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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders

Apology, 241
Electoral lobby, 2646
ACT Policing, numbers, 2708q
Alcohol, regulation, 853q
Ambulance service, resourcing, 2949q
Appropriation Bill 2008-2009, detail, (Legislative Assembly Secretariat) 2095
Arts and letters, music festival, 110
Belconnen, community events, 1560
Bell, Mr D, death, 802
Participatory budgeting, 1530
Skills training, 1607q
Canberra International Music Festival, performances, 110
Charnwood shopping centre, 963
Children, vulnerable infants, 3889
Civil Partnerships Bill 2006, prin, 1763
Commonwealth Day, celebration, 1004
Defence, veterans wreath-laying ceremony, 1156
Drugs, methamphetamines, 2039
Economy, innovation, 958q
Arts curriculum, 3920q
Canberra Institute of Technology, 517q
Early childhood schools framework, 1107q
Funding, 2067q
Healthy lifestyle, 755q
Initiatives, 61q
Management, 781
National skill shortage, 2241q
Public system, 1505q
Class sizes, 2875
Closures, 573, 845
Computers, 2599q
Movements survey, 3345q
Schools authority, proposed, 270q
Vocational education and training, 1212q
Employment, skills shortages, 3592
Environment, tree planting, 1560
Families, civil partnerships, 1763
Chief Minister, mnc, 1951
Infrastructure investment, 2952
Gungahlin, swimming pool, 2856q
Arthritis Awareness Week, 1254
Capital works, 174q
Mental health, 415q
Public system, 3222q
Services, 3611q
Hospitals, cancer treatments, 3040q
Affordability, 3456q
Retirement villages, 3938
Information technology, school computers, 2599q
Legislative Assembly
Education, Training and Young People, 1336, 2671, 3592
Estimates 2008-2009, 2044
Health and Disability, 2039, 3889
Valedictory, 3996
Achievements, 3771q
Festival, 469
International Year of Languages, 128, 143
Planning, Fraser, 1259, 2024
Roads, Gungahlin Drive extension, 3074
Salvation Army, Red Shield Appeal, 1560
Retirement villages, 2646
Social inclusion, 2985
Tidbinbilla nature reserve, new sanctuary, 1313q
Tourism, autumn events, 628q
Hospital upgrades, 174q
Projects, 2461q
World Youth Day, celebration, 2536
World Youth Day, 2536
Youth Week, 1176, 1191

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