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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2007 Week 12 Hansard (22 November) . . Page.. 3739..

Mr Barr: But were you in it?

MR PRATT: I was in my office. I understand a car or two of other staff members working in the office were there as well.

I go to the second issue, Mr Speaker. Today Mr Stanhope said words to the effect that you would never find the Liberal Party supporting a Muslim religious day. On 10 September, the opposition ran a function celebrating Ramadan in support of the ACT Muslim community, at which were present most of the leaders of the Muslim community, not to mention six Muslim country ambassadors. Every Labor Party MLA was invited--

MR SPEAKER: Order! Just keep it personal; otherwise you can sit down.

MR PRATT: Every Labor Party MLA was invited—


MR PRATT: I am just saying it to clarify it.

MR SPEAKER: I am not going to allow you to attack other members of this place by way of a personal explanation, Mr Pratt.

MR PRATT: The personal explanation is that everybody was informed and invited, and the matter was recorded in Hansard; therefore the Chief Minister was aware--

MR SPEAKER: Order! Resume your seat. You will not get my leave to start a debate by way of a personal explanation. You have made your personal explanation—

MR PRATT: Mr Speaker, the Chief Minister has lied about this.

MR SPEAKER: Sit down. Withdraw that. Just withdraw it.

MR PRATT: Mr Speaker, Jon Stanhope is a bloody liar.

MR SPEAKER: I name you, Mr Pratt.

Motion (by Mr Gentleman ) put:

That Mr Pratt be suspended from the service of the Assembly.

The Assembly voted—

Ayes 8

Noes 5

Mr Barr

Mr Gentleman

Mrs Burke

Mr Stefaniak

Mr Berry

Mr Hargreaves

Mr Mulcahy

Dr Foskey

Ms MacDonald

Mr Pratt

Ms Gallagher

Mr Stanhope

Mr Seselja

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