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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, education, 2586
ACT Gambling and Racing Commission, inquiry, 5311q
ACT Planning and Land Authority, funding, 1986q
ACT public service

Consultants, 5842qn, 5843qn
Invoices, 5836qn, 5837qn
Positions, 2258qn, 2615qn
Travel, 1493qn, 1522qn
Adoption Amendment Bill 2008, prin 1028
Adoption Amendment Bill 2009, prin 3800, 4306
Advertising, political parties, 820qn
Appropriation Bill 2008-2009 (No 2), detail 420, 424, 426, 436
Appropriation Bill 2009-2010, prin 2125, detail (Department of Territory and Municipal Services) 2953, (Department of Treasury) 3029, (Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services) 3077, (Department of Education and Training) 3115, (ACT Planning and Land Authority) 3127
Arts and letters Artwork project, 3498qn
Community events, 704, 927
Australian Heritage Village, management, 1212
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre Commissioning, 200q, 1481qn
Incidents, 3520qn
Brindabella Christian College, car park, 4675qn
Budget, debate, 2125
Building, legislation, 5645
Business Impact statements, 5035qn
Sale of Labor clubs, 5682q
Small, 3397
Byrne, Ms B OAM, death, 3527
Capital works, projects, 593
Children Adoption, 1028, 3800, 4306
After-school and vacation programs, 5040qn
Autistic, 821qn
British childcare workers, 2245qn
Care and protection, 1562q, 1564q, 1660q, 1662q, 1797q, 2237qn, 2618qn, 2619qn, 2620qn
Institutional care, 5061
Policies, mnst 1806
Services, 2621qn
Swimming skills, 5034qn
Vardon report, 4267qn
Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2009, prin 1745, 2556
Civil Partnerships Amendment Bill 2009, prin 4786
Civil Partnerships Amendment Bill 2009 (No 2), prin 5738
Construction Occupations Legislation Amendment Bill 2009, prin 5645
Cotter Dam Call-in powers, 4204
Environmental impact, 3246
Crime, school vandalism, 2210qn
Crimes (Bill Posting) Amendment Bill 2008, prin 545
Deakin pool, lease, 1288q, 1569q, 1662q, 4441q, 4460q
Disabled persons, students, 1761
Economy Management, 1950
Opposition plan, 2534
Policy, 4624
Recession, 1195q
Stimulus package, 471q, 638q, 748, 858q, 1090q, 1093
Education Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, 2586
AST scores, 1499qn
Australian early development index, 5694q
Counsellors and psychologists, 1487qn
Early childhood, 757q, 4184q
Excursion fees, 1663q, 1802q
Focus on the family seminar, 5328
Funding, 1485qn, 1486qn
Investment, 68q, 1964
Languages, 684, 1489qn, 2626qn
Literacy and numeracy, 1834qn
National literacy centre, 3161qn
Public system, 1654q, 1802q
Schools After-school care, 1839qn
Birrigai, 196q, 204q
Boards, 2080q
Bullying, 2458q, 2969q, 2989q, 3510qn, 4574q
Campbell primary school, 5020qn
Canberra high school, 5328
Census, 2218qn
Class sizes, 1837qn
Closures, 4338q, 4402
Contextual profiles, 5475
Cooperation, 3584q
Enrolments, 72q, 199q, 207q, 341q, 815qn, 1481qn, 1484qn, 1497qn, 1830, 3506qn
Equity fund, 5831qn
Investment, 854q, 3342q
Kingsford Smith school, 4673qn
Language programs, 2209qn
Narrabundah primary, 1843qn
Non-government, 3235
Performance monitoring, 2835
Planning regulations, 972q, 976q, 982q, 989q
Procurement and purchasing policies, 5594
Reporting, 4051q
Satisfaction survey, 3500qn
Sizes, 4190q
St Clare of Assisi primary school, fire, 3465
Sustainability, 853q
Synthetic turf, 3822q
Telopea Park, 470q, 475q, 643q
Truancy, 4178q, 4669qn
Urambi primary, 5802qn
Vandalism, 2210qn
Special needs, 1200q, 1206q, 1287q, 2452q
Stakeholders, 1412q, 1427q
Standards, 1764
Students Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, 4662qn
Behaviour, 4324, 4329, 4376, 4380, 5803qn
Gender gap, 807
Interstate, 5830qn
Leaving age, 1899q
Needs, 4837q
Performance data, 4819q
Removal, 5187q
Restorative justice, 3767
Suspensions, 4138, 5000
Transfer requests, 2217qn
Teachers, 1523qn, 4020, 5535q
Training organisations, 1486qn
Universities admissions index, 1523qn
Vocational, 1300q
Education Amendment Bill 2009, prin 4138, 4324, detail 4329, 4376, 4380
Education and Training, Department, programs, 1842qn
