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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2007 Week 13 Hansard (5 December) . . Page.. 3985..

DR FOSKEY (continuing):

not know how you stop these things happening unless you have someone standing beside every single person who might look as though they are going to throw a rock at some time. I notice that all our new overpasses have got screens, and they would be very difficult to throw rocks from. That is such an easy one. It is like health: there will always be waiting lists. There will probably always be silly people who throw rocks at buses.

With respect to the Grassby statue, there was a poor process but the statue is okay. Let's not throw out the baby with the bathwater. With respect to the insult to Vietnam veterans, I have heard worse in this chamber today, and do frequently, in relation to those kinds of things. With respect to FireLink, it does not look too good; there needs to be an inquiry and we need more information. With respect to the ESA headquarters being moved to Fairbairn, that does not seem practical. The decision seems to have been made at such a time that I am not sure Mr Hargreaves was responsible for it. Maybe the legal affairs committee's inquiry could look at that.

With respect to housing, at least the minister stood up for housing, and he stands up for housing tenants. Those are not the kinds of words I was hearing. If I was hearing the opposition say we need more public housing and we should make sure there is a social mix, I would be more inclined to agree on that one. But no; it is the usual thing about misbehaving tenants not being handled properly. There are other issues that the opposition sometimes raises about housing that I do agree with.

I agree about Revolve. I did not support the change with Revolve. I do not have all the information. I have talked to Revolve extensively and I have talked to the NOWaste people. I am still concerned about it. Revolve is a bit like Phoeni—xa good community organisation. The "better bits"section are happier than they have ever been out there at Pialligo. It is fantastic. They do need help out on that Hume site, and they need security on their site. I hope the minister is acting on that.

I think the government has a good approach to graffiti. Mr Pratt has an obsession with graffiti and I thought he might be a bit too embarrassed to mention it. With respect to taxis, good stuff is happening. I do not know about the opposition but I have had briefings on taxis for people with a disability. There are really good, positive moves happening there. With respect to Nightlink, I think that looks promising. I do not want to condemn that yet. There are real problems with taxis. They are expensive in this city, there are not enough of them—and sometimes there are too many—and I think there are issues with security. Let us tackle those issues.

With respect to No Waste by 2010, I think we have lost that one. I would like to see a more concerted action by the government to really reaffirm that. If it is not possible to achieve it, let us set a realistic target and program to get there. With respect to shopfront closures, I thoroughly condemn that. I agree there has been a lack of consultation on those issues, but that is true of the whole government. With respect to misleading over reports, I have already mentioned my concerns about the Tharwa bridge.

As for personal standards of behaviour in regard to all those places outlined in the motion, I actually think Mr Hargreaves has improved his act lately. You could stand there and say, "I can see you're trying, Mr Hargreaves."I actually think he is. But I

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