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2020 Summit, participation, 1841qn
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body Bill 2008, prin, 1260, 1422, detail, 1425
Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders

Apology, 224
Atefacts, 2849q
Bipartisan strategy, 252q
Funding, 1378qn
Housing, 1377qn
Public service, 1392qn
Abortion, debate, 3842
ACT Memorial, vandalism, 3158qn
ActewAGL, green power, 4017qn
Advertising, political, 3449q
Appropriation Bill 2008-2009, prin, 1440, 1665, refcom, 1666, detail, (Auditor-General) 2109, (Treasury) 2144, (Shared Services Centre) 2153, (Exhibition Park Corporation) 2368, (Treasurer's advance) 2381
Arboretum, Wollemi pines, 1043qn
Arts and letters
M16 galleries, 686qn
Nolan Gallery, 1372qn
Auditor-General, report, 3931
Bell, Mr D, death, 797
Amenity of public areas, 1602q
Capital works, 1498q, 2232q
Debates, 1665, 1666
Inflation forecast, 1509q
Midyear review, 408q
Participatory budgeting, 1524
Presentation, 1440
Surplus, 3460q
Budget 2007-2008, midyear review, 272
Canberra international airport
Development, 402q
Expansion, 38q
Canberra Symphony Orchestra, funding, 2845q
Canberran of the Year, announcement, 1839qn
Chief Minister's Department, staff, 1603q
Civil Partnerships Bill 2006, prin, 1766
Council of Australian Governments, meeting, 869q
Cullen, Professor P, death, 797
Cultural Facilities Corporation, report, 1112
Downer, business centre, 1814qn
Duties Amendment Bill 2008, prin, 1459, 2047, detail, 2048
Duties Amendment Bill 2008 (No 2), prin, 2999, 3262
Duties (Landholders) Amendment Bill 2008, prin, 1568, 3092
Earth Hour, participation, 1840qn
Business confidence, 1089q, 1102q
Growth forecast, 1503q
Innovation, 959q
Management, 3604q
Outlook, 1093q, 1101q, 1105q
Performance, 607q, 610q, 616q, 3924q
White paper, 361qn
Australian Defence Force Academy, 1106q, 1192q
Australian National University, School of Music, 348qn
Closures, 36q, 155q, 269q, 627q, 849q, 947q, 956q, 1511q, 3760q, 3920q
Enrolments, 866q
Lyons primary, 754q
Teaching quality, 1451
University of Canberra, management, 970
Electricity Feed-in (Renewable Energy Premium) Bill 2008, prin, 2009
Emergency services, FireLink, 58q
Employment, labour market, 159q
Air monitoring, 3148qn
Climate change, 208, 614q, 2418qn, 3600q, 4015qn
Commissioner, 3052
Department of Defence land, 744q
Fuel leaks, 4014qn
Greenhouse gas abatement, 3054, 3152qn
Pest plants, 686qn
Prosecutions, 4013qn
Rangers, 1819qn
Renewable energy, 2009
Report, 3144qn
Solar hot water systems, 4016qn
Solar power, 4020qn
Sustainability, 3786
Weed control, 1046qn
Wild dog control, 1045qn
Civil partnerships, 1766
Government policy, impact, 638
Budget estimates, 1358qn
Commonwealth-state relations, 1458
Consolidated report, 275
Debt collection review, 1043qn
Federal funding, 501, 688qn
Government expenditure, 1440
Government investment portfolios, 1100q
Government shares, 3152qn
Management, 71, 274, 629, 960, 2075, 2470, 2471, 3049, 3226, 3931, 3932
Legislation, 1572
Network infrastructure, 1973, 1978
Gas-fired power station
Aboriginal artefacts, 2849q
Environmental impact, 2937q, 2944q
Proposal, 1968, 2059q, 2235q, 2239q, 2415qn, 2465q, 2467q, 3144qn, 3170qn, 3450q, 3757q, 3768q, 3908q, 3915q, 3919q, 4007qn
Administrative arrangements, 65
Chief Minister, mnc, 1881
Community consultation, 2477
Constituent representations, 3137qn
Decision-making process, 92
Infrastructure investment, 2963
Ministerial arrangements, 2225, 2841
Gungahlin Town Centre, footpaths, 4038qn
Gungahlin, swimming pool, 2845q, 2854q
Abortion, 3842
Expenditure, 1450
