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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders

Apology, 246
Education, 1314, 3936
Abortion, debate, 3805
Ainslie school choir, performance, 106
Air conditioners, installation, 3153qn
Appropriation Bill 2008-2009, detail, (Chief Minister's Department) 2124, (Territory and Municipal Services) 2250, (ACT Planning and Land Authority) 2273, 2285, (Housing ACT) 2323, (Education and Training) 2362, 2367
Arts and letters
Funding, 1836qn
Grants, 1817qn
Step into the Limelight, play, 3867
Asbestos, reports, 2403qn
Balloon festival, management, 412q, 522q, 530q, 626q, 1193q, 1293q
Budget, skills training, 1607q
Building, bathroom design, 3128qn
Canberra International Sports and Aquatic Centre, planning, 1393qn
Civil Partnerships Bill 2006, prin, 1753
Compensation, workers compensation, 2034, 2402qn, 2805qn, 2889
Construction Industry Long Service Leave Board, membership, 4037qn
Crime, restorative justice, 3624
Daylight saving, legislation, 251
Approvals, 1393qn
Canberra airport, 3631
Reforms, 680
Appropriation, 516q
Costs, 358qn
Proposed site, 261q
Dunlop, Kerrigan Street development, 1816qn
Arts curriculum, 3920q
Canberra Institute of Technology, 517q
Capital works program, 3341q
Enrolments, 3151qn
Funding, 2067q
Healthy lifestyle, 755q
Indigenous, 1314, 3936
Initiatives, 62q
International students, 4032qn
Languages, 140, 149, 178, 360qn
Management, 771
National skill shortage, 2241q
Outdoor programs, 3126qn
Policies, 3358
Priority enrolment areas, 3146qn
Public system, 1505q
School chaplain program, 3161qn
Audits, 3154qn
Authority, proposed, 271q
Bonython primary, 343qn
Class sizes, 2871, 2922
Closures, 464, 822, 851q, 905, 952q, 954q, 1048qn, 1049qn, 2600q, 3206q, 3614q
Computers, 2599q
Early childhood, 2851q, 2950q, 3212q, 3346q
Enrolments, 856q, 4007qn
Evaluations, 4032qn
Funding, 344qn
Green schools program, 4028qn
Lyons primary, 734q, 739q, 746q, 749q, 750q, 806, 914
Movements survey, 3345q
Narrabundah early childhood, 4030qn
Sustainability, 161q
Toilet facilities, 352qn
Violence, 863q
Universities admissions index, 1021qn
University of Canberra, management, 978
Vocational, 848q, 1212q
Energy efficiency standards, 1606q, 3563qn
Gas-fired power station, 1488
Photovoltaic arrays, 1381qn
Service station sites, 2404qn
Civil partnerships, 1753
Government policy, impact, 646
Parental leave, 2878
Finance, federal funding cuts, 539
Fireworks, control, 2807qn
Gas-fired power station
Environmental impact, 2809
Ministerial call-in powers, 3040q
Planning process, 2939q
Proposal, 2025, 2057q, 2194, 2425qn, 2467q, 2604q, 3333q, 3339q, 3345q, 3398, 3459q, 3767q
Government, Chief Minister, mnc, 1923
Griffith oval No 1, proposals, 2803qn
Planning, 3169qn
Swimming pool, 2857q
Abortion, 3805
Asbestos exposure, 2403qn
Occupational health and safety, 276, 3959, 3961
Affordability, 247
Unit titles, 3012
Industrial relations
Budget items, 3136qn
Long service leave, 2032, 3538
Occupational health and safety, 2403qn, 3191
Parental leave, 2033
Recommendations, 3134qn
Information technology, school computers, 2599q
Kambah, leasehold inspections, 1015qn, 3163qn
Leases, 75, 2859
Property seizures, 2423qn
Legislative Assembly
Education, Training and Young People, 3624
Planning and Environment, 3187
Matters of public importance, federal government, spending cuts, 1145
Papers, 276, 426, 843, 2076, 2859
Points of order, 555, 557, 3903
Questions on notice, 1465
Valedictory, 4001
Long Service Leave Legislation Amendment Bill 2008, prin, 2032, 3538
Multiculturalism, International Year of Languages, 140
Ngunnawal, planning, 74
Parental Leave Legislation Amendment Bill 2008, prin, 2033, 2878
Access to solar energy, 2588q
Application objections, 1833qn
Belconnen, 3227, 3268
Canberra spatial plan, 2465q, 2604q
Community amenities, 3130qn
Concessional leases, 3146qn
Consent agreements, 1027qn
Dunlop, 1044qn, 1816qn
Explanatory statements, 3229
Fraser, 2024
Gungahlin, 2226q, 3169qn
Jamison, 687qn
Kambah, 1015qn, 4030qn
Kerrigan Street, Dunlop, 2804qn
Land use, 2943q
Lease variations, 1462
Majura Lane environs, 690qn
Narrabundah, 2076
Ngunnawal, 74
Pergolas, 3340q
Policy, 444
Queanbeyan decisions, 691qn
Regulations, 1271, 3059
Retail restrictions, 2854q
Symonston, 763
Territory plan, 651, 671
Turner, 2460q
Unit owner corporations, 3608q
Unit titles, 1085, 3700, 3704
Watson, 3187
Weston Creek, 1501q
Planning and Development Legislation Amendment Bill 2008, prin, 247, 680
Political parties, Liberal Party, 1253
Public service
Advertising, 697qn, 1037qn, 1038qn, 1058qn, 1367qn, 1813qn, 1814qn
Consulting services, 695qn, 1038qn
Focus groups, 1052qn, 1366qn, 1813qn
Freedom of information, 428
Websites, 1822qn, 1823qn, 1824qn
Workers compensation, 2402qn
Roads, Maria Place, Lyons, 3562qn
Calisthenics, 3163qn
Cricket, 914
Griffith oval No 1, 737q
Junior national games, 1352
Paintball, 1829qn
Swimming pools, 3216q, 3339q
Standard Time and Summer Time Amendment Bill 2008, prin, 251, 2745
Taxation, network facilities tax, 1236
Autumn events, 628q
Awards, 464
Unit Titles Amendment Bill 2007, prin, 1085
Unit Titles Amendment Bill 2008, prin, 3012, 3700, 3704
Utilities (Network Facilities Tax) Repeal Bill 2008, prin, 1236
Weston Creek, planning, 1501q
Work Safety Bill 2008, prin, 3191, 3959, detail, 3961
Workers Compensation Amendment Bill 2008, prin, 2034, 2889

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