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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2007 Week 12 Hansard (21 November) . . Page.. 3609..

MS GALLAGHER (continuing):

budget better. Budgets are very difficult to manage in health; they are constantly changing because of the demands that we are seeing, and the hospital needs to respond to that.

For Mrs Burke to sit here and say that a hospital board will manage a hospital budget better, without going through and explaining how that would happen, is incredible. You cannot come forward and just say that there are all these problems with management, which you do not substantiate; that there are all these problems at the hospital, which again you do not substantiate; and then that a board will manage the budget better, which again you do not substantiate. You do not extrapolate how that will happen. You constantly bag the public health system—

Mrs Burke: No, you constantly tell mistruths as well.

MR DEPUTY SPEAKER: Order! Mrs Burke.

MS GALLAGHER: No, this is your speech.

MR DEPUTY SPEAKER: Mrs Burke, just be careful on that matter.

Mrs Burke: Yes, I withdraw.

Mr Hargreaves: Mr Deputy Speaker, Mrs Burke has accused the minister of speaking with mistruths.

Mrs Burke: I withdraw.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER: The matter has been withdrawn.

Mrs Burke: But she does.

Mr Hargreaves: Mr Deputy Speaker, I want that withdrawn. She has just reinforced the fact that the minister, in her view—

Mrs Burke: Unqualified withdrawal—and maybe the minister might do the same, as I am reading the Hansard, Mr Speaker. She does exactly the same.

Mr Hargreaves: No. Mr Deputy Speaker, that is not unqualified.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER: Minister, resume your seat. Mrs Burke, resume your seat.

Mrs Burke: I withdraw, Mr Deputy Speaker.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER: Mrs Burke, have you completely withdrawn?

Mrs Burke: Yes.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER: Thank you. That is the end of the matter. Ms Gallagher, you have the floor.

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