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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, apology, 230
Abortion, debate, 3852
ACT Housing, tenant audit, 2400qn

Electricity meter readings, 2803qn
Electricity meters, 3152qn
ACTION bus service
Belconnen exchange, 3159qn
Branding, 3157qn
Bus shelters, 1353qn
Network, 525q, 860q, 2593q
Nightrider, 1025qn
Off-peak timetables, 4022qn
Patronage, 3143qn, 3451q
Routes, 259q
Seniors Week, 1205q
Social inclusion, 1196q
Statistics, 2419qn
Theodore terminus, 1829qn
Appropriation Bill 2008-2009, detail, (Territory and Municipal Services) 2213
Banton, Mr B, death, 566
Braddon, flooding, 1018qn
Budget, amenity of public areas, 1602q
Cats, control, 352qn
Charity bins, illegal dumping, 1036qn
Children, access, court orders, 1805qn
Crime, assaults, 1024qn
Development, Causeway, 3562qn
Attacks, 355qn
Statistics, 2417qn
Drugs, driver testing, 1114, mnst, 1125
Languages, 137
Closures, 322qn
Recycling bins, 341qn
Electoral Legislation Amendment Bill 2007, detail, 1703
Efficiency programs, 4017qn
Energy efficiency in housing, 964
Green waste programs, 515q, 631q
Housing energy efficiency, 3037q
No Waste Action Plan, 2385qn
No waste strategy, 3034q
Noise assessment guidelines, 4029qn
Noise pollution, 1353qn
Rangers, 1820qn
Recycling bins, 341qn
Waste management, 948q, 3377
Weed control, 1380qn
Federal Golf Club, tree removals, 322qn
Gas-fired power station, documents, 2627
Chief Minister, mnc, 1932
Decision-making process, 82
Gungahlin, oval, 362qn
Abortion, 3852
Asbestos, 566, 3371
General practitioners, 3368
Affordability, 887
Agreements, 3935
Allocation, 403q
Assistance, 4028qn
Children, 1805qn
Complaints about tenants, 1831qn
Cotter Road caretaker's cottage, 3165qn, 3295
Energy efficiency, 964, 3037q
Fraser Court, 1297q, 1385qn
Homelessness, mnst, 3469
Public, 509q, 964, 1837qn
Review, 3165qn
Seniors, 1841qn
Stuart flats, 1807qn
Theodore, 1303q, 4009qn
Waiting lists, 2400qn
Housing ACT
Aged persons, 1370qn
Complaints management, 1385qn
Managers, 1356qn
Properties, 1365qn
Tenant debt, 1384qn
Housing Assistance Amendment Bill 2008, prin, 2682, detail, 3105, 3108, 3196, 3198,
Human Cloning and Embryo Research Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 986
Human rights, discrimination, 3056
Land, surveys, 4024qn
Legislative Assembly
Library, 3762q
Points of order, 79, 309, 1345, 3385, 3434, 3462, 3930
Questions on notice, 758, 1465, 2710
Standing orders, suspension, 877
Valedictory, 3985
Dickson library, 1024qn
Review, 4031qn
Motor vehicles
Electric scooters, 3145qn
Footpaths, 327qn
Registrations, 1018qn, 1035qn
Achievements, 3772q
International Year of Languages, 137
National Multicultural Festival, 53q, 318
National Convention Centre, refurbishment, 1023qn
Public service
Advertising, 1041qn, 1042qn, 1364qn, 1387qn, 1395qn
Community engagement, 1025qn
Consulting services, 1041qn, 1386qn, 1396qn
Focus groups, 1040qn, 1386qn, 1395qn
Websites, 1818qn, 1828qn
Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2008, prin, 2030
Animal carcases, 1390qn
Driver demerit points, 2023
Drug testing, 1114mnst, 1125
Footpaths, 1808qn
Gungahlin Drive extension, 1096q, 2852q, 2943q, 2948q, 3042q, 3065, 3602q, 3763q
O'Malley, petition, ministerial response, 3566
Parking, 3928q, 4008qn, 4033qn
Safety signs, 1035qn
Speeding, 1020qn
Streetlights, 3156qn
Tharwa bridge, 298, 342qn, 1830qn
Traffic lights, 3169qn
Wells Station Road, 1017qn
Bus service, 1205q
Housing, 1841qn
Sport, cricket, 911
Territory and Municipal Services, Department
Activities, 3615q
Financial review, 3766q
Funding increases, 3607q, 3610q
Tharwa bridge, 298, 342qn, 1035qn, 1036qn
Tourism, surveys, 2424qn
Infrastructure, 4010qn
National plan, 4010qn
Statistics, 3145qn
Taxis and hire cars, 2700q
Transport, taxis, Nightlink service, 1359qn
Waste disposal, tip fees, 2416qn
Water, Comtrol, 356qn
Works, projects, 3597q

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