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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2008 Week 8 Hansard (7 August) . . Page.. 3133..

Industrial relations

(Question No 2091)

Mr Stefaniak asked the Minister for Industrial Relations, upon notice, on 17 June 2008:

In relation to long service leave portability matters raised on 19 May 2008 by UnionsACT during hearings of the Select Committee on Estimates 2008-2009 (a) what is the Government's policy on the portability of long service leave and (b) has the Government responded to the 2006 community sector task force report on portability of long service leave; if so, where may that report be found; if not, why, and when will a response be drafted.

Mr Barr: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(a) The Government will continue to review the need for portable long service leave for the private sector on an industry by industry basis.

(b) The Chief Minister wrote to all members of the Community Sector Taskforce updating them on progress regarding implementation of the recommendations in the report - a copy of that letter is attached. The Chief Minister asked the Deputy Chief Minister to take the lead in relation to the ongoing sustainability of the ACT community services sector into the future, as Minister for Disability and Community Services and Minister for Health. I am participating in this process for those matters that relate to my portfolios. The Government's response to the report is also reflected through the funding allocated in the 2008-09 Budget to establish a portable long service leave scheme for the community sector.

(A copy of the attachment is available at the Chamber Support Office).

Industrial relations

(Question No 2093)

Mr Stefaniak asked the Minister for Industrial Relations, upon notice, on 17 June 2008:

What is the Government's response to the recommendations of UnionsACT, relating to industrial relations matters, contained in its 2008-09 budget submission concerning (a) the establishment of an Office of the Workplace and Productivity Advocate to co-ordinate the ACT Government and community response to a number of issues impacting on the ACT workforce, (b) the recommendation that the ACT Government should be an exemplary employer with regard to occupational health and safety and to achieve this outcome all areas currently dealing with inspections, regulation, policy and compliance should be brought under one umbrella and properly resourced, (c) the recommendation that the Government should honour the commitment made to the community sector to implement a portable long service scheme to cover those workers employed in the non-government community sector as a means to addressing the burgeoning skills shortage in that industry, (d) that with respect to the last round of enterprise bargaining in the public sector, the Government needs to ensure that commitments given regarding wage increases, work loads and contracts are fully funded and implemented, (e) the recommendation that to

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