Education (Participation) Amendment Bill 2009, prin 4544, 4701
Employment, youth, 1745
Energy, solar, 3449q
Environment Cotter reservoir, impact, 3246
Building temperature settings, 5827qn
Energy efficiency Hot-water systems, 3299, 3466, 3596, 3730, 3734
Ratings, 1280, 1721, 2186qn, 2188qn, 4574q, 5021qn, 5036qn, 5049qn, 5050qn
Software, 841qn
Erindale, planning, 5510
Exhibition Park Corporation, board, 2567q
Exhibition Park Corporation Repeal Bill 2009, prin 1381, 1869
Families Civil partnerships, 4786
Data collection methods, 3155qn
Family and Community Day, legislation, 5070
Finance Departmental assets and liabilities, 5778qn, 5781qn
Departmental energy and communication costs, 5791qn
Government expenditure, 420, 424, 426, 436
Financial Management (Board Composition) Amendment Bill 2009, prin 5215, detail 5228
Financial Management (Budget Review) Amendment Bill 2009, prin 5597
Gambling Gaming machines, community contributions, 4746
Labor clubs, 3210q
Legislation, 4687
Racing, 338q, 343q, 5283, 5429, 5431
Gas-fired power station, proposal, mnrs 17, 18, 22
Government Achievements, 4716
Minister for Education and Training, 3965q, mc 3642, 3721
Minister for Planning, admonishment 2467
Portfolio responsibilities, mnst 342
Griffith oval, fence, 22
Holidays (Family and Community Day) Amendment Bill 2009, prin 5070
Housing Energy efficiency, 5036qn, 5050qn
Home ownership policies, 2889
Land, leases, 1485qn
Legislative Assembly Committees Education, Training and Young People (Sixth Assembly), 2990
Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 1761, 1764, 2924, 2928, 2929, 2932
Health and Disability, 1096, 1171
Planning, Public Works and Territory and Municipal Services, 2933
Language, "arse", 1451
Members, leave of absence, 2945
Papers, 92, 1095, 1579, 2153, 3248, 4362, 4598, 4972, 5468
Points of order, 2937, 3241, 4026, 4777
Privilege, identifying an individual, 2614qn
Questions on notice, 1994
Sittings, 269
Standing and temporary orders, suspension, 867, 4160
Valedictory, 449, 5767
Marlow Cottage, refurbishment, 2230qn
Marriage, civil partnerships, 5738
Multiculturalism, National Multicultural Festival, 1022
Planning Amaroo, 1495qn
Approval process, 70q
Building Code of Australia, 3452q
Call-in powers, 2694
Child-friendly principles, 5035qn
Code track systems, 2230qn
Commercial developments, 2244qn
Deakin swimming pool, 1288q, 1569q, 1662q, 4441q, 4460q
Delays, 1286q
Development applications, 23, 842qn, 2186qn, 2694
East Gungahlin, 1528qn
Federal government, 4826q
Giralang shops, 4053q
Gungahlin, 19
Hospital car park, 2449q, 2459q, 2460q
Initiatives, 5399qn, 5774qn
Inspection fees, 3345q, 3465q
Leases, 342, 519, 2588, 3245, 4362
Legislation, impact, 3457q
Local shops, 2018
Multi-unit housing, 3242, 3817
Outer suburbs, facilities, 2704
Parliamentary triangle, 4980
Redevelopment policy, 2933
Schools, 972q, 976q, 982q, 989q
Subordinate legislation, mnst 1580, 1828
Swimming pools, 1412q, 1413q, 1416q, 1427q
Territory plan, 1212
Theodore, 581, 1929
Tuggeranong and Erindale, 5510
Watson, 1212
West Macgregor, 2679q, 2744q
Woden master plan, 1795q
Planning and Development Amendment Bill 2009, prin 3802, 3938, 4941
Planning and Development Amendment Bill 2009 (No 2), prin 5650
Planning and Development Amendment Regulation 2009 (No 2), motion to disallow 1382
Prisons, Bimberi Youth Justice centre, 200q, 1481qn, 3520qn
Racing Amendment Bill 2009, prin 5283, 5429, detail 5431
Roads Funding, 2458q
Monash Drive, 5037qn
Well Station Drive extension, 4801, 4917
Social welfare, emergency relief, 991q
Sport Community participation, 4813
Facilities, 1445
Funding, 3567q
Swimming lessons, 1305q
Surveyors Amendment Bill 2009, prin 5644
Tourism, visitor numbers, 1303q
Tuggeranong, planning, 5510
Unlawful Gambling Bill 2009, prin 4687
Waramanga, shopping centre, 3531
Water Cotter reservoir, 3246, 4204
Security of supply, 3551
Use and catchment, 1212
Water and Sewerage (Energy Efficient Hot-Water Systems) Legislation Amendment Bill 2009, prin 3299, detail 3730, 3734
World Teacher's Day 2009, 5803qn
Youth Employment, 1745
Policies, mnst 1806
Youth Week, 1673, 1683

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