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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2007 Week 12 Hansard (21 November) . . Page.. 3602..

MR STEFANIAK (continuing):

So I think there are some problems with part of what Dr Foskey is putting forward today.

I will come to the previous government's approach, which the current government adopted for some time, because I do think it was a groundbreaking document. It did point the way to the future. It was achievable, just like the No Waste by 2010 was quite achievable, which is now simply "no waste", and I think—

Mr Smyth: It is "not much waste by 2010".

MR STEFANIAK: Yes. We are certainly still going to have waste in 2010. Let us look at that one. Chief Minister, I must say I was a little bit sceptical when the then government introduced that No Waste by 2010. That is going to be hard. But it was quite achievable and the actions taken were quite achievable. We were really moving along and some of the key points and the key sort of timelines were achieved in relation to that, and it just shows what you can do. Back on 15 February 2000—

Mr Stanhope: You are committing to that now, Bill, and that's for the next election? You are maintaining that commitment, are you, Bill?

MR STEFANIAK: Well, you have changed it, haven't you, Jon—just like you have changed the climate change strategy—


MR STEFANIAK: just like you have pushed out by many, many—

Mr Stanhope: There is another $500 million.

MR STEFANIAK: Here we go. We are twisting again—the twister; go the twister. You have pushed out by many, many years a number of these strategies and that is something that we all have to adapt to and seek to perhaps change in terms of policy. But you have pushed out these things. You have dropped the ball and that causes—

Mr Stanhope: Are you repeating the commitment, Bill?

MR SPEAKER: Order! Mr Stefaniak has the floor.

MR STEFANIAK: And don't twist, Jon, really. Anyway, on 15 February my colleague Mr Smyth, when launching the then government's climate change strategy, stated:

The release of this strategy is a first for any State or Territory.

It was. He went on to say:

The ACT remains the only jurisdiction to date to set a greenhouse target, and the first to adopt a strategy that will demonstrate that the target can be achieved. The ACT Government, Mr Speaker, is an active member of the international local government group called Cities for Climate Protection Campaign. With the

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