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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2008 Week 6 Hansard (27 June) . . Page.. 2415..

  • May 2007 - Sydney (a) $900 (b) one staff;
  • August 2007 - Sydney (a) $10,000 (b) two staff;
  • September 2007 - South Africa (a) $20,000 (b) two staff;
  • October 2007 - Sydney (a) $3,000 (b) three staff;
  • October 2007 - UK & Ireland (a) $45,000 (b) two staff;
  • March 2008 - UK, Germany & Amsterdam (a) $42,000 (b) two staff;
  • May 2008 - South Africa (a) $40,000 (b) three staff; and
  • May 2008 - Sydney (a) $900 (b) one staff.
  • (6) Domestic locations are selected as a result of research conducted prior to the pilot campaign in April 2006. International locations are selected with the Skilled and Business Migration Program on the basis of levels of migration figures to Australia and the availability of skills expos. Success is measured by:

    • the level of visas applied for and inward migration figures;
    • the number of follow up enquiries (including visits to Canberra);
    • unique website visits from the targeted areas; and
    • requests for information packs and follow up with targeted areas.

    Canberra Technology City

    (Question No 2069)

    Mr Mulcahy asked the Minister for Planning, upon notice, on 6 May 2008 (redirected to the Chief Minister):

    (1) Which Government departments, agencies, corporations or other Government owned or operated bodies are involved with the transfer of land for the Canberra Technology City;

    (2) Who are the law firms or lawyers representing each of the various bodies outlined in part (1);

    (3) What is the cost of legal advice and assistance that has been incurred by each of the bodies outlined in part (1) so far;

    (4) What is the estimated final cost of legal advice and assistance that will be incurred by each of the bodies outlined in part (1);

    (5) Has the Land Development Agency determined a price for the land for the Canberra Technology City; if so, what is this price; if not, how and when will this price be determined.

    Mr Stanhope: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

    (1) The Chief Minister's Department, the Land Development Agency and the Government Solicitor's Office are the Government agencies involved with the transfer of land for the Canberra Technology City. ActewAGL is the corporation involved.

    (2) The ACT Government is advised by the Government Solicitor's Office. Clayton Utz is acting for the Land Development Agency in this matter. ActewAGL has received legal advice primarily from Minter Ellison.

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