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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2007 Week 13 Hansard (6 December) . . Page.. 4055..

MR STANHOPE (continuing):

possibility of shooting kangaroos at the Lawson or Majura sites. I refer to issues around safety and the absolute imperative of ensuring that there was no danger or potential harm to anybody as a result of actions to control the numbers of kangaroos. I refer also to the decision not to use contract shooters but to use darts to euthanise and to potentially remove the kangaroos. That was substituted as the preferred method of control. Mr Stefaniak, I will ask for detailed advice on the very real and serious issue that you raise.

Planning—City Hill

DR FOSKEY: My question is to the Chief Minister. Chief Minister, there was an extensive public consultation process, and even a competition, in 2005 about the future of development in central Canberra and City Hill. The Canberra Times was full of photos of design concepts and opinions. Now a little advertisement has appeared in last Saturday's paper advertising an auction for a key piece of land adjoining this site and the advertisement claims that development there will "set the precedent for the development of City Hill". Could you please, Chief Minister, outline your vision for the precinct around and on City Hill?

MR STANHOPE: I thank Dr Foskey for the question. My vision for the development of this particular precinct, and indeed of Civic and Canberra, is very much that expressed in the new planning in relation to the Griffin legacy. The development of section 63, to which you directly refer, will be advanced consistent with that vision and with that plan. There has, Dr Foskey, since the study that you mentioned, been significant additional work done by both the NCA and ACTPLA in concert and partnership in relation to a plan for the development of City Hill and, indeed, for city west, west basin, Constitution Avenue and the parliamentary triangle. There has been significant planning, significant cooperation and continuing consultation, and the consultation continues in relation to different precincts and different plans.

We have most recently of course the consideration of NCA-released plans in relation to the Albert Hall precinct. This notion, and I presume letters from Mr Odgers, a keen advocate of the Walter Burley Griffin Society and the need for us to ensure that the Walter Burley Griffin vision as most recently articulated is accepted and advanced, was the driver for your question and I can assure you and Mr Odgers that all planning and all development within the City Hill precinct, particularly within London Circuit, will remain faithful to that vision and that planning.

MR SPEAKER: A supplementary question from Dr Foskey?

DR FOSKEY: Why, given the government's agreement to a motion in the Assembly in August 2005 explicitly requiring community consultation, are the documents for the upcoming auction of section 63 for commercial development so difficult for the public to access? Do these documents give guidelines for the developers to provide for the public interest in the development?

MR STANHOPE: Thank you, Dr Foskey. Consultation takes many and varied forms in relation to, I think, all of the work that has been done by the NCA, by ACTPLA and by the Canberra Central Taskforce. There has been consultation at every level and

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