General practitioners, 3319
Patient care, 221
Hospitals, pay parking, 54q
Affordability, 41q, 46q, 880, 1513q, 2060q, 3456q
Aged care accommodation, 3913q
Expenditure, 1454
Indigenous, 1377qn
Land rent scheme, 1570
Stamp duty, 1432q, 1548
Human Cloning and Embryo Research Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 985
Blameless motor accidents, 1310q
Third-party, 96, 1397qn, 3494, 3502
International affairs, New Zealand, 424
Kaine, Mr T, death, 1843
Kangaroos, cull, 3141qn
Canberra Technology City, 2415qn
Moderate income land ballot, 4012qn
Rent scheme, 2243q
Land Rent Bill 2008, prin, 1570, 1992
Legislative Assembly
Estimates 2008-2009, 2049
Planning and Environment, 1402
Public Accounts, 426, 3050, 3438
Legislative program, 66
Matters of public importance
Federal government, spending cuts, 1134
Housing affordability, 3245
Pairs, 3668
Staff, 3423
Stanhope, Mr J, suspension, 3389
Stefaniak, Mr B, appointment, 3721
Superannuation, 3000
Papers, 72, 76, 272, 1461, 2074, 3049, 3055, 3929, 3931, 3932
Points of order, 5, 524, 1555, 1892, 2092, 3330, 3332, 3422, 3668, 3767
Questions on notice, outstanding, 758
Valedictory, 3982
Legislative Assembly (Members' Staff) Amendment Bill 2008, detail, 3423
Live in Canberra campaign, welcome events, 700qn, 2413qn
National Gas (ACT) Bill 2008, prin, 1973, detail, 1978
Natural Gas Law Bill 2008, prin, 1572
Olympics, torch relay, 1306q, 1435q, 1507q
Our City Our Community, brochure costs, 1391qn
Payroll Tax Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 376
Block 23, city, 1037qn
Crace, 425
Dunlop, 1044qn
Griffin legacy, 1202q
Griffin legacy, funding, 163q
Heritage sites, 4024qn
Infrastructure, 3480, 3757q
Population, regional migration, 1382qn
Public service
Advertising, 696qn, 697qn, 699qn, 1039qn, 1040qn, 1052qn, 1053qn, 1054qn, 1057qn, 1059qn, 1812qn
Annual reports, 2074
Consulting services, 694qn, 698qn, 700qn, 1053qn, 1812qn
Cuts, 1208q
Executive contracts, 64, 422, 758, 1460, 2073, 3048, 3619
Focus groups, 696qn, 699qn, 1039qn, 1053qn, 1058qn, 1391qn
Indigenous employees, 1392qn
Privacy, 1831qn, 4006qn
Recruitment, 1210q
Review, 3024
Websites, 1397qn, 1820qn, 1821qn, 1822qn, 1823qn, 1824qn
Rates (Fire and Emergency Services Levy Repeal) Amendment Bill 2008, prin, 2908
Rates, payments, 4038qn
Rhodium Asset Solutions Ltd
Report, 3438, 3445q
Sale, 44q
Sale process, 3033q, 3036q
Sponsorships, 1376qn
Staff, 1834qn
Road Transport (Third-Party Insurance) Bill 2007, prin, 22, 25, detail, 30, 34, 96
Road Transport (Third-Party Insurance) Amendment Bill 2008, prin, 3494, detail, 3502
Cohen Street, 1518q
Constitution Avenue, 1204q
Gungahlin Drive extension, 2228q, 2842q, 2852q, 2941q, 2945q, 2947q, 3034q, 3922q, 4005qn
Parking fines, 156q
Aged care accommodation, 3913q
Travel discount cards, 1091q
Superannuation (Legislative Assembly Members) Amendment Bill 2008, prin, 3000
Charges, 2063q
Duties, 1459, 2046, 2999, 3092
Increases, 619q
Land holder duty, 1570
Motor vehicles, 3262
Network facilities tax, 1234
Payroll tax, 376
Rates, 2908
Relativities, 752q, 951q, 1110q
Stamp duty, 1432q
Tidbinbilla nature reserve, new sanctuary, 1313q
Busway, 60q
High speed rail, 1373qn
Rail, 2941q
Seniors card, 1091q
Utilities (Network Facilities Tax) Repeal Bill 2008, prin, 1234
Water Resources (Validation of Fees) Bill 2008, prin, 1336
Consumption, 2420qn
Rainfall figures, 359qn
Sale to Queanbeyan, 3160qn
Unmetered consumption, 689qn
Belconnen, 1518q
Projects, 2461q
Yarralumla brickworks, community consultation, 1059qn
Youth, World Youth Day, 1292q

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