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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, apology, 246
Abortion, debate, 3855
ACT Health

Assistants in nursing, 693qn
Client care officers, 693qn
Community Health Unit, 339qn
Nurses, 1029qn
Occupational health and safety, 2387qn, 2389qn
Patient supply and quality unit, 1022qn
ACT Pathology
Finances, 3138qn
Patient information, 3140qn
Recruitment, 4005qn
Appropriation Bill 2008-2009, detail, (ACT Health) 2175, 2182
Bimberi Youth Detention Centre, project, 4034qn
Access, 1016qn
Autism, 1020qn, 1051qn
Care database, 1815qn
Murray-Mackie study, 961
Protection, 2058q, 2225q, 2227q, 2231q, 2245q, 2397qn, 2399qn, 2460q, 2461q, 2588q, 2591q, 2696q, 2699q, 2703q, 2705q, 2798qn
Children and Young People Bill 2008, prin, 577, 2495, detail, 2503, 2520, 2528
Children and Young People (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2008, prin, 1573
Cigarettes and tobacco
Legislation, 575, 3836, 3840
Smoking reform, 955q
Criminal Code (Drug Equipment) Amendment Bill 2008, prin, 3738
Disability ACT, future directions framework, 1032qn
Disability services
Advisory council, 1031qn
Employment, 1031qn
Focus groups, 1034qn
Funding, 2467q
Future directions framework, 1050qn
Packages, 1828qn
Support services, 1031qn
Crystal methamphetamine "ice", 3933
Diversion initiative, 328qn
Educational materials, 3166qn
Equipment display and sale, 3738
Intervention and referral services, 333qn
Regulations, 2839
Economy, budget surplus, 3336q
Early childhood schools framework, 1107q
Schools, closures, 839, 948q, 950q, 2586q
Electoral, campaign forums, 3865
Gas-fired power station
Documents, 2610
Environmental impact, 2947q, 3032q
Proposal, 2065q, 2066q, 2239q, 2469q, 2596q, 3219q, 3221q, 3334q, 3562qn
Gene Technology Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 1151
Chief Minister, mnc, 1914
Ministerial arrangements, 2586, 3333
Public interest disclosure, 2390qn
Abortion, 3855
Autism, 1384qn
Capital works, 174q
Chief Health Officer's report, 3620, 3768q
Chiropractic services, 1865
Clinics, 3455q
Continence support, 1369qn
Domiciliary oxygen, 1027qn
Eating disorders, 1825qn
Federal responsibilities, 262q
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, 350qn
Future needs, 2069q
Gene technology, 1151
General practitioners, 3209q, 3213q, 3307
Influenza preparedness plan, 1028qn
Malpractice reports, 1808qn
Mental health, 415q, 3127qn
Occupational health and safety, 1028qn
Organ donation, 2603q
Patient care, 173q
Patient safety and quality unit, 3164qn
Pollen levels, 1836qn
Private medical records, 3334q
Public services, 621q
Public system, 3222q
Radiopharmaceuticals, 409q, 535q
Services, 1519q, 3611q
Smoking, 2590q
System, 1301q, mnst, 2078, 2706q
Wanniassa medical centre, 3045q
Water quality, 4031qn
Access improvement program, 1022qn
Acute services, 2392qn
Bed categories, 321qn
Bed numbers, 2396qn
Calvary Hospital, bullying allegations, 2390qn
Canberra Hospital
Admissions, 323qn
Complaint processes, 1312q
Deaths, 3771q
Helipad, 1019qn
Patient care, 406q, 421q
Pedestrian safety, 357qn
Cancer treatments, 3040q
Clare Holland House, 3131qn
Compensation claims, 1838qn
Discharge plans, 1809qn
Emergency departments, 256q, 529q
Food for seniors, 2795qn
Funding, 397q, 507q
Nurses, 346qn, 2395qn
Overhaul, 482
Overtime, 1383qn
Management, 693qn
Medical assessment and planning unit, 692qn
Patient satisfaction, 3342q
Pay parking, 167q, 1809qn
Performance, 624q
Seniors care, 2393qn
Staffing, 513q, 692qn
Statistics, 351qn
Visiting medical officers, 1355qn
Waiting times, 2597q
Eviction policy, 3918q
Homelessness, 3466
Youth, 1050qn
Human Cloning and Embryo Research Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 990, 996, detail, 1002, 1066, 1071
Industrial relations, long service leave, 3133qn
Legislative Assembly
Acting Speaker, 2731
Education, Training and Young People, 1598
Health and Disability, 3577, 3933
Public Accounts, 759, 2830, 3878
Matters of public importance, Stanhope government, infrastructure projects, 2728
Public interest disclosure, 2795qn
Stanhope, Mr J, leave of absence, 2732
Papers, 759, 2711
Questions on notice, outstanding, 757
Valedictory, 3990
Medicines, Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Bill 2007, prin, 2839
Agency, 1029qn
Collective agreements, 3164qn
Osterberg, Mr A, death, 3771q
Public service
Advertising, 1033qn, 1034qn, 1055qn, 1056qn, 1363qn, 1394qn
Consulting services, 694qn, 1032qn, 1056qn
Focus groups, 1042qn, 1055qn
Websites, 1821qn, 1828qn, 1398qn
Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2008, prin, 2661
Rhodium Asset Solutions Ltd
Report, 3449q, 3614q, 3878
Sale, 2704q
Schools, closures, 4021qn
Seniors, hospital care, 2393qn, 2795qn
Social welfare
Concessions, review, 759
Corporate philanthropy, 1044qn
Carers, 2711
Tobacco Amendment Bill 2008, prin, 575, 3836, detail, 3840
Transport, taxi subsidies, 2407qn
Wanniassa, medical centre closure, 3577
Women, executive positions, 4021qn
Works, hospital upgrades, 174q
Housing, 1050qn
Legislation, 1573, 2495, 2503, 2520, 2528
Protection, 577
Refuges, 1806qn
Smoking, 955q
Youth Week, 1188

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