4751
Law reform, 2970q
Organised, 3561
Youth justice, 4193q
Crimes (Assumed Identities) Bill 2009, prin 4236
Dangerous Substances (Explosives) Amendment Regulation 2009 (No 2), prin 5296
Disabled persons Accessibility issues, 5453q, 5561q
Canberra Hospital, patients, 5533q, 5697q
Economy Non-profit sector, 2506
Recession, 1260
Revenue base, 1603
Stimulus package, 523, 627q, 1091q
Education Early childhood, 4186q
Galilee day program, 4966q
Investment, 67q, 1960
Public system, 1653q, 1802q
Closures, 4146, 4338q
Fetes, 5133
Sustainability, 3492
Students, behaviour, 4321
Teachers, 4013, 4024, 4252
Education Amendment Bill 2009, prin 4321
Education (Participation) Amendment Bill 2009, prin 4698
Electoral, campaign advertising, 3890
Electricity, feed-in tariff, 209q, 3827q
Emergencies (Bushfire Warnings) Amendment Bill 2009, prin 4116
Emergency services, warnings, 4064q
Employment, hospitality jobs, 4124
Energy Feed-in tariff, 209q, 3827q
Solar, 2313q, 3205q
Environment Air pollution, Tuggeranong Valley, 2599
Building temperature settings, 5828qn
Electricity feed-in scheme, 768q
Grasslands, 1555
Urban street trees, 4450q
Exhibition Park Corporation Repeal Bill 2009, prin 1868
Finance Assets and liabilities, 5785qn
Energy and communication costs, 5795qn
Global crisis, 4351q
Government expenditure, 1154, 1231
Fireworks, ban, 4584q, 5296
First Home Owners Grant Amendment Bill 2009 (No 2), prin 3926
Galilee day program, funding, 5081q, 5096q, 5100q
Gambling, legislation, 4684
Government Accountability, 2364
Achievements, 4719
Advertising jingles, 338q
Community consultation, 3632
Ministerial responsibilities, 4771, 5613
Giralang, planning, 4055q
Gungahlin, Regional Community Service, 5182q, 5327q
Health Accreditation process, 3350q
Animal diseases, 1893
Denmark and Norway, services, 3699q
General practitioners, 1325
Interprofessional workshops, 3632
Mental, planning, 612
Wellness Week, 4124
Housing Community providers, 5189q, 5327q
Construction, 4194q
First home owner grant, 3926
Home ownership policies, 2879, 2897
Homelessness services, 5404qn
Land rent scheme, 2674q
Non-government providers, 4487
Public, 479q, 5087q, 5088q, 5198q, 5314q, 5454q
Housing ACT Energy efficiency ratings, 5812qn
Solar hot-water systems, 5811qn
Housing and Community Services, Department, acknowledgement, 5387
IMB Community Foundation, funding, 2916
Immigration, refugees, 5122
Industrial relations Long service leave, 3535, 4951, 4953
Maternity leave, 997
Portable long service leave, 5319q
International affairs, Ethiopia, 5683q
Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2009 (No 3), prin 4993
Kangaroos, cull, 1195q
Legislative Assembly Committees Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 2927, 4146
Estimates 2009-2010, 2369, 2606
Public Accounts, 1154
Members Burch, Ms J, inaugural speech, 149
Conduct, 1144
Hargreaves, Mr J, resignation from ministry, 4638
Staff, Manderson, Mr R, departure, 4252
Points of order, 4059
Valedictory, 5765
Long Service Leave (Community Sector) Amendment Bill 2009, prin 4951, detail 4953
Long Service Leave (Portable Schemes) Bill 2009, prin 3535
Motor vehicles, abandoned, 1878
Multiculturalism Ministerial decisions, 5456q
National Multicultural Festival, 880q, 1012, 1027, 4965q, 5100, 5315q, 5318q, 5698q
Strategy, 5705
Planning Giralang shops, 4055q
Multi-unit housing, 3819
Outer suburbs, facilities, 2714
Planning and Development Amendment Bill 2009, prin 3933
Policing, assumed identities, 4236
Richardson, Festival of Belonging, 5133
Road Transport (Mass, Dimensions and Loading) Bill 2009, prin 3273
Roads and Public Places Amendment Bill 2009, prin 1878
Seniors, positive ageing, 5702
Social welfare, community services, 786
Sport Facilities, 1455
Redline model car racing team, 3284
Supermarkets, competition policy, 2454q, 4334q
Taxation, GST payments, 4348q
Territory and Municipal Services, Department, services, 3461q
Territory-owned corporations, operations, 3988
TJ & C Family Consultancy, funding, 5013qn
Transport, heavy vehicles, 3273
Unlawful Gambling Bill 2009, prin 4684
Veterans, community services, 1740
Water, supply, 1294q, 1413q, 3553
Watson Blinds and Awnings, anniversary, 3492
Women, Beryl refuge, 5447q, 5559q
Workers Compensation (Default Insurance Fund) Amendment Bill 2009, prin 3436
Youth Crime, 4193q
Plan, 5447q, 5448q, 5468

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