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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2008 Week 5 Hansard (8 May) . . Page.. 1805..

Mr Hargreaves: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) Housing ACT is not made aware of all court orders relating to access. For example, families may not disclose orders made under the Family Law Act 1975 by the Family Court.

There is no duty on Housing ACT to obtain these details. Rather, it is a matter for the parties to the proceedings to arrange compliance with the Court's orders.

Where the ACT Children's Court makes a contact order under the Children and Young People Act 1999, the Care and Protection Services (CPS) liaises with all relevant parties, including Housing ACT where appropriate, to enable contacts that are in the child's best interests.

(2) Housing ACT works closely with the Office for Children, Youth and Family Support in an effort to assist families to sustain their tenancies and resolve housing difficulties. Housing ACT and the Office for Children, Youth and Family Support have an agreed communication process where a family facing possible eviction and children or young people are involved.

Public service—consulting services

(Question No 1896)

Mr Smyth asked the Minister for Police and Emergency Services, upon notice, on 14 February 2008:

(1) How much was spent on consulting services for your department in the 2007-08 financial year to date;

(2) Can the Minister provide details of the individual contracts as outlined in part (1) as to (a) who were they awarded to, (b) at what cost, (c) for what purpose and (d) how were they awarded, for example, by tender or with certificate of exemption.

Mr Corbell: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

I am not prepared to authorise the use of the very considerable resources that would be involved in providing the detailed information required to answer the Member's question. I note that information on the use of consultants is routinely provided in agencies' annual reports.


(Question No 1907)

Mrs Dunne asked the Minister for Children and Young People, upon notice, on 14 February 2008 (redirected to the Minister for Disability and Community Services):

(1) How many youth dedicated refuges and refuges that accept youth are there in the ACT;

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